Emma D Entranced (Director’s Choice)

A hilarious Director’s Choice shoot with a lady who drops wonderfully deeply at the drop of a hat.

Emma’s one of those great subjects who can follow suggestions to the point where she can be totally baffled at why she’s doing what she’s doing.

Some really fun reactions from her:

During the bimbo gum portion she talks about how much she loves the colour pink and small chihuahua type dogs… then immediately frowns and looks baffled as though she can’t believe what she said.

Any time I told her to be ticklish she’d react uncontrollably and scream the house down, any time I told her her ticklishness was turned off, she’d feel nothing at all.

She’s a fashion and vintage model only so whilst there’s no actual nudity, that doesn’t mean I can’t have her thinking that she’s naked, and when she wakes up to find all her clothes have mysteriously vanished (in her mind anyway) she was more than a little annoyed at me… at least… whilst I allow her to be. 😉

With a snap of my fingers her attitude changes totally and she’s very casual about the idea of spending her shoots starkers, in her own words “It saves having to find an outfit”.

Fantastic session! 😀

Sleep Trigger Training
Finger Pointing Leads to Laughter
Sleeping Hand Bondage
Bucket and Balloon Suggestion
Name Amnesia
Thinks her name is Tinkerbell
Total Amnesia (including how she got here)
Thinks her reflection is some kind of trick
Eyes bound to her own reflection
Confused poseable doll
Unable to resist the pendant
Fainting for the pendant
Ragdoll / Mannequin Triggers
Trying to sit up… whilst becoming more ragdoll like
Posing on command… whether she likes it or not
Thinks she’s nude… and is NOT happy about it!
Thinks she’s nude… and that that’s perfectly normal
Switching between exhibitionism and shyness
Obsessed with Appearances
Hears what she’s saying, but can’t stop sounding shallow
Vampy Seductress (who hates everything Bimbo Emma just said)
Mistress Emma tells us how she’ll control us…
Mistress Mind Controls Herself
Wakes up hating her outfit and insists on undressing (to underwear)
Frozen Poser
No idea how to dress herself
Outfit change: Thigh High Boots, Cape and Velvet Dress
Human Puppeteering
Adjustable Ticklishness
Laughter Amnesia
Slow Freeze on the Medusa Disc
Frozen 360
Smiling on command
Musical dance compulsion
Tickly Boots
Possessed Gloves want to mess with her
Possessed Gloves want to stroke her to sleep
Brainless Doll
Ventriloquist’s Dummy
Compelling the Dummy to make kissy faces…
Mild freak out when she finds herself making faces at me
Lovestruck by my hat
Pirate hat makes her talk like a pirate
Human Parrot
Cat Mannerisms
Kitty Cat Laser Chase A
Closing Induction & Chat
Running Time: 118 Minutes
Purchase Price on Release: $19.99

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