Isabel Dean Entranced ***Director’s Choice***

Isabel Dean

Isabel was a very fun lady to work with. She’s more accustomed to dominating others than she is to being controlled, (She brought along a slave who drove her / moved furniture / and made cups of tea!) but she responded to hypnosis much better than she thought she was going to. The majority of the time during the shoot, any time we woke her, we had her believing it was the very first time she’d been woken up since we’d gotten started. That led to some nice confused moments where she woke to find herself posed / moved / nude / spreadeagled and with a dildo buried in her pussy. 😉

This shoot’s a lot more raunchy than the majority of my previous ones, I try to work to a model’s comfort levels when I hire them. Sometimes that means the ladies spend the majority of the shoot covered up, sticking to the more fun and roleplay based suggestions, teasingly revealing their rude areas only fleetingly… and other times it means the girls spend 90% of their time nekkid whilst playing with themselves like they’re pornstars.

This shoot’s definitely the latter. ;o)

As Izzy’s happier dominating than being dominated, I favoured language, feelings and sensations that she was happy to experience. Arousal instead of Submission, and Sleepiness over helplessness. She still responded brilliantly though. She was a natural eye roller, though I couldn’t resist the temptation to give her a distinct eye rolling trigger also. There’s a scene near the end of Part Two where her eyes are locked on the pendant. She feels she has to resist it’s pull as watching it is making her feel drowsy… every time she resists though, that causes her to feel a wave of relaxation that causes her eyes to roll.

Sexy stuff! 😉

Screenshot Gallery

Convincers with Magnetic Fingers and Hands

Floating Hands / Growing Arousal

Can’t stop playing / Blank Mind

Mindlessly strips

Art Nude Posing / Eye Rolling

Izzy the sexdoll / Self Spanking

Embarrassed but can’t stop / Mind being sucked out

Captivated by the Pendant

Slow Freeze / Tickling

Izzy Kitten / Resisting makes her eyes roll

A few more poses / Closing chat

Video Contents

Part One
Isabel Dean
Waking finger test
Waking magnetic hands test
Induction (long and thorough)
Floating Hands
Eyes Open Mind Blank
Trying to remember her name takes her deeper
Awake, getting horny, doesn’t know why
Masturbating feels natural
1-10 Orgasm
“Good Girl” Pleasure trigger
Blank Mind Eye checks
Manipulating Frozen Izzy
Break (56 minutes)
Stripping whilst blank
Posing whilst blank
Eye Rolling Trigger
Hypnotic Dream
Hypnotic Lovemaking
Mental Spanking
Hypnotic Masturbation
“I’m a dirty hypnotized slut” Mantra
Blank Mid-Masturbation
Switching her sensations on and off
Frozen Mid-Masturbation
Finally allowed to orgasm
Human Sex Doll
Self-Spank Trigger
Doesn’t want to obey, can’t resist
Imaginary Dildo
Looking into the camera turns her on
Hypnotic Fucking
Mind drawn into the camera
Aroused by the pendant
Orgasming as her mind returns
Melting down
Getting comfortable as her eyes roll again
Waking up wondering what’s happened
Break number 2
Running Time: 103 minutes
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Part Two
Hypnotic Bondage, Feet stuck, arms bound
Slow Freeze
Arms bound whilst I tickle her
Mind Tricks
Not ticklish / Incredibly Ticklish
“My name is Bimbo”
Isabel the hypnokitty
Fighting to resist the pendant makes her eyes roll
Isabel the Mistress
Angry Mistress compelled to obey
Mind Tricks on the Mistress
Mistress strips whilst blank
Blank Sex Doll
Closing Induction
Closing Chat
Running Time: 49 minutes.
Purchase Price: $18.99
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Complete Edition

Running Time: 150 minutes.
Purchase Price: $24.99

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  1. Czab Czab

    I loved when you made her spank herself and made her body obey your commands, you should have continued on that longer. I also liked the “angry mistress compelled to obey” you should have
    played a lot more with that.

  2. sam sam

    could u put the video on dailymotion

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