Tamar Entranced

Sleep Tamar

This was a fun shoot with a gorgeous girl. Tamar’s a petite black lady with a lovely figure, a fantastic personality, and a really vivid imagination. In this shoot (Once we’d dispensed with her pesky garments) we get to see many different sides to her.

There was “Tinkerbell”, the Goddess of sensuality. Aloof, seductive, and completely new to the planet earth. She was full of questions about this world, it’s people, what we do with ourselves, and how eager we should be to “worship” her. When I didn’t seem exactly keen on the idea, she had me focus in on her so she could seduce myself and any viewers of the site. To her credit, she *does* reward her followers once they surrender to her by showing them the greatest gift a Goddess can show her mortal followers (Apparently her breasts. Woohoo!)

Then there was “Tom” a weedy teenage guy who’d suddenly found himself in the body of an absolute hottie. (Must be a case of the Body-Swap Flu) Tom wasted no time in checking out his new body… all of it. Gleefully peering inside his underwear and groping at Tamar’s boobs. Then in order to fit in in society in his new body, we got to see his best impression of how girls in real life behave. (Like bimbo beach bunnies as it turns out.)

Later with Tamar back in her own mind, we had her grow increasingly drunk, (which led to conversations about the best music to boogie too and the best way to make a guy orgasm…)

Finally we have a really hot scene as Tamar grows progressively more mindless as she’s captivated by her own image in the screen of the camera.

There *was* a scene where I’d told Tamar that she was in love with the sound of my voice… but it was way too long and way too boring, so I removed it. (A friend pointed out that in the future, I should really tell the girls they’re in love with the sound of their *own* voices, and have them think me terribly rude for talking over them. 😉

A good shoot, hope you enjoy it!


Screen Captures

Sending Tamar to dreamland

Embarassed to be caught clothed

Posing and mindless

Flashing frozen mannequin

Seduced by the Goddess “Tinkerbell”

Tinkerbell’s “Blessings” be upon thee

“Tom” checks out Tamar’s body

Drunken hypnotic flirting

In love with her own reflection / Made mindless by her own reflection

Tamar Contents
Mind Blank, Eyes Open
Hands Mentally Bound
Forgotten her name
Tourettes Syndrome
Hates clothes, wants to undress
Poses on command
Flashing / Mooning on command
Posing Frozen Tamar
The Goddess of Sensuality*
Seduced by Goddess Tinkerbell*
Goddesses blessing of breasts*
Tamar talks about Tinkerbell*
Guy in a girl’s body
“Tom” checks out Tamar’s breasts
“Tom” tries to pass as female
Male vs Female Walking
Male vs Female Modelling
Dancing, Catwalking and Freezes
Sexy TV Camgirl “Tom”
Tamar returns
Magic Potion of Drunkenness
Drunken Tamar discusses the male orgasm
Falls in love with her own reflection
Reflection makes her mindless
Final Trance
Closing Chat
Running Time: 106 Minutes
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