Nicky Phillips 2 (DC)

Nicely vacant for us Nicky? There’s a good girl. 😀

My second session with the gorgeous, leggy, and really rather tall Nicky Phillips!

Nicky couldn’t recall much about her previous session. (Always a sure sign of deep trance, considering most models can recall almost everything about every shoot they’ve been on.) but she *did* remember having a good time and wanting to try out more mind control.

Slightly longer (& SPICIER) version here. (XVideos)

I posted a vlog a few days before the session seeing if anyone had ideas or requests as to things they’d enjoy seeing Nicky remote controlled to do and experience, and the internet responded in droves! I had her sucking her thumb, becoming a chicken and feeling a powerful need to ask “Is there anything I can do for you?” each and every time she heard a bell ring.

Sprinkle another dozen or so triggers in amongst her programming, add a few erotic dances and stripteases, along with a few very fun embarrassed reactions on waking, and we’ve got ourselves an awesome session.

At the end of this session, I left her with a compulsion to return a third time, so we’ll see if that takes. 😉

Warm-Up Gallery

Genuine Hypno-Gallery

Part 1: Induction, Embarrassment, Stripteasing & Chickens!
0:00:10 Introduction
0:04:40 Rumbling Sea (Background sound) Induction with Candle
0:18:00 Meadow imagery
0:21:10 Wakes up with some annoyance
0:22:00 Sleep Trigger Test
0:23:30 Amnesia: Doesnt recall arranging a shoot
0:24:30 Amnesia: Woke this morning wanting to be Entranced
0:26:45 Tourettes Syndrome
0:29:55 My Magnetic Hand Enchants her.
0:32:03 Cluck like a chicken! (Doesnt realise)
0:33:40 Clucks like a chicken (Realises but cant stop.)
0:35:10 Becomes a chicken completely when triggered.
0:37:30 My Mind is Going (Aware but cant stop saying it.)
0:39:00 Mindless and obedient
0:39:50 Mindlessly Stripping
0:42:40 Music Makes her Dance Seductively (Wakes confused.)
0:44:30 Music Makes her STRIP Seductively. (Wakes embarrassed)
0:46:40 Cant put her bra on (Throws it instead.)
0:48:00 Strips all the way nude
0:48:55 Embarrassed Nude & Demanding her clothes
0:49:10 Nudism / Embarrassment Switching
0:52:30 Frozen Nude Close-ups
0:54:30 Pendant Focused Mindless Mantra
0:55:30 Chat before part 2

Part 2: Remote Controlled to Flash, Obey, Stick, Freeze, Scream, Grow, Shrink, Jump, and Loop
0:57:00 Installing LOVE, HATE, THUMB SUCKING & POSE Triggers
0:57:40 Wakes believing that weve only just started.
0:57:55 Thumb Suck, Pose, Love Triggers
0:59:15 Hate Trigger
1:00:00 Thumb Suck, Love, Posing Triggers
1:00:45 Installing STUCK, FLASH & DESIRE-TO-PLEASE Triggers
1:01:15 Testing ALL the triggers so far
1:02:20 Triggered to be STUCK to the floor
1:03:40 Butt STUCK to the sofa
1:04:00 Installing PAUSE, REWIND & SILENT SCREAM Triggers
1:04:55 Frozen Flash
1:05:45 Looping Flashing
1:05:55 Scream Triggering
1:06:10 DESIRES-TO Give me her clothes!
1:07:30 Looping, Thumb Sucking, Locking Triggers
1:08:20 Installing POWER-OFF, POWER-UP, GROWTH, SHRINK & JUMP Triggers
1:09:10 Posing, Screaming, Sucking, Pausing
1:10:20 Breasts Growing
1:10:55 Jump Trigger
1:11:10 DESIRES TO Give me her panties
1:11:30 DESIRES TO wiggle her butt for me (whilst her bum grows)
1:11:50 Giant Booty Balance Problems
1:12:10 Power Failing: Slow and dopey
1:12:35 Power Up!
1:12:50 Shrinking Nicky
1:13:30 Tiny Thumb Sucker
1:14:00 Age Shrinking
1:14:45 Age Regressed Thumb Sucker
1:14:55 Looping Regressed Nicky
1:15:50 Back to normal, doesnt know why shes on the floor
1:16:00 Chickening, Screaming, Freezing
1:17:30 Loves / Hates her reflection
1:19:25 Naked Nymphomaniacs Dating Video
1:22:30 DESIRES TO dress in her bikini
1:22:50 Chat Before Part 3

Part 3: BodyStockinged Fembot Training
1:23:45 Nickys Drink is laced with NANOBOTS
1:24:50 Nanobots make Nicky more and more emotionless and robotic
1:27:24 Triggered to emote
1:27:55 Triggered to pose whilst blank
1:28:55 Programming the Nicky simulation to love
1:29:20 Reactivating Modified Nicky
1:29:55 Reactivating Fembot Nicky
1:30:20 Programming Nicky to be more submissive
1:31:00 Posing in Slave Positions
1:32:30 Pendant Training & Mindless Mantras
1:33:34 Good Girl Pleasure Trigger
1:34:30 Frozen Flyaround Kneeling Nicky
1:35:35 Fembot at attention
1:35:45 Testing the Fembots Triggers Remotely
1:36:00 Reactivating Nicky as a Submissive Bimbo
1:36:20 Nickys happy to hand over her panties
1:36:55 Forgets her own name on command
1:37:10 Her name is now Slavegirl
1:37:40 Posed for inspection
1:38:10 Moving my Frozen Doll
1:39:44 Musical Statue (Music makes her dance sexily)
1:42;10 Removes her Nipple Protectors!
1:43:00 Posing the fembot some more
1:44:10 Installing blissful feelings and a desire to return
1:45:30 Closing Chat
1:48:53 Bonus 360: Clothed
1:48:57 Bonus 360: Underwear
1:49:02 Bonus 360: Nude
1:49:07 Bonus 360: All three!
Nicky 2 – Complete

Running Time: 109 Minutes | Purchase Price: $29.99
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Part One Only: Induction, Embarrassment, Stripteasing & Chickens!

Running Time: 56 Minutes | Purchase Price: $15.99

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Part Two Only: Remote Controlled to Flash, Obey, Stick, Freeze, Scream, Grow, Shrink, Jump, and Loop

Running Time: 27 Minutes | Purchase Price: $14.99

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* * *

Part Three Only: BodyStockinged Fembot Training

Running Time: 25 Minutes | Purchase Price: $14.99

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  • photo from Tumblr

    More of the most recent minion to display herself.

    She’s seeing her boyfriend this weekend… Hopefully he’ll get to enjoy some of the compulsions I’ve given her.

  • photo from Tumblr

    Think my favourite bathroom pic is probably the last one as she’s clearly standing to attention whilst she waits obediently for commands. 

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    Fanart by DarkHatBoy

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  • photo from Tumblr

    This little HypnoDoll becomes mindless any time she taps her forehead three times. 

    Good Girl.

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