Mel & ToniLou

* * * Director’s Choice * * *

Say hello to real life mum and daughter duo ToniLou and Melissa!

ToniLou I’ve worked with a couple of times before. (Each of them a Director’s Choice too!) The first time was with Michelle Hush,then with Faye Taylor, and this time round she introduced us to her mum Mel, who’s also a model, and occasionally cams with her on ChatgirlTV websites. They were both featured on the BBC3 show “Hotter than my Daughter” if you’d like to see the pair of them interacting outside of hypnosis. 😛

I think Toni quite enjoys the change of pace that you get from doing hypnosis shoots, as she’s in touch fairly regularly.

Anyway, regardless of the fact that both ladies didn’t undress further than their underwear throughout, (Sorry to those of you who are *really* that kinky.) this was a pretty awesome shoot. Mel was very chatty, relaxed and interested in being hypnotized as Toni had obviously come away from our shoots giving me glowing reviews. (Not that I left her with the suggestion to bring me further fun females to manipulate and mind control or anything… OR DID I!?)

No… No I didn’t… but of course the idea crossed my mind.

See Mel & ToniLou on BBC3’s “Hotter than my Daughter” here.
(Their section’s at 2:03)

Both ladies were great subjects. ToniLou telling us in trance that she likes to feel spellbound, Melissa telling us that she wanted to feel mindless. 😀

We did some sleep practice and got them into deep amnesiac trances very quickly and easily, and the first time I had them wake after their initial trancing they had no idea who the other girl was… or what her name was… or what their own names were… They ended up picking new names for one another, (Alice and Empress Raphaella) and then I allowed ToniLou to remember who Mel was… whilst leaving Mel convinced that she was in fact an Empress, and that ToniLou was simply some serving girl trying to con her out of money. There’s some very fun banter back and forth as Toni tries to persuade her they’re related, and Raphaella grows increasingly annoyed at Toni’s over-familiarity.

Eventually I triggered Toni to sleep and “admitted” to Raphaella that I’d played a trick on her maid-servant, hypnotizing her to believe they were related… then I asked if Raphaella would like a trigger to be able to manipulate and control ToniLou directly.

She did.

It got used.

A lot. 😛

Of course it wasn’t fair to leave ToniLou dreamily murmuring “Yes Empress” and giving hand massages, foot massages and being a human coffee table for her mum all day, so eventually I put them both back under and had them turn the tables…

Then I made them my slavegirls for a while…

When they did end up remembering who they were, there were in the wrong bodies and wearing one another’s dresses. 😛

From there things just got more entertaining. 😉

Hope you all enjoy it!


0:00:10 Introduction
0:06:30 Induction
0:24:00 Setting up amnesia
0:25:15 Sleep Trigger Training
0:26:00 Amnesia (No idea who one another are)
0:28:00 Amnesia (Don’t know their own names)
0:29:30 Picking new names for one another
0:32:00 Empress Raphaella (Mel) is exceedingly well off
0:33:25 The Empress doesn’t believe that Toni is her daughter
0:36:00 Toni must obey the Empress at a snap of the fingers
0:36:50 Empress wants a hand massage
0:37:30 And a foot massage
0:38:20 And now a begrudging human coffee table
0:39:44 Adjusting Toni’s attitude to her Empress
0:40:25 Toni the adoring slavegirl
0:43:00 Actually… Toni’s the Empress, and Mel the slavegirl
0:45:00 Miss Toni’s back massage
0:46:30 Miss Toni’s foot massage
0:48:06 SWITCH!: Why on earth is the Empress doing the massage!?
0:49:00 SWITCH!: Now you’re both *my* Slavegirls
0:49:15 Slavegirls Stripping to Underwear
0:49:45 Slavegirls Switching Dresses
0:50:10 Slavegirls made mindless
0:50:30 Mindless Mantra Repetition
0:52:15 Mother / Daughter Personality Swap (without realising)
0:58:00 Mother / Daughter BodySwap (and realising)
1:01:30 Both ToniLou. She’s an IMPOSTER!
1:04:30 Back in their own bodies and reacting
1:06:45 “Yes Mummy” Mel gets to use Toni’s obedience trigger
1:08:30 Toni is *not* happy about being her mum’s slave
1:09:00 Cushion Plumping for Mummy
1:09:30 Hand Massages for Mummy
1:10:30 Mel’s turn to obey her “Goddess”
1:13:10 Slavegirl Mel is happy to shake her goodies
1:13:55 Slavegirl Mel bollywood dancing on command
1:14:15 Mel’s revenge!
1:14:50 ToniLou dances to “I like big butts”
1:16:00 ToniLou takes over. Mel serenades her Goddess
1:17:20 ToniLou says: “Beat box!”
1:17:45 ToniLou says: “Be a bad boy rap star”
1:18:05 ToniLou’s punishment: Mental Bondage
1:18:30 ToniLou gets tickled.
1:19:15 Snapping Finger Fight
1:19:45 Both ladies are my slavegirls
1:21:50 Mindless Zombies
1:22:33 Posing Model Slaves
1:23:15 Belly Dancing Slavegirls
1:23:45 Artistic Models
1:25:15 Mindless Puppeteering
1:28:02 Posing my new Living Mannequins
1:30:12 Discussion before the break
1:31:50 Programming ToniLou to make cups of tea
1:32:30 Programming Mel to resist the temptation of wine
1:33:30 End of Part One
1:33:50 Part Two – Outfit Change (French Maid-Bot n Sexy Inventor)
1:34:00 Triggered to pose and smile rigidly
1:35:00 Frozen Up Close
1:38:00 More Enforced Frozen Smiling
1:40:00 A rewarding cuppa and a chat about mesmerism
1:42:20 Mel becomes a Fembot and Toni her inventor
1:44:45 ToniLou tells us about her invention
1:46:00 Activating Mel-Bot
1:46:20 Mel-Bot: Cleaning Mode
1:47:00 Mel-Bot: Girlfriend Mode (Beta)
1:47:35 Mel-Bot: Michelle zee Flirtatious French-Maid Vixen
1:49:30 Mel-Bot: Slutty Nympho Mode
1:52:15 Mel-Bot: Buxom Swedish Girl Mode
1:53:10 ToniLou is *also* a Fembot! 😀
1:54:30 ToniLou bot in Male Sub Mode!?
1:54:45 Helga the Swedish Girl bosses Male ToniLou around
1:55:05 Adjusting ToniLou-Bot’s accent
1:56:00 Deactivating the Fembots
1:57:00 Closing Trance
1:58:00 Closing Chat
1:59:35 Bonus – 360° Spins
2:00:29 ToniLou – Clothed 360° Spin
2:01:28 ToniLou – Underwear 360° Spin
2:02:47 Mel – Clothed Stepford Wife 360° Spin
2:03:37 Mel – Sultry Corsetted 360° Spin
2:04:13 Puppeteering Alternate Angles
2:09:24 End
Running Time: 119 Minutes (+10 Mins of Bonus Footage)

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