Louise H Entranced

Louise H

Louise was a lovely friendly girl who enjoyed the idea of doing embarrassing and silly things whilst under hypnosis. She actually asked me if I could make her think she was a chicken. I didn’t want to disappoint her, so not only did she spend time as a nosey chicken, she also got to play the part of a badly behaved monkey. (Complete with shrieking, raspberries and rude faces.)

Plenty of fun moments in this shoot, robots, mannequins, glove puppets with minds of their own, assorted animals, road rage, and a very nice lady.

If the video above does not display, you can view her preview on YouTube by clicking HERE

Part One
Introductory Chat
Eyes Open / Mind Blank
Frozen in Trance
Thinks she fell asleep
Hypnotic Superglue
Stuck Posing and made mindless
Posing mindless Louise
Enforced Accent – Irish
Enforced Accent – Russian
Enforced Accent – American
Name Amnesia
Full Amnesia
American Robot
Programming the Robot to Pose
Autopose Mode
Partially redresses, bra-less
Mentally human, Physically robotic
Robot batteries run down
Counting down to shutdown
Back to normal for a quick chat
Running Time: 57 Minutes
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Part Two
Quick chat before trance
Eyes Open / Mind Blank
Tourettes Sufferer in denial
Volume Control
Fluffy the hand puppet
Fluffy gets horny
Fluffy takes advantage of frozen Louise
Out for a drive
Singing in the car
Miss-using the road
Pulled over by the cops
Trying to seduce the policeman
Fembot Pose Mode
Pendant sends Louise to sleep
Closing chat and induction
Running Time: 71 Minutes
Purchase Price: $16.99
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  1. ¡Hipno-fantastic! ¡Hipno-fantastic!

    This is a great video. I just love Louise H, and for some reason I find the monkey trance extremely funny 😀
    Keep doing this well, you’re a source of inspiration for all the people who are starting to use hypnosis.

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