Lianna Starr

Lock your gaze Lianna

Lianna was a very well spoken and intelligent young (18 y/o) lady that we worked with recently at one of our regular Hypno-Meets down in Bristol. Quite posh too if you’re used to hearing Northern accents in our vids. 😉

On the day of the shoot she went under really easily, which was a relief, as the night before, I’d only managed to get her into a mild level of hypnosis. Fortunately a friend stepped in with a different technique that had her melting into trance the more he slowed his words (Thanks Rich!)

Lianna’s very analytical, so there’s a lot of discussion about hypnosis and how it works in this one. It’s a little slow to start, but has some great moments once we start stripping her of her clothing (and thoughts!)

This is the first time we did any hypno puppetteering. It works so well and looks so good that we did it twice (Once nekkid, once dressed)


Screengrab Gallery

Sleep Trigger Reinforcement
Sticky Butt and Hands
Name and Memories Bound
Compulsive Liar
Emotional Rollercoaster (Happy / Seductive / Giddy)
Nudist that dislikes clothes
Highly Recommends Nudity!
Highly Recommends Clothing!
Music makes her Striptease
Extroverted Nudist to Prude
Potion of Mindlessness
Hypno-Puppeteering (nude)
The Puppet & The Pendant
Remote Control Mannequin
Trapped in an invisible box
Catgirl in a hypno-cage
Increasingly Catlike
Enchanted by her own image
Slavegirl Mantra & Poses
Human Table
Hypno-Puppeteering (underwear)
Closing Trance
Closing Chat

Running Time: 104 Minutes
Price: $29.99
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  1. Jot Jot

    the puppetering works very well but its a little boring if you see it 3 times again and again.
    So maybe you could try some new suggestions which are posted at hypno suggestion part of the HP

  2. admin admin

    @Billy: There ya go old bean. Pics are up. 😉

    @Darkwolf7779: Thanks for the comment. Glad you enjoyed this one. 😀

  3. DarkWolf7779 DarkWolf7779

    That was wonderful!! I loved it!!

  4. Billy Billy

    Any pics for her?

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