Sophia Smith *DC*

Ladies and Gentlemen…

Sophia’s (Director’s Choice, Slave Training) Shoot… is now available!

Sophia’s more than a little hypnotic.

Sophia actually approached me interested in a shoot. This was my first hypno shoot with her and it was a totally brilliant one!

Up front, Sophia kept asking things like “What if it doesn’t work?” / “What do we do if you can’t get me under?” so whilst I was *slightly* concerned that’d mean she was setting herself up for failure, I did the best to reassure her that if she could enjoy a good book or movie, she could go under in person. She said that when she listened to my test mp3 (in the car!!) 😮 she found it enjoyable, but didn’t go under. My reaction (as you can probably expect) was “THANK GOD! DON’T TRY TO HYPNOTIZE YOURSELF WHEN YOU’RE DRIVING!!”


Anyway, the worries about her being unable to go under were unfounded, and though Sophia told me she was the kind of girl who could never switch off and was always making lists and planning the next thing on her itinerary in her head, she blanked out and dropped deep beautifully. This is probably because we spent such a large amount of time up front getting to know one another and building rapport, but we also discussed at length what kind of person Sophia felt she could be hypnotized by. When I gave her a quick example of my usual soft soothing voice, her response was “Hmmm…. no… you’re too funny. Can you try being bossy instead?”

Assuming it stays up… you can see an uncensored trailer here!

Or if for any reason neither of those work, you can try her on dailymotion here.

Never one to let a hypno subby think I’m not up to the task, I immediately ordered her to “Stop speaking. NOW! Now lie back. Close your eyes. Do EVERYTHING I tell you, and soon you’ll be my brainless dolly…” seems that did the trick because she did everything she was told to, and when I asked her a minute later if my bossiness was appealing, she said that it definitely was. I guess not everyone wants to be seduced. 😛

In terms of looks, she’s totally gorgeous, as you can see. Slim, pretty, with an absolutely world class arse! As for personality, Sophia’s quick-witted, creative and whilst she appears sweet initially, she has a devious and playful side to her.

After the first wakeup she seemed a little dazed and spacey, and I was worried that she’d be half zombified for the rest of the shoot, fortunately the right suggestions in trance had her switching from being totally aware and alert one second, to utterly dollified, zoned out and spaced the next. Really nice stuff.


Warm Up Pics (None Hypno)

Genuine Hypno Pics

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(1920×1275 Resolution)

Full Image Set Available Here.
(130+ Pics at 4288×2848 Resolution)

A pretty long shoot, so it’s split into two halves.

It’s also really hard to pick highlights as honestly, all of it was so good. I’ll try anyway…

  • Her questions and confusion at being “forced” to act like a cat. “Why… why am I doing this? Why can’t I stop!?”
  • Every fingersnap that puts her into trance has her tuning out beautifully. Every wakeup has her visibly jolted from trance.
  • Sex Ed Sophia is hilarious. As a teacher she’s so professional, as a Camgirl she’s so sultry. 😀
  • She was far more submissive than I thought she’d be, responding beautifully to pleasure triggers and commands.
  • If you like backfiring hypnosis you’re going to love the “Hypnotized Hypnotist” bit, she gets *so* dazed.
  • Turning every break into an excuse to deepen her again or give her a sneaky suggestion (magic potion tea) worked really well
  • I think my appearing on camera is working better. I just need to cut down on all my “Ummmm”s now. 😛
  • Enjoy!

    Part One Contents
    [00:15] Introduction
    [08:40] Induction
    [29:40] Floating Hands
    [32:00] Your name is “Doll”
    [33:30] Awake but Amnesiac
    [34:50] Sleep Triggering
    [35:30] More and more dazed
    [36:00] Blank minded Sophia-Doll obeys and undresses
    [36:33] Sophia wonders where her top went
    [37:00] Commanding Sophia-Doll to undress further
    [38:00] Shaking the daze (Making her more lively)
    [39:00] Wide awake and reacting to her toplessness
    [39:40] Posing on command / Human Puppeteering
    [40:40] Posing my new plaything (Onscreen )
    [42:15] You’re back in the room. “Haha! Nice hat!”
    [42:35] Undressing to her Stockings and Garterbelt
    [43:00] Posing the Lingerie Doll
    [44:40] Interview & Analysis after a quick break
    [46:00] Triggering herself to blank and sleep
    [48:25] Human with kitty mannerisms (but finds this normal)
    [53:50] Human with kitty mannerisms (and no idea why!)
    [56:13] End of Part One
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    Part Two Contents
    [00:15] Interview & Analysis after another quick break
    [00:45] Dressing & Posing the Human Mannequin
    [01:30] Gents shirt & Fishing Hat
    [02:00] Laughter & Reaction
    [02:55] Blank & Obedient
    [03:30] Cape & Top Hat
    [04:25] Dressed like a Magician
    [04:55] Falling in love with her own reflection
    [06:00] Hypnotist Hypnotist (Suggestions Backfire)
    [09:30] Royal Variety Model
    [12:30] Awake and dressed differently
    [13:00] More posing. More hats!
    [15:20] Lifting, Carrying, Hat swaps & Posing
    [15:40] Reacting to her new headwear
    [16:30] Glove-Indifference? No! Glove-Lover!!
    [17:25] Possessed Gloves (that want to stroke her!)
    [20:00] Possessed Gloves (that want to undress her and fight her!)
    [28:00] Mindless Closeup
    [28:40] Teabreak & Analysis
    [31:00] Tea contains a Submission Potion
    [32:30] Enjoying her tea… and growing more submissive
    [33:00] “Anything I can do for you? Caress my breasts? Okay!”
    [35:40] “I should call you Sir? It suits you! Sir. Mmmm”
    [36:30] Kneeling Slavegirl
    [38:00] Slave Positions
    [40:00] Empty-Headed Slave-Mantras
    [43:40] Filled with pleasure
    [44:30] Nude Sex Education Teacher
    [46:15] Sassy Sexy CamGirl
    [46:38] Sex Ed Teacher / CamGirl Switching (Professional then Slutty)
    [51:30] Nude Poseable Doll
    [51:45] Submissive Slavegirl
    [52:00] Mindless at Attention
    [52:35] Posed for Inspection
    [52:55] Every touch brings pleasure
    [54:00] Awake… and Ticklish!
    [54:30] Mental Bondage and ticklings!
    [56:10] Nude Lift & Carry
    [57:00] Posed and frozen on the 360° Platform
    [57:30] Awake, but stuck and tickled
    [58:40] Mindless Mannequin, posing on command
    [1:00:00] Sex Ed Teacher (Realises that nudity is unusual)
    [1:01:30] Making Miss Pose (whilst I spin her!)
    [1:05:10] Chatting on the Sofa, (No memory of how we got here)
    [1:07:30] “Send me home!? But… but I’m your property!”
    [1:08:45] Awake and normal with her head in my lap
    [1:09:25] You can’t wait to return to me!
    [1:11:30] Final Closing Chat & Analysis
    [1:20:45] End
    [1:20:55] Extras: Art Nude Automated 360° Spin
    [1:27:15] Extras: Slave Inspection Pose Manual 360° Spin
    [1:27:54] Extras: Art Nude Pose Manual 360° Spin
    [1:28:19] Extras: Hypnotized Hypnotist Loop
    Purchase Price: $19.99 $17.99 / £10.55 / €13.18
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    Running Time: 144 Minutes
    Purchase Price: $24.99



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    1. kg12387 kg12387

      Amazing,love the doll triggering hope to see it more!Would love to see Sophia’s Doll in the same clip as Raven.

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    • photo from Tumblr

      A few more pics of mindless Minnie. 

      Frozen during the main hypnotic portion of her shoot here. 

    • photo from Tumblr


      Ordinarily I’ll begin my hypnosis shoots by taking some hypno themed photos, whilst chatting informally with the hypnotee of the day. 

      At this stage, whilst I might be introducing a few hypnotic concepts, I’m not actually doing any explicit hypnosis. There’s cheesy pop music on in the background, we’re drinking cups of tea, I’m probably showing off what tricks the dog can do, and we’re generally just breaking the ice and getting to know one another. 

      Generally when you see my photos of hypno-ladies taken against the black backdrop, these will be staged. I do take a few genuine hypno photos during the video, but there aren’t too many of those, as trying to be hypnotist, cameraman and photographer is too much for me to juggle with my meager skillset. 

      The lady above is Minnie. Minnie is a submissive kinda girl who’s always wanted to be hypnotized. I think her first glowing email as she accepted my job offer contained the word “Amazing!” multiple times and the phrase “Always wanted to be a part of something like this!” twice. (Bless her.) 

      Minnie (a girl with zero experience of actually being hypnotized) basically put herself into trance for me the instant she saw my pendant. I picked it up to use as a prop in photos, she commented on how “pretty” it was, and then I, half joking, half bull-shitting, half* wondering if this kind of corniness would ever actually work held it up and said “Yes… it’s so pretty that you can’t take your eyes off it…”

      And she couldn’t. 

      Wide awake to body control in less than 10 seconds. 

      10 seconds later, she couldn’t move an inch… 

      and 10 seconds after that… she couldn’t remember her own name. 

      Sometimes if someone thinks that hypnosis is some kind of mysterious all-powerful phenomenon, it doesn’t hurt to leave them believing that for a little while. ;) 

      So breaking from tradition, Minnie is genuinely spaced out, hypnotized and derping from the first pendant picture onwards. 


      *Yes I know that’s three halves. My story. My skewed rules of mathematics. 

    • photo from Tumblr


      Top Ten Reasons To Be Hypnotized
      Top Ten Reasons To Be Hypnotized
      10) Because it feels so good to relax.
      9) Because it’s been such a long day
      8) Because it’s so hard to stay awake.
      7) Because you can barely keep your eyes open.
      6) Because it feels so good to be hypnotized.
      5) Because it’s so hard to resist.
      4) Because you don’t want to resist.
      3) Because I’ve been counting down this entire time and you didn’t even notice.
      2) You’re almost completely hypnotized.
      1) Sleep.

      Image source: @HypnoDolls (Me) :P 

      (No need to remove it, please try to credit when possible. Thanks!) 

    • photo from Tumblr

      I don’t think I’ve had Honour doing *this* before! 

      Please wait. 

      Rendering video. 

    • photo from Tumblr

      Who’s a cute brainless puppy? 

      Is it you? 

      I think it is. ;) 

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