Amber Vickie & Nicola

All ready to obey, ladies?

This was my first three girl shoot, and it was a lot of fun. It didn’t quite go how I’d expected it to, like I didn’t get all three girls as deeply hypnotized as I’d have liked. Amber was a very good subject, she went as deep as you could hope for, and whilst under was very unresponsive to the pokes and proddings of the other ladies. Nicola hadn’t been under before, but responded pretty well… Vickie *had* been under before… but was *extremely* giggly and fidgety throughout. Surprisingly, this didn’t stop her from being a pretty good subject, and she was forgetting her name, thinking herself glued in place, and believing herself to be the Mistress of the other two girls without any difficulty.

Not too many freeze sections in this one freeze-lovers. There *are* stuck, freeze and mental-bondage sections, but the majority of freezes have the girls aware that they’re frozen and excitably telling the other two girls to bugger off as they pose, tickle and strip one another.

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This vid *is* for anyone who enjoys seeing three ladies doing fairly raunchy things to themselves and each other. Personal highlights for me was seeing the ladies go from feminists railing against the modelling industry, to raunchy camgirls dancing sexily, kissing one another, and slutting it up, and Amber and Nicola turning into “Lee” and “Nathaniel” and then trying to impress Vickie in what they believed was a dating show.

A very fun, sexy and raucous shoot. Enjoy!

Putting the ladies under

Choosing new names for one another, hypno bondage

Toying with frozen Amber

Hypnotic Hot Potato Play

Stripping the loser

Feminists and Camgirls

The feminist disapproves of the slutty camgirls

Mistress Vickie’s Slavegirls

Making Amber mindless and horny

Guys in girl’s bodies

The happy couple

Amber, Vickie & Nicola
Introductory Chat
Favourite Feelings
Sleep Trigger
All named “Princess”
Picking new names for each other
Bondage Trigger
Stuck Together
Bound n Tickled
Ticklish one minute, not the next
Clapped Hands freeze the others
Posing the frozen girls
Hot Potato Mesmer Freezing
Toying with Frozen Vickie
Outfit Change
Feminists till the music plays…
Strippers when the music plays!
Horrified by one another’s behaviour
Nearly Nude Nicola describes her none existent outfit
Mistress Vickie and her slavegirls
Mistress Vickie toys with sleepy Amber
Mindless Amber compelled to masturbate
Turning Amber’s arousal on and off
Remote Sensations
Orgasm on Command Amber
Guys in Girls Bodies
Lee & Nathanial vie for Vickie’s affections
Arm wrestling for Vickie’s love
Closing induction
Back to normal
Closing Chat
Running Time: 106 Minutes
Price: $24.99
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  1. admin admin

    @Josh: Three is tricky. Fortunately the girls *were* such a fun bunch, that it made it all worth while. They were so chatty though that it was difficult steering or directing them. It’s not put me off doing future 3 girl shoots… but I do think 2’s probably the magic number as far as hypnosis goes. 😉

    @Mike Heya Mike, it’s just Amber that orgasms on command during this one. She was a great subject. Vickie might have responded to it, but Nicola wasn’t comfy getting too raunchy with all three of them at once.

  2. Mike Young Mike Young

    “Orgasm on command Amber” – is it only your command or the other girls’ too?
    Anyways, can’t wait to see this!!!

  3. Josh Josh

    this looks fairly good 😉
    three seems to work well 😛

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