Darcy & Lola

Second session with 19 year old Lola, who’s gorgeous, brilliantly elegant and has been under to some pretty good depths in the past. This time she brought along her friend 18 year old Darcy who… well is kind of an airhead even without bimbotization. (She has got a fantastic arse though!)

Depth wise it’s mixed. Lola’s under at plenty of points, and Darcy happily follows her lead, for some reason developing an american accent any time she’s required to do anything “sexy” (must be interesting for her partner.) but even in trance never seems to be far from asking for clarification of what things mean (complex and baffling things like “brat” and “unison” and “motionless”.)

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(Unlocks for everyone in the free seats December 30th 2017)

I would have called this one half and half in terms of whether this is an Entrancement or a Hypnodolls video, but during the wrap-up when the girls *seemed* to be back to normal without me even needing to remove any suggestions, I gave them a compulsion to adore my thumb… and they both accepted it unresistingly, honestly telling me it was the sexiest thumb in the world.

(Which of course it is)

So it IS real hypnosis. Both ladies are very sexy, uninhibited, flirty, and happy to tease themselves, follow direction, and obey… they don’t get as blank and frozen as I tend to like, but everyone’s different. Hopefully there’s enough hot, sexy, fun and cool moments in this one to keep you all entertained despite the heavy-handed editing I had to resort to in places. 😉

Darn Bimbos. 😛

00:08 Intro
07:40 Induction
19:00 Mannequin / Ragdoll training
26:55 Amnesia: Forgetting / Denying they’ve met
31:45 Getting the Giggles
33:30 Lovestruck Girlfriends / Why are you flirting with me!?
41:30 Frozen Lola
45:00 Captivating Darcy
46:30 Hypno Pendant / Tatty Pendant
48:15 Dolly Darcy
51:30 Ten Second Freeze Timer
52:45 Feet Bound, Love then Hate being tickled
57:30 Sleepy Foot Inspection
58:00 Darcy wants her toes sucked. Lola wants to accommodate!
1:02:00 Darcy wakes wanting to jump and strip Lola!
1:04:00 Darcy’s embarrassed to see Lola so naked!
1:08:30 Bell rings make them undress
1:10:30 Don’t believe they’re topless
1:12:00 SHE’S naked, I’m not! Let me describe my outfit!
1:13:45 Shy / Proud of their award winning boobs
1:15:15 Breasts go missing / get searched for / swapped
1:16:45 Friends stuck together by the boobs
1:17:30 Sleepy Nekkid Closeups
1:20:00 Posing them myself, then triggering their poses
1:24:00 Butt’s twerk whether they like it or not
1:25:30 SexDolls Spreading / Hiding with each snap
1:27:40 Teasing their pussies… and can’t seem to stop
1:28:30 “Please fuck us! We want to be used!”
1:31:00 Mindless Mantras
1:31:20 Lovestruck by their own image
1:32:15 POV sucking as virgins, sluts, and mindless dolls
1:36:15 Fucking invisible lovers
1:38:00 Who can fake the best orgasm?
Running Time: 104 Minutes
Purchase Price on Release: $19.99 (Early Bird Discount)
Regular Price: $29.99

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Also available in 3 parts.
Part One
| 33 Minutes | Induction, Early Flirtations | $13.99
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Part Two | 32 Minutes | Foot Fetish & Freezing | $13.99
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Part Three | 38 Minutes | POV Sucking / Submissive Slut Scenes | $14.99
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