Honour’s Slave Training (DC)

Honour found herself feeling somewhat overdressed…

This fabulous slave training shoot is one of the spiciest I’ve ever had the pleasure of filming, with a well spoken bisexual lady who’s both high-class and ridiculously horny!

Honour describes herself as a submissive person, but rarely gets time to really indulge in letting herself go. During this shoot, she let herself go to such a degree that at times she confessed to feeling the urge to do some quite distractingly unprofessional things to me. (In the hottest of ways!)

Must be the top hat. 😉

So many highlights: Hearing her say “Yes Master” with that lovely posh voice of hers, watching the confusion on her face when her memories all went missing, seeing her bring herself to the brink of orgasm over and over only to be frustrated as I switched off her arousal, or relocated her clit, or focused her thoughts on *my* pleasure rather than hers.

(Don’t worry, she did finally get to cum. Whenever I told her to! :D)

She also makes quite the adorable puppy. Not something I’d have expected when seeing her show up, all glamourous and presentable.

Awesome shoot, possibly one of my best!

0:00:11 Introduction
0:00:30 On her nature as a submissive
0:01:40 Memories of her Mistress
0:02:55 Fun ways to be helpless and expectations
0:05:10 Induction: Focused on the candle
0:10:55 Induction: Eyes Close
0:12:50 Induction: Descending to the place of submission
0:16:45 Induction: Yes Master & Good Girl training
0:17:45 Induction: Cant wake without permission
0:18:30 Induction: Describing the playroom the bed the chains…
0:21:50 Induction: Amnesia – Cant recall coming here
0:22:50 Induction: Im your plaything, Master
0:23:30 Induction: Sleep Trigger
0:24:28 Awake again!
0:24:40 Sleep Trigger Testing
0:25:40 Awake & Amnesiac: Missing memories of trance.
0:27:30 Amnesia: Cant recall her own name
0:29:15 Legs spread, deeper submission
0:29:30 Mesmerism is Bullshit! (SLEEP!)
0:31:40 BOUND Trigger
0:33:00 Binding Honours name and memories and
0:33:40 My name is slave
0:34:10 Binding Slaves Mind
0:34:50 Bound Floating Hand, freaked out reaction
0:35:45 Im your plaything
0:36:00 PLEASE Obedience Trigger
0:36:30 Unaware that shes exposing herself
0:38:00 Submissive Speech (oblivious and denying it)
0:39:30 Topless, spread legged and smiling sweetly
0:40:00 Hears herself saying submissive things
0:41:40 Realises shes been flashing me for several minutes
0:42:30 Name and Job are now Slavegirl
0:43:10 Slavegirl removes her dress
0:43:40 Slavegirl is Happy to kneel
0:43:55 Slavegirl would like me to give her her opinions
0:44:25 Slavegirl *loves* mesmerism
0:44:55 Frozen Kneeling Slavegirl
0:45:45 Submissively strips out of her underwear
0:46:50 Kneeling Nude Pendant Training
0:48:25 Blank, Brainwashed, Obedient

0:49:55 DEMANDS to be clothed correctly (in a collar)
0:50:40 Collaring the slavegirl
0:51:00 Collared & Posing on command
0:53:10 Nuzzling Slavegirl loves to be held
0:54:20 Switching between lovestruck and repulsed
0:55:24 Body wants to nuzzle, brain wants to get away!
0:56:00 My touch grows increasingly more erotic despite her resistance
0:57:00 Slavegirl Spreads her legs and teases
0:58:20 I live to serve, I love to obey
0:58:30 Blank Brainless Obedient pendant training
0:59:20 Pleasure Training
1:00:00 Touching herself but doesnt know its her own hands
1:01:30 Wants to be stripped of control and resistance
1:02:00 Unable to touch now but really wants to
1:02:45 Frozen and dollified whilst taking a break
1:03:20 Brainless at attention
1:03:45 Hip Swaying
1:04:10 Frozen and Posed
1:04:55 Mind returns, no memory of freezing
1:05:40 Every sip of her drink makes her more horny
1:06:28 Still Entranced: Doesnt know why shes so horny
1:08:20 Discussing her earlier reactions
1:08:40 Embarrassed at how hot shes getting
1:10:55 Doesnt want to dress shows me how wet she is
1:11:10 Teasing and masturbating
1:11:40 Until I make her blank…
1:12:00 Then make her twice as horny!
1:12:15 Posing the frozen sex puppet
1:12:45 Clits gone missing
1:13:30 Clit relocated to her nose
1:14:00 Clit relocated to her thumb
1:15:00 Clit relocated to the soles of her feet
1:15:55 Clit relocated to her big toe
1:16:40 Clit relocated to posing like a sex doll
1:17:30 Inflatable Sexdoll / Slut Switching
1:18:30 Edging into ruined orgasm
1:18:50 Transforming her arousal into obedience
1:19:15 Posing like a pinup
1:19:50 Posing and moving like a fucking machine
1:21:50 Playing on command
1:22:20 Ruined orgasm, all pleasure gone again
1:22:40 Edging / Ruining / Brink training
1:24:30 Amnesia Only just got here doesnt know why shes naked and horny
1:25:05 Brinking until she begs
1:25:40 Orgasms (finally)
1:26:35 Sucks her fingers clean
1:27:10 Stroking and petting my new plaything

1:29:00 Admits that shes enjoying herself too much
1:29:30 Puppy Girl Speaking on command
1:31:30 Puppy Girl Nuzzles
1:32:00 Teaching Puppy Tricks
1:33:00 Roll Over!
1:34:00 Tummy Tickling
1:34:30 Titty Tickling
1:37:00 Dripping Wet
1:37:30 Brink of Orgasm
1:37:50 Arousal Gone, Just Obedient
1:38:05 Red Dress
1:38:30 Possessed Hand keeps caressing her (unaware)
1:40:20 Notices that her hand is groping her
1:40:40 Possessed Hand starts stripping her
1:42:30 Possessed Hand Pinches her butt
1:43:40 Possessed Hand Entrances her
1:46:00 Mindless Mantra breast circling
1:46:30 Brink of Orgasm
1:47:00 Panties round her ankles fingers inside
1:47:30 Helplessly Spills her Desires
1:48:10 Stripping Slavegirl
1:49:00 Clothed Male Naked Female OTK Spanking
1:51:50 Rosey Red Ass
1:52:00 Butt Stroking Brink
1:53:50 Brinking and orgasms on command
1:55:00 Doesnt want to go
1:55:50 Cuddled Closing Induction
1:57:15 Closing Chat
1:58:02 Bonus 360 Nude and collared
1:58:15 Bonus 360 Jumpsuit
1:58:30 Behind the scenes admission of arousal!

Running Time: 118 Minutes
Purchase Price: $19.99

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    That’s right Kylie.

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    I love the look on your face, tease toy. So desperate… so needy… and it’s only going to get worse for you. Kneel, pet. Give your Master ten edges and then we’ll see if you’ve earned any rewards…

    Pretty sure this is one of @hypnodolls - I would recognise that couch anywhere..

    It’s not a *bad* couch, is it? 

    Yep, that’s Alexa Red from this HypnoDolls shoot: http://www.entrancement.co.uk/blog/wordpress/?p=4324

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    Blank, empty and submissive from chatting at #CovertHypnotism!

    @hypnodolls I believe this is one of yours?

    Yep, the coverthypnotism folk aren’t very good at crediting other hypnotic creators. Apparently everything and anything hypnotic produced online came from #CovertHypnotism. 

    Cheeky gits. :P

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