Ami-Hannah ***Director’s Choice***

***Director’s Choice***


This was a really good shoot with some very fun reactions from Ami. Not too much by way of blanking and freezing, as she didn’t seem to respond too well to those suggestions. (She’d appear to daydream and get distracted as opposed to zoning out totally) She *did* respond brilliantly well to pretty much every other suggestion we sent her way though.

One interesting thing was the way that throughout the shoot a lot of the suggestions actually became stronger and stronger. Initially an implanted desire to swear and act like she had tourettes seemed to be getting resisted, you could see she wanted to say something… but she was definitely stopping herself. Later on though after repeated suggestions that she *couldn’t* stop herself from swearing, she’d blurt “BOLLOCKS” out loudly through most of the rest of the shoot.

The same goes for a flashing suggestion I gave her, (That she’d feel the need to flash her boobs at me whenever she thought I wasn’t looking her way.) It actually caught me by surprise when 10 minutes after the flashing suggestion was given, we were right in the middle of the foot tickling suggestion and she was *still* grabbing her top and flashing her breasts at me.

A really good shoot. Director’s Choice.

Screen Grab Gallery

Going Under.

Sticky Fingers. Uncontrollable Outbursts.

Blank Undressing. Compulsive Flasher.

More Flashing. Sweet vs Raunchy Modelling.

Blank and thoughtless.

Hypnotic Puppeteering.

Feeling Seductive.

Ami the Camgirl.

“Sleep” Trigger & Deepeners
Can’t wake herself
Can’t resist the sleep trigger
“Bound” Trigger
Fighting Back Tourettes
Outbursts: “There are Mice in my teapot!”
Delayed Tourettes
“Blank” Trigger
Bra removal
Thinks hypnosis is all rubbish
Wants / Hates her bra
Can’t stop flashing
Foot bondage
Pin-Up Model / Raunchy Model
Blank and limp
Can’t resist the pendant
Puppet Ami
Outfit Change
Lust Potion
“Horny” trigger makes her horny
More Remote tickling
Ami the camgirl
Camgirl takes a call
Mistress Ami Entrances her viewers
Mistress Ami Entrances herself
Closing Chat
Deleted Scene: Time Traveller
Running Time: 97 Minutes
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    Oh man. If you scroll fast it’s trancey as hell. I could feel the strong pull to drag me down.

    OMFG yes.

    what why is this so droppy

    Oh yes!

    You think that’s hypnotic? Try this one. A time-lapse of the full moon over the course of a complete year: 

    Wh… where was I going with this? 

  • Cori Hypnotized: Freeze Trigger

    Responding to one of my videos… I should really make my own series, shouldn’t I. :P 

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    What up my wonderful Patrons!

    For your viewing pleasure, the first 45 minutes of my hilarious Director’s Choice hypnosis shoot with Ariel, Natalia and Sophia is up now!

    Everyone else: I’m about halfway through the edit and will hopefully be releasing the full shoot and trailer over the weekend.


    00:10:00 Introduction
    00:05:30 Induction
    00:12:00 Rag Doll Check
    00:13:00 Sleep Trigger Installation
    00:17:30 I am SPARTACUS
    00:20:30 Priscilla and the Spartacii
    00:22:50 Lovestruck by the Fancy Pirate Hat
    00:24:00 Cursed Pirate Hat (Makes you a PARROT!)
    00:26:00 Lovestruck by Natalia’s gorgeousness
    00:28:30 Natalia’s Invisible!
    00:30:00 Nat freezes and poses her friends
    00:32:00 Hats bound to their heads.
    00:34:50 Posing Mannequin Ariel
    00:37:00 Hands Bound
    00:38:30 Butts Bound to the Sofa
    00:39:45 Feet Bound
    00:40:30 Arranging my living (aware) mannequins!
    00:42:20 Lips bound, everyone sounds like ventriloquists!
    00:42:50 Mouths bound in an O
    00:45:00 Musical Hats / Musical Statues

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