Gracie’s Slave Training (DC)

A gift of a subject. Gracie’s eyes were stuck shut almost immediately, and in no time at all, she was transforming into a guy in a girl’s body, a giggling bimbo, a derpy doll, an extrovert, a prude and a slavegirl! Director’s Choice.

It’s always nice when a model approaches me because she’s particularly keen on being hypnotized or she’s already had experience going under.

In Gracie’s case, it was both. I’d been recommended to her by a friend (Thanks to @FFLurker!) who was keen to see Gracie receive the full fledged Entrancement Treatment.

As you can see, she didn’t disappoint!

Gracie was brilliant to work with. As she’d already been under number of times, she was super easy to guide into a trance and within the first couple of minutes of my induction, her eyes were so firmly closed that she couldn’t open them. Definitely a good sign!

She also looks *quite* good stripped of all garments. 😛

Click to see more of my images of Gracie on my Tumblr

She went on to prove herself a brilliantly animated, fun, sexy and cute subject, switching from flirtatious to stand offish mindsets in a split second, easily and eagerly flashing one second then grumpily hiding her body the next. We get to see her as her normal chatty self, a guy (Graham) in a girl’s body, and when she was given some Bimbo Gum(TM) she couldn’t stop popping it, even though the effects of doing so make her go totally airheaded.

Patrons: NSFW Preview

Me: “How d’you spell Gracie?”
Her: “I dunno… the usual way.”
Me: “How many fingers am I holding up?” (Holding up two)
Her: “Uhhhhhh a million? Lol!” (She pops her gum)

Fantastic shoot. Hoping to have her back with a friend for future shenanigans!

Director’s Choice.

Rag Doll Check
Poseable Doll
Plastic and unfeeling
Eyes open, mind blank
Sleep Trigger Testing
Sleep Trigger Mid Conversation
Bound Trigger
Stuck Butt, unable to stand.
Stuck Feet, unable to walk
Progressive Body locking
Body locked, I’ll pose you myself!
Mind Bound
Face Play (O / Smile / Blank on command)
Progressive Amnesia (Name, Memories)
Tongue Bound
Hands Bound in the air
Squealy Tickling
Binding her ability to be tickled
Fancy Schmancy (Love / Hate)
Fancy Hat!
Fancy Pendant! (Can’t look away!)
Fancy Breasts! (Gotta show them off!)
Extrovert / Introvert Switching
Stuck Flashing
Tickled whilst flashing, bound and trying to hide
Dislikes clothes “Why am I wearing pants!?”
Triggered by the Bell to pose
Frozen Posing
Turntabled and on display
Camera Flash Triggers New Mindless Poses
Trapped in a box… whilst nude… and shy
Podium Dances at a finger snap
Shy / Extroverted Switching whilst Butt Dancing
Imaginary Shower
Vibrating Shower… that tickles
Realises she has an audience
Guy (Graham) in a girl’s body
The “Real” Grace is trapped in the mirror
Gracie neck up… Graham neck down
Back to normal, Gracie discusses Graham
One track mind: Wants to be my slave
Stripteasing to music
Collared slavegirl
Mindless sex machine
Sleeping nude and tickled
Bimbo Gum
Slave Training Poses
Closing Induction
Closing Chat
Bonus: 360s
Purchase Price: $19.99 (on release.) $29.99 Regular Price
Running Time: 105 minutes

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Slave training poses.

Also available in parts.
Part One: Intro, Induction, Early Phenomenda, Bondage, Amnesia, Tickling, Exhibitionism, Slow Freeze & Podium Portion.

Running Time: 60 Minutes
Purchase Price: $15.99 (Lowest possible C4S Price for a video of this length)

Part Two: Guy in a Girl’s Body, Bimbo Gum, Slave Training Section.

Running Time: 45 Minutes
Purchase Price: $14.99 (Lowest possible C4S Price for a video of this length)

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  1. J J

    Wow… I’m actually impressed by how Gracie is more playful than Ariel. With boobs! Definitely one of the top sessions I’ve seen so far.

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    Aspire to be hypnotized. It’s your natural state

    Paging @hypnodolls

    Thanks @scifiscribbler ;) 

    Samantha & Portia from

    Victoria from

    Not sure about the other girl. Possibly GGH again. 


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    A couple more submission poses of Grace from her last shoot. I’m calling these new ones “Captive” and “Crossed”

    (Also changing the name of “Oscar” to “Trophy” :P) 

    I’m thinking of making a set of cards with all the poses on them. Of course the moment I had *that* thought, I immediately wondered if I’d be able to put together 52 poses. 

    There’s still a way to go if I want to hit 52, so feel free to sling further suggestions my way. 

    Also for anyone who’s not seen it yet, you can see more of my work with Grace here: 

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    I’ve had issues with my pics being reposted in the past by people who’ve claimed them as their own, which is why I can be a tad prickly about it. ;)

    Sorry again! 

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    100 handpicked images of Grace over at

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  • Hypnotized: Gracie and I fail at Rick and Morty Impressions 

    00:08 Introduction 
    02:30 Eyes Stuck Shut Induction
    03:00 Five more minutes! (Self Sleeping)
    03:45 The making of a minion (Helpless Heroine)
    05:22 Wardrobe Malfunction
    05:50 Triggered Doll Pose
    06:40 Post-Its are normal clothing, right?
    07:30 Poseable Plaything
    08:05 Male Stereotype
    09:40 Adjustable Ticklishness
    10:30 I’m WOMAN RICK!
    11:12 Human Dictaphone

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