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I’m a life-long hypnosis fan, and I’ve been following producers of hypnotic content online since the second I got online. Whilst a lot of content had to be paid for, I always appreciated the few people like Lord Hypno who’d put up free content and teasers for everyone to see. As a result I’ve always tried to offer a range of free content myself.

Of the 45,000 visitors my site gets each month though, only about 0.5% of those visitors make a purchase. Thank you from the bottom of my heart if you’re one of these people, you’re the only reason that I’ve been able to keep my site running for so long.

Starting a Patreon is my attempt to find a middle ground. Here I’ll be offering NSFW previews, longer occasional full vids and other extra content.

You can support me from as little as $1 a month, and that’ll get you NSFW previews the moment they become available and the first 20-40 (safe for work) minutes of most of my videos.

Folk in the free seats, the NSFW trailers will become available to everybody after 3 months.

Thanks for your support!
October 2017
20th: Lacey’s first 33 Minutes
7th: Dahlia NSFW Preview
4th: Dahlia’s first 40 Minutes

September 2017
30th: Darcy & Lola NSFW Preview
27th: Darcy & Lola: First 50 Minutes
21st: Grace 2: NSFW Preview
17th: Grace 2: First 45 Minutes
16th: 177 Dahlia Images, Complimentary to Mesmerists and Wizzards
13th: 100 Gracie Images, Complimentary to Mesmerists and Wizzards
12th: Layla & Lacey: First 40 minutes

August 2017 (Got myself engaged, sorry that it was a slow one!)
16th 🎞️ Leo Entranced COMPLETE
2nd: HypnoDoll Nancy Dollification Montage (NSFW)

July 2017
24th: Layla & Lacey Preview (NSFW)
21st: Layla & Lacey First 50 Minutes
13th: Rogue Preview (NSFW)
8th: Rogue First 50 Minutes
4th: 🎞️ Brook Scott, Secret Slavegirl 1 (NSFW)

June 2017
22nd: Ariel, Natalia, Sophia: First 45 Minutes
17th: Minnie First 38m minutes
7th: Gracie 13m Preview (NSFW)
4th: Gracie First 40 minutes

May 2017
28th: Setina & Ronnie 13m Naked Preview (NSFW)
24th: Setina & Ronnie First 44 Minutes
21st: Patron Request MP3 for Pyra
10th: Layla First 45 Minutes

Previous Posts from before I got to grips with Patreon
Honour May First 30 Minutes
Leo Complete Clothed Shoot
ToniLou & Mel Complete Clothed Shoot
Louise Skye Complete (NSFW)

NSFW Trailers / Full videos (🎞️) for Everybody!
🎞️ Leo Entranced COMPLETE
Samantha 7
Ambrosia (Ronnie)
Honour & Luci
🎞️ Brook Scott Secret Slavegirl 2 COMPLETE (Part 1)
🎞️ Brook Scott Secret Slavegirl 2 COMPLETE (Part 2)
Honour 3
🎞️Faye & Ashleigh COMPLETE (Part 1)
🎞️Faye & Ashleigh COMPLETE (Part 2)
Honour 1
Portia & Hannah
🎞️ Michelle Hush Entranced COMPLETE
🎞️Amy Allen COMPLETE
Natalia 4
Lexi & Jess
Jennifer G
🎞️Louise Skye COMPLETE
Natalia 1
Krystal 2
Michelle & Charn
Brook Scott 3
Neena & April
Fuxie (Hypnodolls)

Latest & Greatest Releases!

Dahlia on Display (DC)
Statuesque Stunner with a liberal helping of foot fetish, tickling, brainless hypno-puppeteering and robo-play!
Further Info

Grace Entranced 2 (DC) Reintroductions, Resistance play, Self sleeping, Clothing Confusion, Grace is Gollum

Direct Link
YouTube Preview

Welcome to Entrancement!

A site devoted to Erotic Hypnosis, Beautiful Ladies, Kink, Bondage, and the Fun & Games that arise from mixing them all together! 😀

All the hypnosis featured here is 100% genuine unless specified otherwise. You'll see the girls forgetting their own names (not to mention how they got here.) believing themselves to be badly behaved guys, as well as Dolls, Dancers, Nudists, Librarians, Puppets, Pets, Fembots, Fucktoys, Bimbos, Cam-Girls, Zombies, Librarians and More!

For lovers of storylines and fantasy (acted) hypnosis, (and for those times when the ladies didn't want to genuinely go under hypnosis) we have a line of fantasy videos under the heading “HypnoDolls”

Hopefully something for everyone!

Thanks for your visit.

Have a great time!


  • photo from Tumblr

    So… anyone like naked hypno-twerking? ;)

    Hope I’m not getting too niche…

    Look at that booty go! 

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  • photo from Tumblr

    Now will Lauren be the one surrendering? or the one you’ll find yourself surrendering to?

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  • photo from Tumblr

    Lauren Off and On.

Last Director’s Choice Shoot!

Introducing Layla (Director's Choice)
18 year old Layla proved bubbly, beautiful, playful and *really* responsive to all manner of mind-control. :D CLICK HERE for more info.
CLICK HERE for her trailer.

Latest HypnoDolls Release

"iDroid Test Subject" starring the very lovely Lucinda!

A fantasy video in which anti-social Lucinda's housemate uses a mind control app to make her into his puppet, his ornament, his fembot and his maid!

View The Trailer

“D.C.” (Director’s Choice)

"DC" stands for Director's Choice All my videos are (of course!) wonderful, but any videos with “DC” beside them though are my personal favourites, either because the ladies were exceptionally cute, the trances were powerfully deep, or just because the chemistry and interplay made for an exceedingly entertaining shoot. If you don’t know where to begin, try a few of those!

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