Hypnodolls: Roswell’s New-found Confidence

PLEASE NOTE: Hypnodolls videos are fantasy (acted) videos and unlike my normal “Entrancement” videos contain no genuine hypnosis.

***Director’s Choice***

Roswell Ivory – Hypnodoll

Roswell came to me looking for assistance building up her confidence to help with her burgeoning modelling career. Ever the gentleman, I was eager to help… Of course ever the deviant, I was eager to see just how much I could translate Roswell’s confidence into performing nude for my enjoyment!

As you’ll see below, Roswell was happy to do all kinds of fun, silly and sexy things on camera, she didn’t want to be genuinely hypnotized though, which is why we shot a Hypnodolls shoot instead. Forced to choose between hot funny redhead acting hypnotized and taking all her clothes off, and no shoot at all, I plumped for option 1. 😉

Glad I did, because she’s amazingly spontaneous, funny, sexy, and her reactions are all very very convincing, so if I wasn’t telling you about it now… you’d probably not know the difference. Don’t want to mislead my audience though. 😛

Personal Highlights:

  • Roswell’s lovely curvacious figure.
  • Roswell dreamily repeating back her commands whilst in trance.
  • Seeing what lengths her lies and tall tales go to.
  • Hearing her whoop and scream as she’s forced to dance.
  • Those burlesque scenes! Rowr!
  • First time I’ve had a contortionist! Man she’s bendy! 😀
  • This shoot ticks along at a fantastic pace and easily gets a “Director’s Choice” rating, which means I’m more than happy to recommend it to anyone.

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    [00.00.15] Introduction
    [00.02.00] Pendant Induction
    [00.05.50] Limp Check
    [00.07.00] Mindless Hypnodoll
    [00.08.00] Sleep Trigger Testing (Zero recall)
    [00.11.00] Bound Trigger (Hands, Mouth, Mid-air, Legs Spread
    [00.14.50] Tickled into unconsciousness
    [00.17.40] Ridiculous lies!
    [00.19.50] “My bottom is cybernetic”
    [00.21.50] “I can speak Orca!”
    [00.23.50] Music makes the booty bounce
    [00.26.20] Dancing and teasingly flashing (but has no idea)
    [00.27.15] Dancing, flashing (and realises it!)
    [00.27.25] Self spanking
    [00.28.00] Door-to-door nudist
    [00.30.50] Exhibitionist posing
    [00.32.30] Suddenly Shy again (and very much naked)
    [00.34.10] Freeze Triggering
    [00.39.00] Outfit: Burlesque / Glamourous Assistant
    [00.39.50] Mindless zombie walking
    [00.41.00] Compelled to pose
    [00.42.40] Possessed Shoes (by the spirit of burlesque!)
    [00.44.00] Trying (and failing) to fight the dance fever!
    [00.46.40] Compulsive Stripteasing
    [00.49.30] Mindless limp / eye checks
    [00.50.45] Outfit Change (Fishnet HypnoMistress in Fuck-Me-Boots)
    [00.51.00] “I am a confident powerful ”
    [00.51.30] Entrancing the audience
    [00.59.30] Casually changing
    [01.00.00] Outfit Change (Little Red Dress)
    [01.01.30] Drunk on water
    [01.05.20] Failing to act sober (or speak straight)
    [01.08.20] Contortion Skills
    [01.12.55] Leaving her with a few suggestions
    [01.13.30] “I’m looking forward to my next session”
    [01.14.00] END
    [01.14.00] Bloopers
    [01.15.15] Alternate Takes
    Running Time: 77 Minutes
    Price at release: $29.99
    Current Purchase Price: $19.99 / £13.25
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    1. Czab Czab

      Hehe. I like it when she is trying to use her other hand to stop the spanking :). I would like to see something like that in a real hypnosis video.

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