Samantha II (Featuring Jojo)

While Sammie’s mind’s away, Jo gets to play.

Samantha had a lot of fun at our last shoot, so asked if we’d be interested in another, this time with her friend Jojo Shaw. Of course we were interested! Jojo was pregnant at the time of the shoot, so for health and safety reasons, we didn’t do any hypnosis with her. She was happy to model, undress and play with Samantha though, which lead to Sammie feeling quite helpless at times as she was forced to copycat whatever Jojo was doing… or controlled by Voodoo Barbie.

A fun shoot.

Screenshot Gallery

Entrancing Samantha

Posing her.

Playing with frozen Sammie.

Sammie is forced to copy Jojo.

Forced to throw her bra at me.

Can’t work out how to dress herself.

Controlled by Voodoo Barbie!

Misbehaving Gloves cause Sammie to strip Jojo.

Introduction Chat
“Space Case” Dazed trigger
“Freeze” trigger
Taking advantage of frozen Sam
Compelled to Copycat, (and unaware of doing so)
Compelled to copycat , (and realises)
Unable to dress herself
Dresses normally
Feels what Jojo feels
Feels what Barbie feels
Does what Barbie does
Thinks she’s a life sized Barbie doll
Naughty Gloves, (can’t control them)
Naughty Samantha (doesn’t want to control herself)
Sam strips Jojo
Back to normal
Closing Interview
Running Time: 107 Minutes
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