Ambrosia Entranced (DC)

Ambrosia was really fun to work with. She’s got experience doing burlesque work and drama, so is pretty animated and playful, at least… when her brain’s in her head. When her brain’s *not* in her head she makes for a wonderful example of how well some people can become oblivious decorative objects. (The first time I froze her mind, I don’t think she blinked for over a minute!)

Great response the giggle trigger, (considering that she’s not normally ticklish.) a slightly odd reaction to the mannequin trigger (she’d jerk into position almost every time.) GREAT reaction to ragdolling, at times she pretty much collapses to a heap. Then at one point I had her believing she was in the body of a rodent (makes a change from all the felines :P) and believed she was too small to climb up onto the sofa without my assistance!

Or click here for more boobs, spanking and an extra minute of preview!

Making her feel flirtatious towards me one moment and think me a creepy weirdo the next was pretty fun, she went from being all over me to disgustedly wiping her hands. Not the most flattering of attitudes… but I *did* ask for it. 😉

Also she’s really really *funny*. When I told her that folding laundry was something depraved and naughty, she appeared genuinely excited to be doing something so lewd on camera, and later on when the opportunity of a spanking arose, she enthusiastically agreed that she definitely needed one as she felt that she’d been very naughty.

Lovely girl. Very responsive. A good mix of funny weird and sexy suggestions, and she’s in an upcoming two-girl shoot (Another Director’s Choice I think!) with Setina!

Chat: Drama Exams, Chair Dances & Paul McKenna,
Chat: Past trances at the fetish club, being submissive to others
Ragdoll Check
Rigid Check
Wakes unable to move
“Erotic” Dressing Gown Striptease
Folding clothing is so naughty!
Oh my GOD I’m naked! (She’s totally clothed.)
Wants to be nothing but a slavegirl
Slavegirl Inspection Pose
Blank Mannequin Posing (No blinks!)
Normal self, aware again but immobile
Aware, but eyes and then voice become frozen
Adjustable Ticklishness
Tactile Shoulder Giggle Trigger
Flirtatious LoveStruck Space Invader
LoveStruck Creeped out Attitude Switching
Trying to close her legs makes them spread wider!
Only able to close her legs when she directly thinks about them.
Music compels her to striptease, surprised when it stops
Wants to dress… but can’t understand how clothes work
Burlesque Dance to Nakedness
Naked Aware Mannequin
Naked Mindless Mannequin
Triggered to Pose whilst Nekkid
SuperHero Battle Poses (Still nude)
Thinks she’s a superhero and I’ve stolen her uniform
Mental Bondage & Tickling
360 Spin on the podium
Trapped in an invisible forcefield!
This super suit is the wrong size!
Nude evangelism
HypnoHooter demonstration
One Track Mind: Spanking!
Kneeling Mindless Mantra Pendant Fixation
Stroking the plaything
Naked Slavegirl Happy to Tidy
Thinks folding clothes is sordid and naughty.
Feels *terrible* for messing up my house…
Really feels she could use a good spanking…
Finally gets that spanking (hand then paddle)
Mentally human…. Behaviourally, a pet rat!
Rat-girl explores the room
Rat-girl hops on my hand
Rat-girl checks me for fleas!?
Talks about what it was like being a rat
Until she’s blanked…
One Track Mind: Lovestruck by my voice
Talks about phonesex
Triggered to belch.
Nudity is precious! Why am I so naked!?
Dressed (finally)
HypnoPuppeteering (whilst mindless)
HypnoPuppeteering (whilst aware & resistant)
Doesn’t recall being spanked
Self Spanking Puppet
Mindless Call & Response Puppet
“I’ve got no strings” song (more or less…)
Slow Freeze (Well… pretty fast really)
Wiggle Butt n Jiggle Boob Triggers
Closing Chat
Closing Induction
Bonus 360s
Running Time: 115 minutes
Intro Price: $19.99

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