Honour 2 (DC)

This time round, we don’t just get to work with Honour, we also get to work with a fembot sales lady (and her fembot), “David” a competition winner that gets to test drive Honour’s body, “Super-Honour” (horrified to find herself trapped in a box by some devious UberVillain) and various mindless / doll-like / camgirl / embarrassed modes. 😛

My second shoot with Honour and it’s as entertaining as the first. We got a boat-load done in terms of pics and trance play. Usually I only have four hours to work with a model, but Honour came by train round and was happy to hang around for “as long as I wanted her” (She’s good like that, and I don’t mind taking advantage of generosity if it’s for the benefit of fellow hypno-philes. :D)

Note: Unfortunately I suffered a hard drive crash shortly after this shoot went up, so the majority of the pics from it have been lost… on the bright side, Honour *has* already come back for a third shoot, so hopefully the pics from that will soften the blow somewhat. Here’s some of her posing like a slavegirl!

We started off with some Zatanna cosplay photos and moved from there to some shibari rope-bondage play. I did a pretty good job putting together a body harness (without referring to an online guide I’m proud to say!) and my lovely subject’s arms and torso were pretty darn immobilized.

I’m not sure why, (I know, such lies!) but this got Honour feeling submissive, aroused and excitable almost immediately. Something to do with being stripped, tied and photographed just appeals to some people it seems. 😉

Or see her SPICY preview HERE!

We started filming and Honour shone from minute one. We had a flirty few minutes of chat before deciding that more bondage was required, and that being tied down and hypnotized would be the perfect way to get her back under my control.

We adjourned to my spare room, and I tied Honour to the bed by her knees and wrists. (All the better to keep her feeling spread and comfortably vulnerable.) When I slipped on the blindfold she looked nicely helpless. I checked that she wasn’t going anywhere, and began my induction, this time round, spicing things with an air of dominance as I teased at Honour’s inability to free herself. I also ran my fingernailss up the insides of her legs or over her face n neck occasionally to assert a degree of ownership over the trance. I don’t usually do this unless I get on really well with a person, fortunately there’s a bit of chemistry between myself and Honour, so it elicited excited gasps and moans from her. (As opposed to safe-words and chastisings. :P)

Before too long Honour was deep in trance, picturing herself in a black room filled with restraints and sex toys, and I was switching off her conscious awareness and acquainting myself with her subconscious desires. In trance, she needed very little persuasion to address me submissively, and when her subconscious talked about the things her conscious mind secretly wanted, she spoke with some degree of relish and derision, like she enjoyed the thought of being treated a little cruelly. I know she enjoys a good spanking (as you’ll see in part 2 of the session.) so it wasn’t too much of a surprise.

I carried out a little fractionation with her, waking her with amnesia as to how she got here, dropping her back under, waking her up and tickling her mercilessly, dropping her back under, waking her up with her ticklishness turned off, dropping her under again. Each time deeper than the time before.

Finally I had her emerge from trance feeling deeply slutty and wanton, believing she’d come over for a booty call, but switching back to the “professional” version of herself every time I told her to “Switch”. As she lay there bound, squirming and inviting me to make full use of her, it did take a fair bit of self control to keep from taking her up on the offer.

Still… looked like she was getting nicely under my control now, so I untied her and we headed downstairs to indulge in some more hypnotic shenanigans.


  • During her induction, Honour let out quite a few sexy little gasps and moans of pleasure and excitement as I woke, dropped and teased her.
  • Ordinarily Honour loses all sense of balance when she’s tickled, so if she’s standing, will end up falling over. Being able to switch that on and off is quite a power trip.
  • As a Sex Robot Sales-Girl, Honour gave the perfect sales-pitch and you could easily believe you were watching a home shopping channel. (Albeit one with a rather unusual line of product.) Maybe next time I should add Home Shopping style graphics to the screen? The fembot splitscreen works really well too. 😛
  • Puppeteering someone’s body whilst their mind remains free, confused, and / or resistant but utterly unable to control what the body’s doing is becoming a fast favourite suggestion.
  • Great orgasm gun section. Honour does her best to keep it together, but can’t help herself from exclaiming “Fuck ME!” and “Holy Crap” as her body orgasms on command.
  • Some nice moments where Honour goes brainless, obediently displays, spreads and plays with herself before tuning back into reality.
  • Seeing Honour’s personality change as she became “David”. Not that he wasn’t a pleasant fellow, but he was far more blokey and sweary than Honour, and it was fun to see his surprise at how sensitive “his” breasts were, what it was like having a vagina, and seeing his attempt at doing an impression of Honour. (Not necessarily pretty… but it was pretty hilarious.)


    Complete contents list is below, and the video’s available as one complete part at about 2 hours long (plus bonus 360s) for $24.99 (as low as Clips4Sale allows for videos of this length)

    PART 1/4

    0:00:10 Re-Introduction / Discussion of BDSM & the last shoot
    0:02:30 Honour shows off her disgusted Domme side
    0:03:00 Fan reaction to seeing Honour Mind controlled
    0:04:00 Thinks being tied down will be the best induction

    0:05:00 Teased whilst Tied, spread & blindfolded
    0:05:00 Resistance Induction
    0:16:30 Stroked whilst Surrendering
    0:17:00 Uncontrollable Arousal then sleep-triggered
    0:17:20 Ticklish one moment… not the next
    0:19:00 Still Entranced, Blindfold removed
    0:19:50 Deeper down the Trance scale
    0:22:00 The Black Room
    0:24:15 Speaking to Honour’s unconscious mind
    0:26:06 Awake with Amnesia, doesn’t recall getting tied up
    0:27:30 Awake feeling Slutty & wants a booty call
    0:28:15 Programming her to Switch between slutty and innocent

    PART 2/4

    0:29:50 Can’t stop touching and exposing herself
    0:32:50 Switching between apologetic & embarrassed and being a horny slut
    0:35:30 Pleading for a spanking
    0:36:00 Slut-Honour strips herself nude & spanks her butt
    0:36:40 Showing off how wet she is
    0:36:55 Nice-Honour embarrassed to be nude and playing
    0:37:40 Nice-Honour believes nudity’s normal
    0:38:15 Mindlessly tidying away her discarded clothing
    0:38:40 Poseable Naked Doll
    0:39:10 Nice-Honour Insistent that she needs a spanking
    0:39:30 Warming up Honour’s butt professionally…
    0:39:50 Switching between spanking Slut-Honour and Nice-Honour
    0:41:15 Nice-Honour feels better… but exposed
    0:41:45 Slut-Honour enjoys showing off her nakedness
    0:42:30 Slut-Honour happily posing for inspection
    0:42:45 Mindlessly made to masturbate
    0:43:00 Positioned whilst playing

    0:44:15 Introducing the “Neural Disruptor”
    0:45:20 Testing on Level 1
    0:45:40 Feeling a little less skeptical
    0:46:50 Increasing the power!
    0:47:15 Shaking with post-orgasmic pleasure
    0:47:45 Still making excuses, wants more testing
    0:48:00 Self-Sleep-Trigger (Doesn’t believe it’ll work.)
    0:52:15 Attempting to Domme me whilst being Neural Disrupted
    0:53:00 And the orgasm doesn’t stop
    0:54:00 Mindless, legs spread, posed and played with

    PART 3/4

    0:56:44 New outfit: Blue Jumpsuit
    0:58:10 Fembot Sales-Pitch
    1:01:15 “Physical Locomotion Deactivated” (Body Locked)
    1:02:00 Posing the confused sales lady
    1:02:45 Increasing her skepticism at the idea she’s a robot
    1:03:15 Programming with a Remote Pose Trigger
    1:04:05 Standing to Attention
    1:05:25 “Performance Mode Activated” (Dances on hearing music)
    1:06:50 Music Stops, HonourBot Freezes
    1:07:00 Sales-Girl continues denying that she’s a Fembot
    1:08:50 “Puppeteering Mode Activated” (Under my control)
    1:10:00 Robotic Bra Removal
    1:10:55 Body Puppeteering (Honour from the neck up)
    1:12:15 Trapped in a Box!
    1:14:00 “Super-Honour” is my helpless captive
    1:15:00 Super-Honour forced to pose and striptease
    1:17:22 Mind drains, Honour is a Blank Minded Doll
    1:18:20 Sensual Submission Dance
    1:19:10 Living Mannequin (Lifted, Carried & Spun!)
    1:22:00 Honour aware and awake… but can’t move her feet
    1:24:00 Slow Freezing & Spinning
    1:28:10 Almost falls over from being tickled…
    1:28:30 Zero Ticklishness now though…
    1:29:10 Actually does fall over from being tickled
    1:30:00 Further Slow Freezing n Rotations

    PART 4/4

    1:34:10 Honour’s discusses her “Competition” to drive her body for the day
    1:37:00 Announcing the winner
    1:38:30 “David” takes over and wonders wtf is going on
    1:39:00 “David” checks Honour’s body out
    1:40:00 “David” disposes of Honour’s top n bra
    1:41:30 “David’s” blokish body language
    1:42:30 “David’s” impression of Honour
    1:43:00 “David” checks inside Honour’s panties
    1:44:00 “David” tries masturbation
    1:45:45 “David” fails at cam-girling
    1:48:20 Switching “David” off and Honour becomes a sex robot
    1:48:35 “Emotional Response Disabled. Beginning Self Stimulation”
    1:49:00 Mindless Masturbation
    1:49:45 “Orgasm Proximity Reached”
    1:50:00 “Reactivating Honour May Persona 3.2.1. HOLY CRAP!”
    1:50:15 “Ohhh my god I’m close”
    1:51:10 Finally allowed to orgasm
    1:52:20 Dressing herself
    1:53:30 Cool Down Chat
    1:54:00 Still under my control
    1:54:10 Legs triggered to spread
    1:54:50 Closing Induction
    1:55:55 Closing Chat
    2:00:51 Bonus 360 Fembot (Various Speeds & Angles)
    2:05:51 Bonus 360 Zatanna Cosplay (Various Speeds)
    2:08:30 Bonus 360 Rope Bondage
    Running Time: 130 Minutes
    Purchase Price: $24.99

    Buy Now

    View Honour May 2 (Director’s Choice) Complete Edition on Clips4Sale


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    • photo from Tumblr

      A few more pics of mindless Minnie. 

      Frozen during the main hypnotic portion of her shoot here. 

    • photo from Tumblr


      Ordinarily I’ll begin my hypnosis shoots by taking some hypno themed photos, whilst chatting informally with the hypnotee of the day. 

      At this stage, whilst I might be introducing a few hypnotic concepts, I’m not actually doing any explicit hypnosis. There’s cheesy pop music on in the background, we’re drinking cups of tea, I’m probably showing off what tricks the dog can do, and we’re generally just breaking the ice and getting to know one another. 

      Generally when you see my photos of hypno-ladies taken against the black backdrop, these will be staged. I do take a few genuine hypno photos during the video, but there aren’t too many of those, as trying to be hypnotist, cameraman and photographer is too much for me to juggle with my meager skillset. 

      The lady above is Minnie. Minnie is a submissive kinda girl who’s always wanted to be hypnotized. I think her first glowing email as she accepted my job offer contained the word “Amazing!” multiple times and the phrase “Always wanted to be a part of something like this!” twice. (Bless her.) 

      Minnie (a girl with zero experience of actually being hypnotized) basically put herself into trance for me the instant she saw my pendant. I picked it up to use as a prop in photos, she commented on how “pretty” it was, and then I, half joking, half bull-shitting, half* wondering if this kind of corniness would ever actually work held it up and said “Yes… it’s so pretty that you can’t take your eyes off it…”

      And she couldn’t. 

      Wide awake to body control in less than 10 seconds. 

      10 seconds later, she couldn’t move an inch… 

      and 10 seconds after that… she couldn’t remember her own name. 

      Sometimes if someone thinks that hypnosis is some kind of mysterious all-powerful phenomenon, it doesn’t hurt to leave them believing that for a little while. ;) 

      So breaking from tradition, Minnie is genuinely spaced out, hypnotized and derping from the first pendant picture onwards. 


      *Yes I know that’s three halves. My story. My skewed rules of mathematics. 

    • photo from Tumblr


      Top Ten Reasons To Be Hypnotized
      Top Ten Reasons To Be Hypnotized
      10) Because it feels so good to relax.
      9) Because it’s been such a long day
      8) Because it’s so hard to stay awake.
      7) Because you can barely keep your eyes open.
      6) Because it feels so good to be hypnotized.
      5) Because it’s so hard to resist.
      4) Because you don’t want to resist.
      3) Because I’ve been counting down this entire time and you didn’t even notice.
      2) You’re almost completely hypnotized.
      1) Sleep.

      Image source: @HypnoDolls (Me) :P 

      (No need to remove it, please try to credit when possible. Thanks!) 

    • photo from Tumblr

      I don’t think I’ve had Honour doing *this* before! 

      Please wait. 

      Rendering video. 

    • photo from Tumblr

      Who’s a cute brainless puppy? 

      Is it you? 

      I think it is. ;) 

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