Sophia Smith Slave Training 2 (Director’s Choice)

Sophia Smith as Special Agent “Deadly Cheekbone”

A pretty awesome shoot with some fantastic reactions from Ms Smith as she finds herself waking up with no memories of who or where she is… then waking up and knowing where she is… but not being able to recall arranging a shoot… (As far as she knows, she just had a hankering for a trance and showed up at my place demanding I zap her.) 😛

Later on I have her behaving bossy, but with no idea why she’s doing it and it’s one of several moments where she ends up arguing with herself as she tries to work out why she’s saying the things she’s saying. First she can’t work out why she’s being bossy… then we give her vagina a voice and a desire to be bared and shared and played with. (Oh, and a name too. “Angelina!”)… Later on she *tries* to be dominant, but finds herself following everything she says with something submissive sounding. 😀

Then there’s a fun section in her golden jumpsuit where Sophia becomes MI5 Special Agent “Deadly Cheekbone” freshly returned from a mission into enemy territory where she successfully managed to capture some enemy technology… or did she? The seemingly innocuous pair of gloves that she puts on seem to do nothing at first… but then appear to develop a mind of their own, first caressing, then enchanting, then tickling her. (Thanks whoever it was that supplied the self tickle suggestion, it worked really well!)

  • Having her demand I trance her, and grow quite frustrated when I don’t immediately do as she asks.
  • Having her end every sentence with a bossy command… not that she realises this at first.
  • Seeing dominant Sophia argue with her sub side…
  • Seeing shy Sophia argue with her talking vagina (that wants to be shown off!)
  • Seeing Sophia’s Vagina taking over her whole body whilst Sophia is relegated to the position of Vajayjay 😛
  • Having naked Sophia demand I dress her properly… in bondage rope. (Obviously!) 😛
  • Seeing her tickling herself.
  • Director’s Choice seems to be the standard thing with Sophia, (not that I’d ever complain!) so I hope you all enjoy the vid. 😀



    Or Click here for the (Uncensored) talking vagina version!

    0:00:10 Introduction
    0:06:50 Induction
    0:26:10 Freeze Trigger Test
    0:28:30 Waking as a total amnesiac
    0:30:00 Blank Trigger Play
    0:32:45 Bunny Ears
    0:33:20 Smiling on command
    0:33:34 “Why am I smiling!?”
    0:34:16 Memories back and knows I’ve been messing with her
    0:35:15 Ends every sentence with a bossy command (unaware of doing so)
    0:38:00 Realises she’s being bossy (but can’t stop)
    0:40:00 Demands that I trance her
    0:42:00 Spaces every time I’m soothing… gets annoyed any time I stop
    0:43:20 World’s most enchanting shopping list
    0:44:10 Pathological Exhibitionist that *has* to be on show
    0:46:20 Wait! These are private!
    0:46:55 See my bum instead!
    0:48:10 Here’s my vajayjay… don’t tell anyone!
    0:49:00 “Angelina” the Talking Vagina
    0:56:40 “Angelina” swaps places with Sophia
    0:58:45 “Angelina” strips whilst grumbling about Sophia’s clothes
    1:01:10 Allowing Sophia to have control back
    1:02:55 Sophia “needs” to be naked
    1:04:00 Sophia “needs” to be inspected, mindless, and a doll
    1:05:00 Pocket watch mind removal
    1:06:50 Posing Sophia-Doll
    1:10:26 Inspecting and Scoring Frozen Sophia-Doll
    1:14:00 Embarrassed to be nude… believes that bondage rope is clothing
    1:15:00 Shibari Body Harness and Bondage
    1:23:30 “Mistress” Sophia doesn’t *want* to be tied up
    1:24:15 Switching Sophia’s Domme side on and off
    1:26:55 Slave Sophia argues with Mistress Sophia
    1:28:45 Placed on a Pedestal (half against her will)
    1:30:30 Tweaking Mistress’s mind (Everything’s now WONDERFUL!)
    1:31:30 “My Mind is Going” (Grows more mindless as she says this)
    1:34:40 Mindless 360
    1:35:45 Sophia’s Gold Jumpsuit
    1:36:00 Special Agent “Deadly Cheekbone”
    1:37:30 Debriefing Special Agent Sophia
    1:38:15 Discussing the enemy’s secret weapon
    1:40:20 Possessed Gloves want to caress her
    1:42:55 Possessed Gloves want to undress her
    1:44:00 Mind Blank… but the gloves play on!
    1:44:20 Self Tickling Gloves
    1:46:15 Possessed Gloves Attempting to Entrance her.
    1:47:00 Fighting to resist the gloves
    1:50:00 Self Caressed into Mindlessness
    1:52:55 Human Puppeteering
    1:54:15 Posing on Command
    1:56:00 Closing Induction
    1:57:10 Closing Chat / Discussion / Analysis
    1:59:54 Bonus 360s x 2
    2:01:38 End
    Running Time: 121 Minutes

    Purchase Via Clips4Sale: $29.99

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    1. whsmith whsmith

      Sophia Smith would be remarkable alone, in red thi highs, heels, red garter belt, after stripping SLOWLY, becomes kitty cat, seeking laser again with music maybe four seasons, extend session of ecstasy from stokes, cannot stop, and does not want to stop, etc., dropping completely under at command, and then a new ecstasy (not to an orgasm, just great pleasure that is irresistible), several variations of the ecstasy, not bossy, just demure, cannot understand why it is all SO MUCH pleasure but is; can reach orgasm, if it works…

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    • photo from Tumblr

      More of the most recent minion to display herself.

      She’s seeing her boyfriend this weekend… Hopefully he’ll get to enjoy some of the compulsions I’ve given her.

    • photo from Tumblr

      Think my favourite bathroom pic is probably the last one as she’s clearly standing to attention whilst she waits obediently for commands. 

      Seeing her in the shower does kinda make me feel like she should have some nice submissive body writing covering her to wash off… 

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      Fanart by DarkHatBoy

      I’ve probably posted it before but I couldn’t find the tag. 

    • photo from Tumblr

      This little HypnoDoll becomes mindless any time she taps her forehead three times. 

      Good Girl.

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