HypnoDolls: Mannequin Mind Control (With Nancy)

Four HypnoDolls scenes starring Nancy.
(HypnoDolls is my line of FANTASY videos and contain no genuine hypnosis)

1: Mannequin Mind Control
Nancy is frozen on the podium, doll-like she stares into space, an ornamental doll, thoughtless fembot, (both standing demurely and baring her impressive breasts) or a provocative plaything wearing nothing but her panties.

Patrons! ($1 and above) Enjoy a NSFW Preview. Thanks for your support!
(Mass Release of the NSFW preview: November 11th 2017)

2: Self Surrender
Nancy is reading a self-entrancement book on the sofa. Looking down she catches sight of her pendant. Holding it up she imagines entrancing herself. “You can’t look away” she tells herself, and a moment later it’s true, she really can’t! Before long she can’t think either, “My Mind is Going” the only phrase that her lips can bring themselves to speak. She gives herself the command to slow freeze, wakes and finds with distress that she can’t get off the podium. She fights but succumbs to the freeze.

3. Dancing Doll
Music plays, and Nancy (now dressed in leopard print leotard) dances for the enjoyment of an unseen onlooker. Every time the music ceases, so too do her movements. Every time the music resumes, her dance does the same, and she seductively strips herself. Once nude, the puppetmaster enters, directing his plaything, and programming her to pose for his amusement. Finally she becomes his puppet, mindlessly mirroring his movements as he entertains himself with her.

4: Brainless in the Bedroom
A montage of scenes of normal Nancy first fighting the influence of the pendant, then becoming a tool in her Master’s mesmeric arsenal. Scenes are intercut with mindless Nancy, posed seductively in the bedroom like a life sized love doll.

Running Time: 25 Minutes
Purchase Price: $12.99
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    So… anyone like naked hypno-twerking? ;)

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    Lauren Off and On.

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