Simone 2

Wide Awake…

Aaaand less awake.

My second shoot with Simone. She made a great fembot last time round, this time I thought we’d give her a try as a superhero / slavegirl / striptease artiste / mind controlled marionette!

As before, she was pretty responsive to mesmerism, dropping into deep trances with her body nicely limp and her eyelids flickering!

My personal highlight was probably naked yoga! or watching her tune in and out as I brought her in and out of trance… or hearing her complain as “Super Simone” as I posed her on my , spinning her this way and that and threatening to undress her. (Not that she could stop me!)


Genuine hypnosis here. Pretty happy with how it came out. 😀



Or if you’d prefer to see some bewbs:
Click Here for the (Spicy!) DailyMotion Trailer!

[00:00] Introduction
[05:30] Induction
[25:04] Sleep Trigger & Fractionation
[32:00] Limp Checks
[38:30] Eyes Checks
[40:00] Compulsive Stripper (and lies about it)
[44:30] Realises she’s semi-naked but can’t remember how to dress herself
[48:30] Happily obedient Barbie Doll
[50:00] Frozen & Poseable
[51:00] Dolly on the Display Disc
[52:30] Posing my new plaything
[55:15] Thinks she’s my superheroine captive
[55:40] Mocking Super Simone
[56:30] Stripping Super Simone
[57:20] Super Simone is Eager to obey!
[58:05] A new mindless acquisition to pose and play with!
[1:00:00] Superhero poses
[1:01:45] Triggered to pose like an Artistic Nude
[1:03:55] Simone wakes up with no memory of how she get naked
[1:05:30] Eyes rolling and flickering
[1:06:30] Sleep! Wake! Sleep! Wake! & Eye Checks
[1:07:30] Emporer’s new Salesgirl (Naked but doesn’t know it.)
[1:10:55] Realises she’s actually nekkid.
[1:12:30] Mind Blank. Body Stiff as Steel.
[1:21:15] Pet Psychiatry
[1:27:20] Possessed Stockings (Dancing Feet)
[1:32:00] Submissive Slavegirl needs to be nude
[1:33:25] Mindless Mantras
[1:35:00] HypnoShower
[1:37:40] Naked Yoga Instructor!
[1:42:45] Posing my naked puppet.
[1:45:30] Music makes her striptease
[1:51:00] Closing Chat
[1:51:45] Animated Spins

Running Time: 1hr 53
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  • photo from Tumblr

    More of the most recent minion to display herself.

    She’s seeing her boyfriend this weekend… Hopefully he’ll get to enjoy some of the compulsions I’ve given her.

  • photo from Tumblr

    Think my favourite bathroom pic is probably the last one as she’s clearly standing to attention whilst she waits obediently for commands. 

    Seeing her in the shower does kinda make me feel like she should have some nice submissive body writing covering her to wash off… 

    What other poses would people enjoy seeing this little Hypnodoll in? 

    What phrases would you love to hear the brainless little puppet saying? ;)

  • thesecretsubject:



    Guess who has a new video out? Pocket-watching part 3, this time with my new toy 😋

    That awkward moment when you’re gone within the first 20 seconds…imeanwhat <_<

    Now you must have known that would happen… We have been training you mind so well to respond to shiny things, my good girl… 😉😈

    Hands up who wants an Antipodean Enchantress to make their mind go away with her pendant and her soothing and sensual voice? ;)

  • photo from Tumblr

    Fanart by DarkHatBoy

    I’ve probably posted it before but I couldn’t find the tag. 

  • photo from Tumblr

    This little HypnoDoll becomes mindless any time she taps her forehead three times. 

    Good Girl.

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