Neena & April (Director’s Choice)

*** Director’s Choice ***

April hypnotically having her way with Neena… not for the first time.

A fantastically fun and steamy shoot with April and Neena who are friends in real life, regular modelling buddies, partners in crime, and if my memory serves me correctly, do actually indulge in a fair amount of kinky d/s play together as Mistress (April) and Slavegirl (Neena)

April you’ll already know from her super sexy “HypnoSlut Training” video that we filmed earlier in the year.

Chronologically, this was actually our first time working with the amazonian (6’2!) Neena (Who none-chronologically you might have seen in our commissioned Hypnodolls video Fuxie’s Story. (Where she played a snooty business-woman duped into becoming a horny humiliated plaything by her devious work colleagues.)

The last time I worked with April, there was a really fun section of the shoot where I had her believing she was a male friend called “Ben” who’s a bit of a perve and loves the idea of having control over ladies, basically “possessing” their bodies, and getting to have fun with them whilst they’re mentally checked out.

Or click here for the uncensored (Xvideos) extended version!

As Neena *also* knows Ben, this time round, I couldn’t resist bringing him back, and both April and Neena get to become him for a while, each in turn (as Ben) acting totally laddish, obsessing over their bodyparts and glorifying in being as big a perve as possible. At one point I have April *demanding* that Ben surrender control of Neena’s body and give it back to her whilst he busies himself playing with “his” new breasts and mocking how snooty he feels Neena is, (which as it’s hypnotized Neena saying and doing it all is quite something to see.) though it’s kinda fun after a while to bypass April’s complaints by having her become lovestruck by Neena’s breasts and butt… so there’d be no harm in her checking out how those parts feel whilst Neena’s “out” right? 😉

Later on there’s a really funny section where I have both girls thinking that they’re barely literate amazonian warrior women seeking “Snoo-snoo” with as many men as I’m able to find for them, and that’s followed by a very steamy extended section where we have Neena believing she’s a mindless fembot (looping, freezing, muting, being a sex doll and posing on command) whilst April casually discusses and shows off her naked and mindless friend as though she’s just a rather fetching bedroom appliance.

A super hot shoot. Bags of fun. Hope you all enjoy it!

00:00:10 Introductions
00:03:45 Pre-Induction calming of the jitters
00:05:40 Induction
00:13:06 Eyes Closed & Dropping Deeper
00:17:10 Neena wants to feel Doll-like
00:19:05 April wants to feel Doll-like or Robotic
00:19:20 Deeper down the Trance Scale (Fractionation)
00:28:30 Amnesia: No idea who one another are
00:29:50 Now only one recalls her friend at a time…
00:33:40 April believes that she’s Neena… and so does Neena
00:35:30 “Lovestruck” hypnotic trigger
00:37:30 Lovestruck by one another…
00:38:30 Switching their affections off and back on again
00:40:00 Poseable and fixed
00:44:50 April becomes “Ben” who gets to mess with frozen Neena
00:47:30 Neena’s “Blank” Trigger
00:50:05 Neena the sexdoll
00:50:30 “Ben” feels guilty for playing with Neena
00:51:00 “Ben” believes Neena’s just a robot sexdoll now
00:52:00 Commanding Neena-Doll to undress
00:52:40 “Ben” undresses Neena-Doll further
00:52:55 Neena-Doll pussy inspection
00:53:10 Checking out Neena-Doll’s behind
00:54:10 Neena wakes, “Ben” realises she’s real
00:55:15 Neena becomes “Ben” and thinks April’s under
00:56:55 April refuses to strip for “Ben”… till music plays (and she stripteases)
01:01:10 April goes blank minded
01:01:30 “Ben”(Neena) commands mindless April
01:03:30 “Ben”(Neena) realises he’s hijacked Neena’s body.
01:05:08 “Ben”(Neena) checks out his breasts.
01:05:20 April tells “Ben” off for messing with Neena’s bits
01:06:30 April sees “Ben” as a guy again in Neena’s clothes
01:08:20 April gets lovestruck by Neena’s breasts
01:09:40 April gets lovestruck by Neena’s bum
01:11:30 Both girls compelled to strip nude
01:15:00 Art Nude Dolls posing on command
01:16:30 Posing the dolls myself
01:19:20 Mindless Mantra
01:20:00 Puppeteering
01:23:55 Nude Fitness Instructors (Switch!) Raunchy Camgirls
01:31:30 Each girl thinks the other is nude… and she’s fully clothed
01:33:00 Naked and embarrassed
01:34:00 Nudists that refuse to dress
01:34:36 PVC Dresses (Outfit 2)
01:35:30 Amazon Women Seeking Men for Snoo-Snoo
01:38:10 Amazons show off their assets.
01:39:00 April is a Sex-Robot sales lady… and Neena-Bot is for sale!
01:41:00 Neena-Bot Pose Mode
01:42:00 Neena-Bot Girlfriend Mode
01:43:00 Neena-Bot Sexy Mode
01:43:30 Neena-Bot Robot SexDoll Mode
01:44:45 Neena-Bot Personality Mode
01:45:00 Looping the Neena-Bot
01:45:15 Muting the Neena-Bot
01:46:10 Neena-Bot’s different accents
01:47:10 Neena-Bot Swinger Mode
01:48:00 Neena-Bot the Swinger strips
01:48:30 Looping Sex Robot
01:49:15 Putting Neena-Bot in Pose mode whilst we discuss prices
01:50:00 Closing Trance
01:51:10 Closing Chat
01:53:20 Bonus Footage (Mannequin 360s and Animated Gifs)
Running Time: 116 Minutes

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