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Hello! Thanks for paying us a visit. Here at Entrancement you’ll find clips of fun, silly and sexy hypnosis sessions featuring some very attractive models in deep hypnotic trances.

The hypnosis contained within our videos is real, and as such, we make sure that the models that star in our sessions are happy with everything they’ll be doing whilst under hypnosis. We might edge into the mists of Mind Control at times… but in the end, we’re more interested in seeing ladies letting go and having a good time than being manipulated or controlled against their will. (We have websites like www.mcstories.com for *that* kind of content! ;o)

There are links to our download store dotted all around the site if you’d like to purchase one of our full videos.

Think of what we do as being like a stage hypnosis show… only a little more sexy!

Happy Trances.



Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that most people enter several times a day without even realising it.

Have you ever found yourself doing or feeling any of the following?:

  • Feeling emotionally involved personally during a sad (or happy) part in a movie.
  • Getting caught up in a good story.
  • Finding your way home automatically.
  • Daydreaming and losing track of time.

    In those states of mind you become relaxed, and open to suggestion. The analytical part of your mind stops paying so much attention to what you’re doing, which is why you find yourself able to believe more completely in the movie or story in front of you. On one level, you know that what you’re watching and reading isn’t *really* real… but you find yourself emotionally and mentally connecting with it as though it was anyway.

    Hypnosis is a deeper form of that relaxation. A person in hypnosis is much more open to suggestion than they would be normally. A hypnotist can suggest to a person in trance that they feel happy… or sexy… or weightless… or that they have a sudden driving need to stand up and shout “Monkeys!” and as long as the person in the trance is happy with the suggestion, that’s exactly how they’ll feel.

    A hypnotized person won’t do anything within trance that they wouldn’t want to do ordinarily. (That’s why our sessions feature paid models under hypnosis. Undressing, posing and being photographed is part of their everyday work, so for the most part, they’re as happy to do it in hypnosis as they would be outside trance)

    If a person is comfortable with the hypnotist, they’ll accept and follow suggestions that they’re given, even though to their normal waking mind, the suggestions might seem a little strange.

    Erotic hypnosis isn’t very different, but obviously involves suggestions with a sexier twist. Here are a few of the things you’ll see the girls doing in my videos:

  • Invisible (but powerful) hypnotic bondage
  • Brainiacs becoming Bubbly Bimbos!
  • Bimbos becoming Sexist Builders!
  • Builders becoming Glamour Models!
  • Time Stop
  • Hypnotic Tickling
  • Sudden desires to dance
  • Girls becoming mannequins and statues.
  • Remotely controlled with barbie dolls.
  • French Maids
  • Fembots!
  • Melting in pleasure.

    So take a deep breath in…

    Breathe out all your worries and cares…

    Relax… and enjoy the site. ;o)



    1. Jon Krantz Jon Krantz

      You have recently been posting pictures about @Hypnodoll-Kitty, is that associated with an upcoming video or no?

    2. Michael Michael

      Huge fan especially the rachael model video which i;ve watched several times. Lost it recently when computer died guess i will have to reorder it.

    3. Stephen Stephen

      Like your videos especially Lulu & Bex. However I’m on dial-up and it would take all year to download a video from Clips4Sale. Do you produce DVDs for purchase?

    4. Craig Craig

      Interesting revamp of the site, I’m glad to see an update and it looks pretty nice. Good job.

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    New Entrancement (Genuine) Video

    Honour Entranced 6 (Public & Private)
    (Public Section Viewable for Free!)
    Honour finds herself becoming a living monument around town, sticking to trees, bounding puppy like through the park and being deprived of her ability to eat sponge cake.

    Later on we have her take up the mind control mantle in a mesmerism JOI video back at my place, followed by giving us all sex education tips in how to give the best BJ! CLICK HERE to see more!

    Last Director’s Choice Shoot!

    Honour & Lucinda Slave Trained A brilliant two-girl hypno shoot with loads of g/g slavegirl hypno action and mindless & submissive antics!
    CLICK HERE for more info.
    CLICK HERE to see their trailer.

    New HypnoDolls (Fantasy) release:

    The Hidden Hypnotist 3 Lucinda's hypnotist friend helped her quit biting her nails... Unbeknownst to her, that's not all he did! Soon he has her stripping, posing, twerking, playing, showering and obeying in all kinds of fun ways.

    CLICK HERE for more info.
    CLICK HERE for her preview.

    Welcome to Entrancement!

    A site devoted to Erotic Hypnosis, Beautiful Ladies, Kink, Bondage, and the Fun & Games that arise from mixing them all together! 😀

    All the hypnosis featured here is 100% genuine unless specified otherwise. You'll see the girls forgetting their own names (not to mention how they got here.) believing themselves to be badly behaved guys, as well as Dolls, Dancers, Nudists, Librarians, Puppets, Pets, Fembots, Fucktoys, Bimbos, Cam-Girls, Zombies, Librarians and More!

    For lovers of storylines and fantasy (acted) hypnosis, (and for those times when the ladies didn't want to genuinely go under hypnosis) we have a line of fantasy videos under the heading “HypnoDolls”

    Hopefully something for everyone!

    Thanks for your visit.

    Have a great time!


    • photo from Tumblr

      A few more pics of mindless Minnie. 

      Frozen during the main hypnotic portion of her shoot here. 

    • photo from Tumblr


      Ordinarily I’ll begin my hypnosis shoots by taking some hypno themed photos, whilst chatting informally with the hypnotee of the day. 

      At this stage, whilst I might be introducing a few hypnotic concepts, I’m not actually doing any explicit hypnosis. There’s cheesy pop music on in the background, we’re drinking cups of tea, I’m probably showing off what tricks the dog can do, and we’re generally just breaking the ice and getting to know one another. 

      Generally when you see my photos of hypno-ladies taken against the black backdrop, these will be staged. I do take a few genuine hypno photos during the video, but there aren’t too many of those, as trying to be hypnotist, cameraman and photographer is too much for me to juggle with my meager skillset. 

      The lady above is Minnie. Minnie is a submissive kinda girl who’s always wanted to be hypnotized. I think her first glowing email as she accepted my job offer contained the word “Amazing!” multiple times and the phrase “Always wanted to be a part of something like this!” twice. (Bless her.) 

      Minnie (a girl with zero experience of actually being hypnotized) basically put herself into trance for me the instant she saw my pendant. I picked it up to use as a prop in photos, she commented on how “pretty” it was, and then I, half joking, half bull-shitting, half* wondering if this kind of corniness would ever actually work held it up and said “Yes… it’s so pretty that you can’t take your eyes off it…”

      And she couldn’t. 

      Wide awake to body control in less than 10 seconds. 

      10 seconds later, she couldn’t move an inch… 

      and 10 seconds after that… she couldn’t remember her own name. 

      Sometimes if someone thinks that hypnosis is some kind of mysterious all-powerful phenomenon, it doesn’t hurt to leave them believing that for a little while. ;) 

      So breaking from tradition, Minnie is genuinely spaced out, hypnotized and derping from the first pendant picture onwards. 


      *Yes I know that’s three halves. My story. My skewed rules of mathematics. 

    • photo from Tumblr


      Top Ten Reasons To Be Hypnotized
      Top Ten Reasons To Be Hypnotized
      10) Because it feels so good to relax.
      9) Because it’s been such a long day
      8) Because it’s so hard to stay awake.
      7) Because you can barely keep your eyes open.
      6) Because it feels so good to be hypnotized.
      5) Because it’s so hard to resist.
      4) Because you don’t want to resist.
      3) Because I’ve been counting down this entire time and you didn’t even notice.
      2) You’re almost completely hypnotized.
      1) Sleep.

      Image source: @HypnoDolls (Me) :P 

      (No need to remove it, please try to credit when possible. Thanks!) 

    • photo from Tumblr

      I don’t think I’ve had Honour doing *this* before! 

      Please wait. 

      Rendering video. 

    • photo from Tumblr

      Who’s a cute brainless puppy? 

      Is it you? 

      I think it is. ;) 

    Latest HypnoDolls Release

    "iDroid Test Subject" starring the very lovely Lucinda!

    A fantasy video in which anti-social Lucinda's housemate uses a mind control app to make her into his puppet, his ornament, his fembot and his maid!

    View The Trailer

    “D.C.” (Director’s Choice)

    "DC" stands for Director's Choice All my videos are (of course!) wonderful, but any videos with “DC” beside them though are my personal favourites, either because the ladies were exceptionally cute, the trances were powerfully deep, or just because the chemistry and interplay made for an exceedingly entertaining shoot. If you don’t know where to begin, try a few of those!

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