Kim 2

Ready to watch her obey?

We’d worked with Kim previously and had had ourselves a fantastic time with her, (Director’s Choice in fact.)

Both Kim and myself had been keen for further play since then and we finally got our chance here!

From the outset, Kim remains a fantastic subject. As soon as I begin to even discuss the idea of slipping into trance, Kim starts blinking, wavering, slowing down and becoming blank. Nice! 😀

Entrancement UK Kim Hypnotized 2 Preview by entrancement

As a result, the induction takes about 45 seconds and within 2 minutes she can’t even remember her own name!

A really good shoot, especially if you like your ladies geeky, submissive, kinky or curvy.

There’s certainly a fair few highlights:

  • The part where Kim believes she’s Doctor Who freshly regenerated and newly female is hilarious, and too good to keep to myself, so that bit’s available for free here.
  • I put Kim under conversationally throughout the shoot.
  • Making Kim bark on command is more than a little bit funny when she’s trying to hold a conversation.
  • As a Fembot sex machine, she’s nicely mindless and spaced out as she plays and obeys.
  • She takes more than a little delight at being a human parrot. Even when she mis-interprets the suggestion.
  • We fit in a nice bunch of eye-checks for fans of watching ladies melt helplessly into trance.
  • We took a break for food (and wine!) at the end of the shoot and came back for a drunken closing chat.
  • Gallery

    [00:13] Re-introduction
    [04:20] Kim can’t resist
    [05:00] Spaced out and losing track of the conversation
    [05:49] Name Amnesia
    [06:30] Conversations about concerned family 😛
    [08:30] Lex sneaks into another induction
    [09:30] Enchanting Feedback
    [10:00] “My name is Slave”
    [10:40] Discussions of Dayjobs
    [11:00] “I’m looking for a job as a fucktoy… doll… pet… slave”
    [11:45] You’d like to see my breasts? Certainly!
    [12:05] Back to reality
    [13:00] Enchanted & baring her desires
    [13:30] Yes Master
    [15:45] Mindless Mind Trick Repetition
    [16:30] Deeper into submission
    [18:00] Slavegirl Application Interview (with mind tricks)
    [18:30] More comfortable out of her dress
    [19:00] Parroting Lex
    [19:40] Parroting herself? (Nope! Still parroting Lex)
    [20:50] Parroting herself (and confused by it)
    [21:30] I should be kneeling…
    [22:30] I’d like to give you my bra and show you my breasts
    [23:00] Awake, realising and suddenly shy
    [23:40] Brazen / Shy switcheroo
    [25:30] Sleeping Eye Checks
    [27:30] Sleeping Gas!
    [32:30] Frozen on the hypno-disc
    [36:30] Excited but scared!
    [38:30] Posing Kimmy-Doll
    [42:00] Undressing frozen Kim
    [42:30] Wants / Doesn’t want to undress
    [43:45] Posing topless Kimmy-Doll
    [46:00] Delayed reaction tickling
    [46:45] Mentally bound & tickled
    [48:00] Submissive, kneeling and spun
    [53:30] Missing her face
    [55:30] Naked Realisation
    [56:15] Crawling slavegirl needs to please
    [56:30] Outfit 2 & a chat
    [57:50] Possessed Gloves enchant and control Kim
    [1:06:30] Doctor Who Regenerates and is FEMALE!
    [1:19:15] Kim talks about being The Doctor
    [1:19:40] Note Looping
    [1:23:40] Puppy Mannerisms
    [1:24:50] SPEAK! Howl! Good Girl!
    [1:26:20] Rolling over, chasing the laser pointer
    [1:26:45] Kim the hypnokitty
    [1:26:55] The rug is catnip
    [1:30:00] Kim the sex robot
    [1:32:20] Kim wakes reprogrammed with a robot fetish
    [1:36:30] Dance & Partial Striptease
    [1:39:40] KimBot Robo-Fucking on command
    [1:40:50] Mindless Repetition
    [1:41:40] KimBot Robo-Sucking
    [1:43:15] Frozen Fembot Drooling
    [1:44:00] Playing on command
    [1:47:45] Electric Touch
    [1:51:00] Playing like a slavegirl / playing like a slut
    [1:52:00] More mindless eye checks
    [1:54:05] Closing Chat
    Total Running Time: 127 Minutes
    Purchase Price: $29.99 / £18.35* / €23.12*

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    * Prices correct on date of publication.


    1. Lex Lex

      @Steve, yep, this was our second shoot. Her first is here:

      Though it looks like you found and commented on that one already! 😛

      Only the 2 so far, but we’re still friends on Facebook, so maybe next time she’s up this way there’ll be shenanigans. 😉

    2. 2016/10/03    

      Is there any more videos of kim as I would like to see more of them

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    • photo from Tumblr

      More of the most recent minion to display herself.

      She’s seeing her boyfriend this weekend… Hopefully he’ll get to enjoy some of the compulsions I’ve given her.

    • photo from Tumblr

      Think my favourite bathroom pic is probably the last one as she’s clearly standing to attention whilst she waits obediently for commands. 

      Seeing her in the shower does kinda make me feel like she should have some nice submissive body writing covering her to wash off… 

      What other poses would people enjoy seeing this little Hypnodoll in? 

      What phrases would you love to hear the brainless little puppet saying? ;)

    • thesecretsubject:



      Guess who has a new video out? Pocket-watching part 3, this time with my new toy 😋

      That awkward moment when you’re gone within the first 20 seconds…imeanwhat <_<

      Now you must have known that would happen… We have been training you mind so well to respond to shiny things, my good girl… 😉😈

      Hands up who wants an Antipodean Enchantress to make their mind go away with her pendant and her soothing and sensual voice? ;)

    • photo from Tumblr

      Fanart by DarkHatBoy

      I’ve probably posted it before but I couldn’t find the tag. 

    • photo from Tumblr

      This little HypnoDoll becomes mindless any time she taps her forehead three times. 

      Good Girl.

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