Honour Entranced 5 (DC)

Honour became my frozen doll for an afternoon… and a confused Mistress… and a playful puppy… and a horny obedient slut… and a TREE!

My fifth time working with Honour, and to mix things up, we shot this at her place. As we’ve worked together five times now, Honour’s getting more responsive to training every time we shoot. Innumerable great moments in this one, from mindless eye-rolls to confused descriptions of her body transforming (growing a tail, becoming furry, etc) as I make her into my pet, to bossing me around first as a dominant doll that can’t move by herself but needs to be on display, then as a Mistress who can’t quite remember how she should go about dominating her subject. (By having him spank her, right?)

Also includes sections where we brave the aftermath of Storm Doris to go to the shops and Honour wears nothing but an overcoat and lingerie (She ends up playing with herself in the car and freezing at the Supermarket!) there are EXTENSIVE orgasm training / denial moments where Honour’s trained to bring herself to the brink of orgasm over and over… only to have me switch it off, or convert it to obedience. She does get to orgasm… but not till I’ve spent the best part of an hour driving her nuts. 😛

Lots of fun body control segments in this one where her mind and body are at odds with one another. (Wanting to play, dancing instead. Wanting to strip, transforming into a tree instead. Wanting to dominate, but bending herself over my knee, Wanting to be elegant, but bouncing around and chasing after her panties like a playful pet.)

Hugely funny, deeply sexy and very definitely one of my best Director’s Choice videos ever. The best depth from Honour yet!

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ACCOLADES Clips4Sale #1 April 5th-7th 2017.

Tactile Induction (Loves being stroked)
Awake and loves being touched…
… then feels SHE’S being inappropriate!
Sleep Trigger Testing
Addicted to being petted
Needs to nuzzle
Installing Freeze and Blank Triggers
Amnesia: Doesn’t realise that we’ve already started
Freeze Trigger Testing
Face play and mouth shapes
Blank Trigger Testing
Trained to say “Yes Master”
Blank Underwear
Flashing Realisation and Confusion
Blank EyeRoll
Blanked Mid Conversation
Believes she’s a Doll (which explains why she can’t move)
Posing HonourDoll and Freezing her Mind
Frozen Doll Play
Released Doll Drops my Damn Phone!
Can the Neighbours see!?
Irresistably Sleepy
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Demeaning Doll-Mistress demands that she be undressed “SHOES first you imbecile!”
Tickling Honour’s Feet
Frozen and oblivious mid-tickle
Delayed Reaction Trigger
Stripping the Doll-Mistress to her underwear
Posing the Doll-Mistress as per her orders
Doll-Mistress DEMANDS that she be collared
Mistress Honour is wearing a MindControl SLAVE Collar!
Compelling the Mistress to pose
Compelling the Mistress to interfere with her privates
Submissive outbursts follow everything she says
Bending the Mistress over my knee
Compelling the Mistress to bark when spanked
Compelling the Mistress to say nice things
Confused Mistress thinks domination involves her being controlled
Delayed Reaction Spanking
Mindless Mechanical Sex Doll
Aware, but can’t stop Sex Dolling
Trying to stop only makes her more aroused
Ruined Orgasm. (All arousal converted to obedience)
Panties stuffed in her mouth… … and she can’t spit them out
Mindless Eye Roll
Mindless Smile
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Impromptu Cha Cha Slide
Embarrassed that she mentioned it…
…so I have her unable to think about anything else.
Puppy Mannerisms and Mindset
Playing Catch with Puppy’s Panties
Puppy Mannerisms resistant (confused) human mindset
Furry Transformation (describes it as it’s happening)
Losing the ability to speak…
Losing the ability to think like a person…
Just a happy pet.
Leashing the puppy
Outdoor Excursion
Road trip to the shops
Mindless Masturbation in the car
Delayed Reaction Masturbation Pleasure
Oblivious masturbator
We… might have been spotted
Frozen at the supermarket…
…but no flashing there are CAMERAS!
Blanked Expressions (in the car)
Flashing and Frozen Replay (Delayed Reaction Payoff)

Talking about teasing in public
Replaying the arousal once more
Singleminded Masturbator
Brinking on command
Mindless Mantra and Pendant Focusing
Converting arousal to obedience
Slutty Honour Showing off as she plays
Edge Training
Pose Training
Grossed out by her underwear, strips to her stockings
Dancing happily
Wants to orgasm, not dance!
Blanked and made to smile and cha-cha-slide some more!
Mind returns, body won’t stop dancing
Brinked again
Begging for orgasm
Blanked again
Brinked whilst immobile
Every touch whilst she’s frozen drives her wild
Teasing her silly
Making her mantra before finally letting her…
Orgasm on command
Doesn’t recall the orgasm training
Orgasm KAPOW fingers
POV Fuckdoll Fucking Simulation (Slut Mode)
POV Fuckdoll Fucking Simulation (Blank Mode)
Wants to do a striptease…
…but ends up transforming into a tree. Alas! (Slow Freeze)
Closing Chat


Total Running Time: 114 Minutes
Complete Purchase Price: $19.99 during week of release. ($29.99 after that)

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  1. Lex Lex
  2. Ele Ele

    Ele: Are they really hypnotized or very good acting

    Lex: They’re genuinely hypnotized, though actors and performers do make good subjects, which is why there can sometimes be confusion.

  3. Steph Steph

    When purchased, is it a file that can be viewed on my phone, or does it have to be on my computer?

    Lex: The files are pretty big (Typically 1-2GB) but should be viewable on modern smartphones.

  4. FCP FCP

    Honour is such a sexy woman and a great hypno plaything.
    I’ve ordered #5 & #6.
    Very impressive. Honour is so deep into the hypnosis thing, so amazing.
    I guess being with her brings many kinky ideas.
    Is it all your ideas? How many ideas are hers?
    The public thing (flashin, freezing): is it because she likes it and would do it even without hypnosis, or despite she wouldn’t do it normaly (would love to do but not courageous enough 😉 )

  5. Anomonys Anomonys

    Can you post the whole thing on xvideos.com please?

  6. 2017/04/12    

    Did u have ever done sex with her

    Reply from Lex: Nope. 😛

  7. J J

    @Adam Mate, Honour May is always worth it!
    Also Lex, this is the best one you released to date! Well, for my personal tastes at least

  8. Lex Lex

    @Underhill Thanks for all the support and encouragement, it’s very much appreciated. Hope your own hypnotic adventures are just as satisfying and sexy! 😀

    @Adam If you’re not persuaded by the Director’s Choice rating, the 30% release discount, the 7 minute varied preview, the 30 minute opening half hour preview, the detailed contents list saying exactly what the video contains, the fact that the vid is #1 on Clips4Sale, or the dozen or so NSFW preview gifs that I already put out for this video on my tumblr… then I’m really not sure if a NSFW trailer is really going to persuade you.

  9. Adam Adam

    Lex I think I’m going to purchase but am unsure maybe an x rated preview with some of the juicier stuff would help

  10. Underhill Underhill

    Masterful as always, Lex! You’re an inspiration to kinky tists even all the way over here in California.

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