Ellie Entranced

This was an AMAZING shoot and is easily one of my best. Ellie’s a gorgeous bubbly blonde with some of the best responses I’ve ever seen to hypnosis. (Rapid Eye Movement during trances and everything!)

Whilst I’d love to claim full credit myself for the depths and speed with which she drops into trance, a lot of it’s probably down to the fact that she regularly listens to self-meditation files to help her sleep. (That, or the fact I’ve been taking WiseGuy’s hypnosis certification course…)

The end result was a subject who dropped like a STONE when given the right trigger. See?

Though obviously I *do* allow her to at least drop safely. 😉

Great moments throughout. Ellie’s very chatty and eloquent (at least ordinarily), so seeing her behaviour and mood transform as she was made in turns into a bimbo, a captive plaything, a macho man, a slavegirl, and a guy in a girl’s body enjoying playing with his newfound assets, was quite something. 😉


  • At one point I had her believe that it was perfectly normal to bounce ones boobs when speaking, (in fact that’s the only way she thought girls were able to communicate!)
  • Shrinking her brain then quizzing her. Some things came easily enough: Me: How many fingers d’you have? Her: Ten… Me: Can you count them? Her: I don’t… I don’t understand, what’s “Count” mean?
    As a stereotypical guy she couldn’t resist flashing her “rock hard” abs and buns, not realising she was showing off more ladyparts than I think she’d intended to.
  • As her own biggest fan she was *very* enthusiastic about stripping and “exploring” herself.
    Growing and shrinking different bodyparts on different sides of her body till her attractive strut had been transformed to a drunken swagger.
  • Self Sleeping with triggers… self trancing with pendants… self infatuation with breasts and her reflection…

  • Contents:

    0:00:05 Introduction
    0:03:15 Induction
    0:11:00 Limp Check
    0:13:10 Testing the Sleep Trigger Mid Conversation
    0:13:34 Rapid Eye Movement
    0:14:00 Waking annoyed at the interruption
    0:16:55 Self Sleep Triggering
    0:18:00 Giggle Trigger in Trance
    0:18:35 Giggle Trigger whilst Awake (denying it afterwards)
    0:19:45 Mannequin Trigger in Trance
    0:20:30 Wakes up Frozen and Confused
    0:21:00 Ragdoll Trigger: Too floppy to move
    0:23:30 Wants to flash then hide her breasts
    0:26:10 Would rather remove her Dress
    0:27:40 Invisible Dress
    0:30:00 Flirty Camgirl one moment…
    0:30:50 Self-conscious and wants to hide the next.
    0:31:50 Camgirl Ellie gives herself a bit of a spanking
    0:32:00 Hiding her nakedness behind cushions
    0:34:00 Adamant that I look at her breasts
    0:34:45 Clothed Male Naked (Embarrassed) Female
    0:36:00 Only able to communicate whilst bouncing her breasts
    0:38:00 Growing and Shrinking Bodyparts
    0:38:40 Inflating Breasts
    0:39:40 Inflating Butt
    0:40:20 Some rather serious balance issues…
    0:40:55 Inflated Tongue
    0:41:30 Deflating Tongue Voiceless
    0:42:00 Deflating her Desire to have any Control
    0:43:20 Deflating her Intelligence to that of a Bimbo…
    0:44:00 Can’t think without giggling
    0:44:15 Higher Voice, Essex Accent
    0:45:00 Deflating her Intelligence to that of a Moron…
    0:45:15 Can’t add, spell or remember her own name
    0:47:00 Mindless Flyaround
    0:50:00 Entranced Eye Checks
    0:50:25 Eyes Open Hypnotic Blindness


    50:30 Topless Slow Freeze onto the Podium
    56:00 Frozen Smiling Barbie Doll Goes for a Spin
    57:00 SuperHeroine pissed at her captor
    58:20 Enforced Puppeteering while she tries to resist
    59:05 Attitude Adjustment and LOVES being captive
    59:30 Submissive and eager to please
    1:00:00 Happy to strip off and give me her panties
    1:01:00 Little Red Leotard
    1:01:50 Brainlessly posed and on display
    1:02:20 Flashing Camera makes her Pose
    1:04:00 Giggles when she tries to use her laser vision
    1:05:00 Inspecting and tickling my new acquisition
    1:05:50 Touching her makes her feel pet-like and sexy
    1:07:00 Programmed by the Pendant
    1:08:00 “My Mind is Going”
    1:09:45 Human Kitty
    1:13:00 Human Girl… Kitty Mannerisms
    1:16:00 Mantras on Command


    1:17:50 Little Red Dress, Still feeling under my control (Gooood)
    1:19:00 Deeper and Deeper
    1:21:00 Possessed Shoes make her dance, bimbo-walk stick to the floor and march
    1:26:00 Mind Controlled Puppet
    1:27:30 Posing my Plaything
    1:29:45 Enchanting herself with the pendant
    1:32:00 Waking as the Stereotypical Guy
    1:37:30 Guy in a Girl’s Body
    1:46:30 Trapped in the mirror whilst her body is controlled by “Dave”
    1:47:30 Millie & Dave take turns in control
    1:48:30 Neck Down Millie, Neck up Dave
    1:49:30 Right Hand Millie, Left Hand Dave
    1:49:50 Neck Up Millie, but Dave has a hand and a leg!
    1:50:10 Neck Up Millie, Neck Down Dave
    1:51:00 Stroking herself to sleep
    1:52:00 Enchanted by her own image
    1:53:00 Titnosis
    1:55:15 Sends herself to sleep
    1:55:45 Closing Induction
    1:58:00 Closing Chat
    2:02:10 Bonus 360 Red Dress 1
    2:02:14 Bonus 360 Red Dress 2
    2:02:20 Bonus 360 Lingerie
    2:02:26 Bonus 360 Nude

    (Also available in 3 separate parts at $14.99 each)

    Complete Running Time: 122 Minutes
    Complete Purchase Price : $24.99
    Buy Now

    Shortened Induction Version: 119 Minutes
    Purchase Price : $19.99
    Buy Now

    Note: Video’s original title was “Mille Entranced” but the model requested we use a different name. Hope that clears up any confusion!

    View “Millie Entranced (DC)” on Clips4Sale
    “Female Training” Category #1 in week of release
    Clips4Sale #1 November 6th 2016


    1. Lex Lex

      Heya Jon, thanks for the feedback on the shoots, glad you’re enjoying them. 😀

      The price hasn’t gone up. Clips4Sale set minimum prices on videos, and anything longer than 2 hours has to be over $24.99.

      I assume by the “FX rate” you mean the exchange rate? I’m aware that the post brexit pound isn’t doing great right now against the dollar, so if $19.99 is a sweet spot for people, I can release more versions where I strip a few minutes out of the induction to keep the running time below two hours.

      Also if you want to purchase privately we can also work something out, email me at Entrancement@Gmail.com


    2. W Jon W Jon

      I have bought a number of your excellent full length shows before. However for UK buyers, (a) the price in $ has gone up for your vids from $19.99 to $24.99 AND (b) the FX rate has deteriorated, meaning your vids are now 50% more expensive in £ than they were a couple of months ago!! Any possibility of a better deal for fellow UK folk…?!?!

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    • photo from Tumblr

      More of the most recent minion to display herself.

      She’s seeing her boyfriend this weekend… Hopefully he’ll get to enjoy some of the compulsions I’ve given her.

    • photo from Tumblr

      Think my favourite bathroom pic is probably the last one as she’s clearly standing to attention whilst she waits obediently for commands. 

      Seeing her in the shower does kinda make me feel like she should have some nice submissive body writing covering her to wash off… 

      What other poses would people enjoy seeing this little Hypnodoll in? 

      What phrases would you love to hear the brainless little puppet saying? ;)

    • thesecretsubject:



      Guess who has a new video out? Pocket-watching part 3, this time with my new toy 😋

      That awkward moment when you’re gone within the first 20 seconds…imeanwhat <_<

      Now you must have known that would happen… We have been training you mind so well to respond to shiny things, my good girl… 😉😈

      Hands up who wants an Antipodean Enchantress to make their mind go away with her pendant and her soothing and sensual voice? ;)

    • photo from Tumblr

      Fanart by DarkHatBoy

      I’ve probably posted it before but I couldn’t find the tag. 

    • photo from Tumblr

      This little HypnoDoll becomes mindless any time she taps her forehead three times. 

      Good Girl.

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