Sophia Ariel & Natalia Entranced (DC)

My hilariously raucous Director’s Choice shoot with Ariel Anderssen, Sophia Smith and Natalia Forrest. We’d all worked together several times in the past, which made for some really good chemistry. (At one point the girls were all mind controlled into doing impressions of one another.)

Ariel definitely goes the deepest, ordinarily she’s a lady who’s super ticklish, super chatty and super interested in everything. Within trance though, she’s quite happy to be totally blank and blissful, no matter who’s posing or tickling her.

This one is a little bit of a loud one, all three girls have big personalities and the only time they’re not chatting away is when I switch their brains off. (The dolly / posing sections later are *much* more peaceful. 😉

In terms of requests, trying to corral three ladies took some doing, but we got the following under our belts:
• The different varieties of bimbo / lovestruck gum (the slut, the schoolgirl, the cartoon crush)
• Call and response answers to the question “What are you?”
• “Yes Master” / “Yes Mistress” responses to being called “Darling”
• Musical hat / Musical statue party game

Another great shoot. Enjoy!

00:10:00 Introduction
00:05:30 Induction
00:12:00 Rag Doll Check
00:13:00 Sleep Trigger Installation
00:17:30 I am SPARTACUS
00:20:30 Priscilla and the Spartacii
00:22:50 Lovestruck by the Fancy Pirate Hat
00:24:00 Cursed Pirate Hat (Makes you a PARROT!)
00:26:00 Lovestruck by Natalia’s gorgeousness
00:28:30 Natalia’s Invisible!
00:30:00 Nat freezes and poses her friends
00:32:00 Hats bound to their heads.
00:34:50 Posing Mannequin Ariel
00:37:00 Hands Bound
00:38:30 Butts Bound to the Sofa
00:39:45 Feet Bound
00:40:30 Arranging my living (aware) mannequins!
00:42:20 Lips bound, everyone sounds like ventriloquists!
00:42:50 Mouths bound in an O
00:45:00 Musical Hats / Musical Statues
00:51:30 Artistic Ariel gets Creative
00:55:30 Sophia’s turn to pose the others
00:56:35 Ariel’s slutty one track mind
00:58:30 Ariel’s polyamorous proposition
00:59:30 Ariel the virtuous virgin / slutty ho switch
01:02:00 Ariel can’t get her mind out of the gutter
01:03:15 Sophia gets infected with the sex obsession!
01:04:00 So does Natalia!
01:04:55 Nice girls realise what slutty things they’re saying!
01:06:15 Everyone is Natalia!
01:08:20 Everyone is Ariel!
01:11:00 A Ballet-Off will prove who the real Ariel is!
01:13:30 Ariel poses her imposters
01:13:45 Natalia & Sophia stuck ASMR whispering
01:15:30 Frozen Ballet Poses
01:16:00 Facial Expression Control (Gasp! Seductive! Disgust! Blank!)
01:19:00 Nudists that hate wearing clothing
01:22:00 They think they’re clothed… and I’m naked!
01:25:00 “Darling!” (Yes Master?) Obedience Trigger
01:26:20 Empress’s New Clothes
01:27:25 Ariel Darling? You’ve a foot fetish for Sophia’s Feet
01:28:20 Ariel Release! You’re no longer so keen on kissing those toes
01:29:15 Ariel & Sophia Darlings? Worship Natalia’s Feet!
01:30:00 Natalia Release! You’re not so keen on this now!
01:30:30 Natalia Darling? Become a doll for the others to pose and caress
01:31:45 Sophia Darling? You’re a cat! Ariel Darling? Stretch and yoga poses! 01:33:15 Introducing some catnip 01:33:30 Ariel Darling? You’re a cat too!
01:35:40 Mentally people… physically cats (Confusion reigns)
01:36:00 Ariel Darling? You’re a playful puppy!
01:36:30 Natalia trains both puppy girls
01:37:50 All three girls become my puppies
01:39:00 Brains back… but puppy mannerisms persist
01:40:00 The girls become sex kittens
01:42:00 Mindless Slaves Enchanted by the Pendant
01:43:10 Natalia: I’m just a girl. Girls are made to be
01:43:34 Sophia: I’m just a plaything. I love to be posed and played with
01:44:05 Ariel: I’m just a puppet. I’m made to be controlled
01:45:00 The Pendant becomes totally tatty
01:45:30 Natalia can’t stop saying she’s just a girl…
01:46:20 Ariel’s a puppet, she’s meant to be controlled, she’s meant to be controlled!
01:48:00 Ariel believes the others are meant to be *her* puppets
01:51:00 All three are puppets triggered to pose
01:54:00 Mind Controlled Puppets follow Mindless Ariel
01:55:00 Ariel gets her mind back and enjoys controlling the others
01:57:00 Body Control: Ariel the Puppet Mistress
02:00:00 Bimbo Gum (Crush, Slut, Cartoon Character)
02:04:00 Closing Induction
02:06:00 Closing Chat
Running Time: 129 Minutes
Purchase Price on Release: $24.99
(Regular Price: $29.99)
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