ToniLou & Faye ***Director’s Choice***

***Director’s Choice***

Say hello to these two lovely ladies!

This was a fantastically fun and sexy shoot with a pair of really good subjects. ToniLou, we’d worked with previously with Michelle Hush. At one point she’d been turned into Michelle Hush’s remote control robot girlfriend, (Click here to refresh your memories.) and she was looking gorgeous as ever.

ToniLou couldn’t recall a single thing that we’d done with her on our previous shoot, and only remembered that she had a good time and wanted to work together again. (I’m pretty sure that’s just my natural charm, not hypnotic commands that I’d left her with. 😉 )

This time round, Toni introduced us to her friend Faye X, who’s as gorgeous as she is geeky. (Seriously, this girls’ geek credentials are a mile long. She’s an Xbox gamer, has a collection of classic 16 bit consoles hooked up to her TV, Star Trek and 80s cartoon boxsets on her shelves, referred to Doctor Who numerous times during the shoot and has a number of ROBO-RAPTORS on top of her bookcase!

As mentioned, both girls were great subjects and were soon dropping deep into trance, forgetting their names and in Faye’s case, forgetting completely who and where she was at one point. “Is this my junk!?” she asked bemused, taking in her surroundings with bafflement.

Rejoice if you’re into knockouts, limpness, barefeet, body control, objectification, or slow freezes.

Highlights in this shoot:

  • A few fun minutes of freeze tag
  • Wide awake ladies abusing their limp and helpless friends.
  • Wrestling, Chloroform, Fainting & Sleeping Potion Suggestions.
  • Constantly barefoot, with the odd few games of footsie.
  • A smattering of Body Control, as the girls are forced to dance and chloroform themselves. (Though not at the same time.)
  • ToniLou becoming the perfect SexDoll Saleswoman.
  • Faye becoming the perfect SexDoll!

    122 minutes long, so we had to split it into 2 parts (Induction & Session)

    Highly recommended. Hope you enjoy it! 😀

    Screencap Gallery

    Greeting the girls / Induction

    Eyes open, minds blank

    Sleeping Potion / Can’t stay awake

    Stuck in place / Hypno tickling

    Binding Faye’s memories and mind

    Freeze Tag

    Fainting on command

    Eye checks / Chloroform Challenge

    More Chloroforming / Self Chloroforming

    Slow Freezes

    Mindless Musical Statue Strippers

    SexDoll Saleswoman / Sex Mode

    Cunnilingus & Blowjob modes / Waving Goodbye

    Part One – The Induction
    Floating Hands / Too heavy to move
    Eyes open, mind blank
    Running Time: 32 Minutes
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    Part Two – The Session
    Sleeping Potion
    Mental Bondage
    Mental Manipulation
    Tickling Faye
    Adjustable Ticklishness
    Forgotten Names
    Giving Faye Amnesia
    Making Faye Mindless
    Posing Mindless Faye
    Misbehaving Hands have a mind of their own
    Freeze Tag
    Stripping and posing one another
    Fainting on command
    Unconscious Eye Checks
    Chloroform Challenge
    Posing with passed out friends
    Toni’s erotic touch
    Uncontrollable Hands – Self Chloroform
    Slow Freeze
    Mindless Musical Striptease Statues
    Feet with a mind of their own
    Dancing Feet
    Faye’s Stuck with an Irish Accent
    Sex Doll Saleswoman
    Stimulation Mode
    Masturbation Mode
    Dirty Talking
    Orgasm Mode
    Slutty-Fucking & Spanking
    Cunnilingus & Blowjob Modes
    Closing Chat
    Running Time: 94 Minutes
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    1. admin admin

      @Peter What!? You mean the preview leaves you wanting *more*? :oO

      Feel free to buy the full video to see the rest of them. 😉

      Tsch! It’s like I’m trying to run a business, isn’t it. :p

    2. Peter Peter

      @admin i meant the another version is the video where faye and tonilou are naked. That is the “another version”.

    3. TetleyDave80 TetleyDave80

      Faye is jaw dropping! 🙂 Stunningly cute, funny & just perfect! Enchanting & mesmerizing, hard to take my eyes off her. I could listen & watch to her all day too. 🙂 The Irish accent & Sex Doll are amazing bits, but the whole thing is fantastic! Love the geek factor, awesome touch! She’s fantastic, great at controlling & being controlled. She has great chemistry with Toni! 🙂 This is a great hypnosis video!! Thanks. Keep up the awesome work! 🙂
      Dave 🙂

    4. admin admin

      @Peter How many versions d’you need? 😛

      @Rocky Thanks bud! Glad you enjoyed the vid. 😀

    5. Rockyroad Rockyroad

      WOW! Easily the best video! Faye is amazing! So cute and stunning! – Brilliant when shes under hypnosis and so lovely. What a superb video! What a girl!!!!

    6. Peter Peter

      Can you upload the “another version” to Dailymotion?

    7. admin admin

      There y’are. Preview’s uploaded. Enjoy! 😉

    8. Peter Peter

      Can you upload this video to YouTube / Dailymotion please?

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