Candice Entranced

This was a bit of a slow shoot to get started. Candice is a great girl, she’s a Scottish lass, very sexy, fantastic body… but she had trouble relaxing into a deep trance. This was partly because she didn’t really have much belief in it working, partly because she kept getting distracted and partly because the wind in the house kept blowing doors open and closed. As such, the induction section of the shoot is about an hour long and we have several failed attempts. I’ll try to make that section available for free sometime soon.

Part two’s much better, and contains all the successful suggestions and sexy bits. We get Candice successfully forgetting numbers, her own name, going blank on command (though she does still slip out of this from time to time) There’s also a fun section where I have Candice recite lines for an induction where she hypnotizes the viewers as she removes her bra. We also have our first bit of play outdoors as she explores the garden as a monkey. 😉

Selling part two at a discount as it’s still not as great a shoot as I’d have liked it to be.

Youtube induction and bondage triggers.

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Forgetting numbers, stripping without realising.

Binding Candice’s eyes in place, unaware that she’s nude.

More Hypno Bondage/

Blank Posing.

More Blank Posing.

Candice the Hypnotist.

Puppy and Monkey.

Enchanted by her own reflection.

Part One
Induction 1
Online Induction 1
Freeze Induction
Lips Bound
Stuck in her chair
Forgets her name
Quick Break
Running Time: 59 Minutes
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Part Two
Further inductions
Forgets the number 3
Unaware that she’s stripping
Strings Cut
Realises she’s naked & covers up
Flashing without realising
Dresses in body stocking without realising
Posing on command
More blankness
Blank posing
Candice the sexdoll
Can’t get her gloves off
Misbehaving hands
Candice’s hypnotic breasts
Puppy Candice
Monkey Candice
Hypno animals outdoors
Captivated by her own reflection
Closing chat
Running Time: 74 Minutes
Purchase Price: $16.99
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    Oh man. If you scroll fast it’s trancey as hell. I could feel the strong pull to drag me down.

    OMFG yes.

    what why is this so droppy

    Oh yes!

    You think that’s hypnotic? Try this one. A time-lapse of the full moon over the course of a complete year: 

    Wh… where was I going with this? 

  • Cori Hypnotized: Freeze Trigger

    Responding to one of my videos… I should really make my own series, shouldn’t I. :P 

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    What up my wonderful Patrons!

    For your viewing pleasure, the first 45 minutes of my hilarious Director’s Choice hypnosis shoot with Ariel, Natalia and Sophia is up now!

    Everyone else: I’m about halfway through the edit and will hopefully be releasing the full shoot and trailer over the weekend.


    00:10:00 Introduction
    00:05:30 Induction
    00:12:00 Rag Doll Check
    00:13:00 Sleep Trigger Installation
    00:17:30 I am SPARTACUS
    00:20:30 Priscilla and the Spartacii
    00:22:50 Lovestruck by the Fancy Pirate Hat
    00:24:00 Cursed Pirate Hat (Makes you a PARROT!)
    00:26:00 Lovestruck by Natalia’s gorgeousness
    00:28:30 Natalia’s Invisible!
    00:30:00 Nat freezes and poses her friends
    00:32:00 Hats bound to their heads.
    00:34:50 Posing Mannequin Ariel
    00:37:00 Hands Bound
    00:38:30 Butts Bound to the Sofa
    00:39:45 Feet Bound
    00:40:30 Arranging my living (aware) mannequins!
    00:42:20 Lips bound, everyone sounds like ventriloquists!
    00:42:50 Mouths bound in an O
    00:45:00 Musical Hats / Musical Statues

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    Add it if you want to see me failing at videogames and occasionally chatting about hypno stuffs!

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    @hypnodolls This looks familiar…

    Chatting at #CovertHypnotism also appears to make you unable to recall how to credit other people’s work. :P

    Thanks @scifiscribbler and @zoehypno for calling them out. ;) 

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