Lexi Entranced (with Jess) ***Director’s Choice***


Lexi and Jess are two gorgeous and well spoken ladies, they’re friends who regularly work together, so they share great chemistry with one another. Lexi has a fair bit of experience working as a Ballbusting Mistress, so at first she didn’t think it was very likely that she’d be getting tranced. She actually dropped pretty easily and deeply and surprised herself with how powerfully she responded to suggestions.

Jess though was another matter, she had trouble staying in trance (She was pretty tired from work) so although she begins to go lightly under at the start of the shoot, after about half an hour it becomes obvious that suggestions weren’t going to stick with her. She was more than happy to pose around, undress, and otherwise take advantage of Lexi though (who *was* growing nicely conditioned!)

During the second half of the shoot, Lexi does begin slipping from deep powerful trances to lighter ones where she feels more like she’s just playing along, (probably because I had her screaming her head off one minute as a Mistress, then bowing and kneeling 2 minutes later as a slavegirl.) This ends with her wondering if she was acting or not, so rather than fake responses, the last 20 mins or so of the video are taken up with a chat with the girls about the nature of hypnosis.

A pretty good shoot, with some sexy n hilarious moments. (Lexi first being a nudist, then a prude, then as Chardonnay showing off her puppy Bubbles (actually a cushion from her sofa) then as a Mistress showing off her domme side) A shame I couldn’t get more depth out of Jess, but we might be able to rectify that in future!

Due to the size of the shoot, Lexi coming out of trance and the closing chat will be made available as a second download.

Even though we don’t get Jess under, this video still gets my Director’s Choice award for being totally hilarious, and the fact that we have two utterly gorgeous girls nekkid on camera. 😉

Part One
Eyes open, mind blank
Sleep Trigger
Awake, doesn’t believe we’ve started
Blank minds
Jess wakes up
Topless & blank
Triggered to pose (blank)
Posing frozen Lexi
Tickling and tweaking blank Lexi
“Where’s my bra gone?”
Compulsive liar
Lexi the nudist
Lexi *hates* nudity
His cock goes down to his knees!
Realises / Forgets she’s naked
Break & Outfit change
Mind drawn to the pendant
Chardonnay the hypno-bimbo
Bubbles the hypno-puppy
Lexi the sex-doll
Lexi the fembot
Dancing fembot
Forcing Lexi to dance
Lexi Lapdances for Jess
Good Girl pleasure trigger*
Lexi the slavegirl
Slavegirl foot worship
Ballbusting Mistress Lexi
Mistress / Slavegirl switching
Forcing the Mistress to Kneel
Spanking the Mistress
Controlling the Mistress
Mute Mistress
Running Time: 110 Minutes
Purchase Price: $29.99
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Part Two
Lexi realises she’s come out of trance
Chat about hypnosis
Closing Chat
Running Time: 19 Minutes
Purchase Price: $12.99
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  1. Darth Fugue Darth Fugue

    P.S.: When Jessie does return, could you make it a “Solo-Shoot”?
    (I get the impression that THAT might’ve been the “catalyst”, in her session, with Lexi!)

  2. Darth Fugue Darth Fugue

    After reading the Description, I’m kind of disappointed that Jessica broke out of her trance! I’m, still, going to buy the shoot, though!
    (From what I’ve seen, from the Preview Clip, on YouTube, it still looks like a fun shoot — regardless!)

    I’m happy to read, in your description, that there may yet be a future, for Jessica, in hypnosis — she is “Breath-Takingly Beautiful”, with those BIG, VACANT EYES — NO MAN CAN RESIST THAT!!! (Who would WANT to?!)

    When she does return, could you have her do the “Can’t Resist… Must Obey…” Mantra (that you did, with Jessica Lloyd)? THAT… would be “Titilating!”

    (I’m trying to break-in, to Erotic Hypnosis — my ONLY problem, is finding a “willing subject”!) 🙁

    If we lived “closer” (I’m in the U.S., Jessie’s in the U.K.), I’d ask her — but, alas…

  3. admin admin

    Josh, your patience has been rewarded.

    John, your dailymotion preview has arrived. It even has boobies.

    Enjoy! 😉

  4. KaiserNEEDU KaiserNEEDU

    Josh you think it will be amazing.
    I know it will be amazing!

  5. Josh Josh

    well john, ths is what i’m after… because it looks like its amazing!

  6. 2011/03/29    

    Patience Josh, ahaha.

    Any chance of previews being put on dailymotion?

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