Emily Cartwright Hypnotized

Here’s Emily!

Emily’s a 27 year fetish model. As such, she’s rather kinky. She impressed everyone with her wide selection of pvc and leather outfits – though sadly due to time constraints we didn’t get her all kitted out in pony gear *this* time round. (Maybe we’ll manage to do a pony hypno-shoot in future with someone, any interest? ;o)

Emily has experience working as both a Domme and a Submissive, and she does have some experience with hypnosis, having produced some of her own hypnotic MP3s. Being the subject was a new experience for her though, and I think everyone was quite surprised by just how powerfully she was affected by it.

For instance there was one moment during the shoot where we had Emily freezing and posing whilst dressed in a red PVC dress, she was wearing extremely high heeled boots, and at one point (while frozen) she lost balance and thumped to her knees. As she didn’t react, flinch or cry out in any way, we assumed that the fall wasn’t too bad and she wasn’t in any particular pain, so we carried on directing her. It was only when we woke her from that particular trance that she clutched at her knees and went “Ahhhhhhhhh”. It turned out she’d skinned them pretty badly. In her trance though she’d been oblivious to the pain.

Then during her first freeze she managed to inhale a hair, and as she was frozen she didn’t react to the way it was tickling the back of her throat till she had an involuntary coughing fit…

Still recommended, but due to the problems, this video’s slightly less cohesive than some of my others, the price has been reduced to reflect this.

Amnesia / Sleepy Preview

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Introductory Chat
Induction with some eye rolling
Fingers Glued Together
Small Freeze Scene
Can’t remember her name
Thinks her name’s She-Ra Princess of Power
Progressively Powerful Sleeping Pill
Intelligence Reduction
Imagined Nudity
Mindless Slavegirl
Mindless Bellydance
Mindless stripper
Mindless, topless and flashing
Zombie Walking
Outrageous Liar
AutoPose 1000 Mannequin
Erotic Earlobes
Mindless Sex Doll
Hypno Bondage
Orgasm on command
Angry / Apologetic
Running Time: 86 Minutes
Purchase Price: $19.99

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  1. shaun shaun

    Emily is very sexy,has she done any ko fetish work?,she would be perfect.Love to see her carried ots.

  2. Boogars Boogars

    Definitely interested in a ponygirl hypno vid!

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