Setina & Ronnie Slave Training (DC)

Fantastically fun shoot. Ronnie (“Ambrosia” in our previous shoot) and Setina have worked together before, so there’s great rapport all round.

Shy one moment… a little more extroverted the next.

Both ladies tune in and out of trance brilliantly so neither Ronnie or myself hesitate to put Setina in all kinds of sexy and compromising positions whilst she’s in “slave” mode, before bringing her back to her senses to wonder at what on earth she’s doing. Setina’s a great sport, and though it’s clear she’s at times very confused by everything occurring, she tends to react with a big old laugh. Ronnie reacted similarly, going from being a yowling cat girl one moment, to her usual self the next, albeit wondering why Setina was stroking her like some kind of pet.

Ronnie triggers Setina to pose and go blank.

Later on I do a *lot* of submission and pleasure training with the girls, allowing them to arouse themselves, before switching their pleasure off… or transferring it to the other girl so that in order to cum, she needs to stimulate her friend.

An uncensored NSFW version with 3 extra minutes of SPICE is available here.

Great video with two fun and super responsive ladies! Director’s Choice.

More than Friends! / Never met before!
One friend, one weirdo!
Ronnie messes with Sleepy Setina
Slavegirl Setina Sucks her Mistress’s Finger
Slavegirl Setina Removes Mistress’s shoes with her mouth
Switching Setina from Slavegirl to normal mindsets
Kissing Mistress’s Feet
Obediently displaying her underwear
Mistress Ronnie trains and programs her slavegirl’s mind
Spanking Setina
Ronnie becomes an affectionate kitten
Kitty Cat Laser Chase
Angry Kitty!
Giving Kitty a Tummy Rub
Each Bell Ring Removes an Item of Clothing
Correcting the Clothing Miscalculation
Both convinced it’s only the OTHER girl is topless
Extrovert / Shy Girl Switching
Shy girls triggered to pose mindlessly when the bell tolls
Triggered to strip obliviously when the bell tolls
Hiding behind the sofa cushions…
… until I steal them / glue them down
Setina Poses Mindless Ronnie
Mental Off Switches
Mindless Setina Sucks
Mindless Ronnie gets Spanked
Mindless Ronnie Burlesque Striptease for Setina
Increasing Slave Setina’s Arousal with a good Spanking!
Lovestruck Subbies applying for the position of Slavegirls
Sexy Master / Creepy Master!
Bodylocked and tickled
Switching Sensations Off
Master’s Erotic Touch
Argh, avoid the scary clown man!
How would we flirt with the world’s sexiest man? Like this!
Massaging Master
Setina wants to tease… but something’s stopping her!
Setina mindlessly masturbates
Mindless Masturbation Mantra with Pendant
Bringing herself to the brink…
… but then her arousal becomes obedience
Mindless Nipple Sucking
Mutually Mindless Masturbation
Ruined Orgasm (Obedience is much nicer, right?)
Camgirls teasing themselves
Brink Arousal Training Trigger
Arousal to Obedience training
Mindless Puppeteering
Minds return, but they can’t move unless I puppet them
Brinking and wanting clothes…
… till I adjust their attitudes.
Brinking and wanting orgasm!
Setina the frozen sex puppet
Relocating Ronnie’s Clit
Teasing Setina’s Nipples and Clit
Begging Slavegirls will do anything to orgasm!
Orgasms on command (finally!)
Lovestruck Naked Girls
Kissing makes them sleepy
Passing out from kissing
Sleeping Checks
Closing Induction
Closing Chat
Running Time: 120 Minutes
Purchase Price on Release: $19.99 / Regular Price: $29.99

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    Lex: And I really want some free money! 😛 Uncensored vids are available from $1 per month if you support me on Patreon. Thanks for your kind support. 😉

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    Lex: There’s 10 minutes of free content above and a bunch of screen caps on my Tumblr.

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    A couple more submission poses of Grace from her last shoot. I’m calling these new ones “Captive” and “Crossed”

    (Also changing the name of “Oscar” to “Trophy” :P) 

    I’m thinking of making a set of cards with all the poses on them. Of course the moment I had *that* thought, I immediately wondered if I’d be able to put together 52 poses. 

    There’s still a way to go if I want to hit 52, so feel free to sling further suggestions my way. 

    Also for anyone who’s not seen it yet, you can see more of my work with Grace here: 

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  • Hypnotized: Gracie and I fail at Rick and Morty Impressions 

    00:08 Introduction 
    02:30 Eyes Stuck Shut Induction
    03:00 Five more minutes! (Self Sleeping)
    03:45 The making of a minion (Helpless Heroine)
    05:22 Wardrobe Malfunction
    05:50 Triggered Doll Pose
    06:40 Post-Its are normal clothing, right?
    07:30 Poseable Plaything
    08:05 Male Stereotype
    09:40 Adjustable Ticklishness
    10:30 I’m WOMAN RICK!
    11:12 Human Dictaphone

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