Robot Takeover *DC*

*** Director’s Choice ***
This shoot earns a DC (Director’s Choice) rating from myself. Whilst not perfect, these shoots are my favorites. Sexier scenarios and the best responses from the glamourous volunteers. My other vids are pretty great too… but a guy can’t help but have favourites. These are the ones I wholeheartedly encourage you to check out first though. 😉

Due to being based in Blighty, I don’t often get the opportunity to work with American models. Fortunately the chance arose for me to collaborate with the very fine studio Torvea Films who took a script I wrote, and produced it with two of my all time favourite models of all time:
The scintillatingly sexy Sinn Sage
and the gorgeously lovely Jacqueline Velvets.

Ladies and Gentlemen. May I proudly present…


Sinn and Jacqueline return home to find someone has kindly left drinks out for them. Thinking nothing of it, they both take a sip, little realising (until it’s too late of course) that these are not ordinary drinks! They’ve been laced with a nanobot compound and even as the ladies struggle to prevent themselves from greedily guzzling the whole of their drinks, the nanobots are going to work reprogramming them.

No sooner do our hapless heroines finish their drinks, do they find themselves stuck to the floor. “Physical Locomation Deactivated” they speak outloud. They panic and question one another about what on earth’s going on. Bit by bit they find their bodies freezing in place till they’re nothing but living statues, frozen in time, not even able to speak.

The nanobots are truly taking over now. Both girls robotically march to the sofa where their eyes begin to roll and they faint dead away. They lie limp and prone, bodies being reprogrammed, minds being overwritten by the nanobots.

Moments later, both girls open their eyes and pose for inspection, their robotic transformation is just beginning.

The following scenes feature stripteasing, slavegirl poses, puppeteering, mindless mantras, malfunctions as their former personalities try to reassert themselves and model posing.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a HypnoDolls shoot and is therefore scripted and fantasy. It contains no genuine mesmerism.


Torvea Original Cut (19 minutes): $17.99
(Longer shots, original music.)
Buy Now

Lex’s Cut (15 minutes): $17.99
(Tighter editing, slightly crisper colours, different music)
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There’s also a bumper “complete” edition that features both versions, though if you’ve already purchased one of the other ones and would like the other, send me your purchase email and I’ll send you a free copy of the bumper version. 😛

You’ll find the complete edition here:

“Complete” Edition. (36 minutes): $19.99
(Contains both versions and the trailer)
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    An “On Off” (or an “On, Off, More Off”) of Setina Rose.

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    A few stills of Ambrosia from my latest hypno shoot.

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    HypnoDoll Collector’s Notes

    It was almost imperceptible from a distance… but the moment she received her blank trigger, the engagement drained from her face completely.

  • photo from Tumblr

    HypnoDoll Collector’s Notes

    Leaving your clothes strewn all over the place after your striptease? 
    That’s a paddlin’.

    Though some subjects respond rather nicely to the tactile sensations of a good spanking.

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