Secret Slavegirl 2 *DC*

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You could get lost in those eyes…
Or you could watch Brook losing herself…

***Director’s Choice***
This shoot earns a DC (Director’s Choice) rating from myself. Whilst not perfect, these shoots are my favorites, sexier suggestions, deeper forms of hypnosis, and the best responses from the subjects in those videos. My other videos are great too… but a guy can’t help but have favourites.

This was my second major hypnosis shoot with the stunning (but bratty) Brook Scott. Whilst Brook *does* class herself as submissive, she really likes to make you work for it. There’s no point where Brook (in her own mind anyway) will just roll over and give you free reign to do whatever you like with her. If there was any chance to resist or stop herself obeying at any point, she took it.

Here’s her clean (ish) preview…

Or if you’d prefer to see the uncensored version… Click here. 😉

This shoot contains shedloads of examples of ways I manage to switch off, side-step, or otherwise evade Brook’s natural defence mechanisms and tendency to brat. Sometimes it’s by manipulating her memory so she thinks she’s a dancer in a club (not *too* hard to tap into as in the past it’s a job she’s actually had) sometimes it’s by using Brook’s natural brattiness against her (Any time she tries to throw something at me, she inadvertently triggers herself) and for a large amount of the time, it’s by employing the services of “Raven” conducive

Raven is Brook’s alter-ego. She’s a refinement of Brook’s innate feelings of submission stripped of all brattiness, self control and resistance, and the difference between her and Brook is like night and day. Brook is smug, sarcastic, rude and defiant. Raven is wide eyed, obedient, eager, and deeply submissive.

Having Raven pose like a slavegirl, or sucking on her thumb suggestively then bringing Brook back out to discover her current predicament makes for some stunningly sexy and fun moments.

This is a *very* satisfying shoot if you like to see a subject truly being trained and mastered.

Personal Highlights

  • Brook waking and speechless, unable to brat due to a mental block
  • Posing and undressing Brook first whilst she protests, then whilst blank
  • Asking Raven during her “job interview” if she minds displaying her pussy
  • Bringing Brook back out in the compromising positions Raven placed her in
  • Having Raven controlling Brook’s body despite Brook protesting
  • Raven’s hypnotic orgasm and admission of arousal. (And Brook’s denial!)
  • Brook triggering herself to sleep after gloating that I can’t triggers her
  • Taking Brook for a spin on my Slow-Freeze disc
  • Raven becoming a very cute and girly bimbo
  • Brook refusing to swallow the magic potions (Raven taking steps)
  • Drunk Brook & Raven
  • Gallery

    Tumblr Galleries (Staged Hypno): 1 2 3 4
    Tumblr Galleries (Genuine Hypno): 5

    Part One Contents
    [0:00:27] Welcoming back Brook
    [0:03:35] Candle Induction
    [0.13.10] The perfect place for relaxation
    [0:14:40] Fractionation scale
    [0:16:10] Can’t wake. Too enchanted
    [0:18:20] Wants to be rude
    [0:18:40] Can’t keep hold of her brattiness
    [0:18:50] Awake… but can’t recall her thoughts
    [0:19:40] Dropping back down. Sleep trigger
    [0:20:50] Mental block when it comes to bratting
    [0:22:15] Can’t resist her sleep trigger
    [0:22:30] Self Sleep Fingersnap trigger refusal
    [0:23:40] Self Sleep Fingersnap success
    [0:24:30] Annoyed that she can’t be rude to me
    [0:24:45] Happy to be able to insult me again.
    [0:25:30] Says I have a girly voice
    [0:25:55] Programmed to compliment my voice
    [0:26:10] Realises she’s programmed and tries to resist
    [0:26:50] Throwing cushions = Butt pinch sensation
    [0:38:22] Music will make you striptease (and NOT brat!)
    [0:40:35] Silence locks you in place (aware)
    [0:42:20] Posing a protesting Brook
    [0:44:20] Smug Brook makes use of a loophole
    [0:44:45] Delayed reaction self-trigger snapping
    [0:46:45] Further dancing
    [0:48:30] Sleep standing up
    [0:48:40] Hand past the face makes her blank
    [0:49:30] Posing blank Brook
    [0:49:44] One handed bra-removal
    [0:50:20] Brook reacts to her predicament (and makes threats)
    [0:51:10] Topless sexy dancing
    [0:53:30] Poseable blank mannequin Brook
    [0:54:54] Bra-hat!
    [0:56:20] Dropping her deeper
    [0:58:10] Watching the watch
    [0:59:04] Outfit 2. Brook’s being smug
    [0:59:20] Re-awakening “Raven”
    [1:06:40] Raven introduces herself and happily presents her panties
    [1:07:20] Brook is amused and annoyed at Raven’s behaviour
    [1:08:20] Raven happily removes her panties and displays herself
    [1:09:19] Raven’s more than happy to be directed and display herself
    [1:10:40] Raven tells us what she loves about being controlled
    [1:14:20] Posing and inspecting Raven up close
    [1:15:40] Raven’s Stocking Striptease
    [1:18:10] Teaching Raven Slave Poses
    [1:20:55] Brook aware. Raven poses (whether Brook likes it or not)
    [1:24:55] Raven automatically sucks (Brook… doesn’t)
    [1:26:05] Raven happily thumbsucks (Brook’s… less happy)
    [1:28:00] Fucking Poses & moving like a sexmachine
    [1:28:30] Enslaving Raven deeper
    [1:29:30] Pleasure from Master’s touch
    [1:31:20] Slavegirl accepting Master’s collar
    [1:33:00] Growing orgasmic pleasure
    [1:33:55] Orgasm
    [1:34:35] Cuddling slavegirl Raven
    [1:34:45] Brook: KINDA WEIRD!
    [1:35:30] Brook can’t remove her collar
    [1:36:55] Are you feeling horny at all? (Brook: No.)
    [1:36:55] Are you feeling horny at all? (Raven: Checks & Nods)
    [1:39:00] End of Part One
    Running Time: 99 Minutes
    Purchase Price: $18.99 / £11.39* / €13.69*
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    Part Two Contents
    [0:00:30] Programmed to slowfreeze on the turntable
    [0:01:20] Steps on… and realises her mistake
    [0:02:40] Rotating & posing my new plaything
    [0:04:08] Raven smiles like a barbie doll for us
    [0:05:00] Raven poses like a playful pinup
    [0:05:40] Brook won’t pose
    [0:06:15] Trying to make Raven pose whilst Brook’s aware…
    [0:06:35] Brook can snap her fingers too.
    [0:07:40] Rotating Slave Positioned Raven
    [0:08:30] Stripping to stockings & garterbelt
    [0:09:00] Sultry slutty poses
    [0:09:55] Brook (in a compromising position) gets spun
    [0:11:15] Brook won’t blank out…
    [0:11:50] More Slow Freezing with Brook
    [0:14:30] Totally frozen, I take her for a spin
    [0:15:00] Life sized puppeteering
    [0:17:50] Spinning in slave positions (Still sucks obediently too!)
    [0:19:00] New Outfit: Pink Bodystocking
    [0:19:20] Increasing Raven’s Bimbo Behaviour
    [0:21:00] Raven happily models her bodystocking and enthuses about pink!
    [0:22:10] Brook’s less keen to show it off
    [0:22:55] Raven the camgirl sexing up the sofa
    [0:30:44] Magic Potions
    [0:33:25] Lust / Nymphomania Potion
    [0:34:00] Brook and Raven try to seduce me.
    [0:38:00] Sleeping Potion
    [0:39:30] Sleeping eye checks
    [0:40:00] Brook’s had *enough* to drink!
    [0:40:30] Raven’s happy to drink
    [0:40:44] Brook refuses to swallow…
    [0:40:55] Raven swallows
    [0:41:40] Raven wants more booze
    [0:42:00] You’ve had enough Brook. Stop! (“No! It’s niiice!”)
    [0:42:30] Brook can’t see straight
    [0:43:10] Brook can’t speak straight
    [0:45:30] More Nymphomania Potion. Someone’s FRUSTRATED!
    [0:46:00] Playing with and arousing herself
    [0:48:00] Stripping out of her bodystocking and teasing
    [0:50:00] Still sucking on command I see!
    [0:50:20] Posed like a human sex dolly
    [0:54:20] Brook tries to cover her ears
    [0:54:40] Raven controls her arm… Brook controls the rest
    [0:57:45] Brook finds herself feeling
    [1:00:30] Raven finds her arousal increasing…
    [1:03:12] PUPPY INVASION (see out-take) Ruined Orgasm perhaps? 😛
    [1:04:15] I can still make Brook do slave positions. Bwahaha.
    [1:06:00] Closing wakeup induction
    [1:07:54] Closing chat
    [1:12:00] End
    [1:12:05] Puppy invasion outtake
    Running Time: 73 Minutes
    Purchase Price: $16.99 / £10.21* / €12.25*
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    • photo from Tumblr

      A few more pics of mindless Minnie. 

      Frozen during the main hypnotic portion of her shoot here. 

    • photo from Tumblr


      Ordinarily I’ll begin my hypnosis shoots by taking some hypno themed photos, whilst chatting informally with the hypnotee of the day. 

      At this stage, whilst I might be introducing a few hypnotic concepts, I’m not actually doing any explicit hypnosis. There’s cheesy pop music on in the background, we’re drinking cups of tea, I’m probably showing off what tricks the dog can do, and we’re generally just breaking the ice and getting to know one another. 

      Generally when you see my photos of hypno-ladies taken against the black backdrop, these will be staged. I do take a few genuine hypno photos during the video, but there aren’t too many of those, as trying to be hypnotist, cameraman and photographer is too much for me to juggle with my meager skillset. 

      The lady above is Minnie. Minnie is a submissive kinda girl who’s always wanted to be hypnotized. I think her first glowing email as she accepted my job offer contained the word “Amazing!” multiple times and the phrase “Always wanted to be a part of something like this!” twice. (Bless her.) 

      Minnie (a girl with zero experience of actually being hypnotized) basically put herself into trance for me the instant she saw my pendant. I picked it up to use as a prop in photos, she commented on how “pretty” it was, and then I, half joking, half bull-shitting, half* wondering if this kind of corniness would ever actually work held it up and said “Yes… it’s so pretty that you can’t take your eyes off it…”

      And she couldn’t. 

      Wide awake to body control in less than 10 seconds. 

      10 seconds later, she couldn’t move an inch… 

      and 10 seconds after that… she couldn’t remember her own name. 

      Sometimes if someone thinks that hypnosis is some kind of mysterious all-powerful phenomenon, it doesn’t hurt to leave them believing that for a little while. ;) 

      So breaking from tradition, Minnie is genuinely spaced out, hypnotized and derping from the first pendant picture onwards. 


      *Yes I know that’s three halves. My story. My skewed rules of mathematics. 

    • photo from Tumblr


      Top Ten Reasons To Be Hypnotized
      Top Ten Reasons To Be Hypnotized
      10) Because it feels so good to relax.
      9) Because it’s been such a long day
      8) Because it’s so hard to stay awake.
      7) Because you can barely keep your eyes open.
      6) Because it feels so good to be hypnotized.
      5) Because it’s so hard to resist.
      4) Because you don’t want to resist.
      3) Because I’ve been counting down this entire time and you didn’t even notice.
      2) You’re almost completely hypnotized.
      1) Sleep.

      Image source: @HypnoDolls (Me) :P 

      (No need to remove it, please try to credit when possible. Thanks!) 

    • photo from Tumblr

      I don’t think I’ve had Honour doing *this* before! 

      Please wait. 

      Rendering video. 

    • photo from Tumblr

      Who’s a cute brainless puppy? 

      Is it you? 

      I think it is. ;) 

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