Hypnodolls – The Hidden Hypnotist 2

Starring Kayla Louise

Kayla returns home to find a pocket watch mysteriously sitting on her sofa… She can’t resist the urge to pick it up and hold it up to the light… once she does, she swiftly begins falling helplessly into a trance.

Becoming aware that someone else is in the room, she finds herself responding to his greeting. She realises he’s the hypnotist from last night’s hypnosis show but… “I didn’t get hypnotized, but it was really good” she finds herself saying, automatically… as though that response has been… *programmed* into her.

Hypnodolls – The Hidden Hypnotist 2 by entrancement

Before long the hypnotist is clicking his fingers and Kayla’s head is dropping back onto the couch. Very soon she’s calling him Master, dropping deep for him, and obeying all his commands.

  • He has her grow hot and cold, (horny one moment, normal the next) but not notice the fact that she’s undressing herself.
  • He has her believing first that wearing just underwear is normal at home, later that being naked at all times is the done thing.
  • He has her carry out some naked spring cleaning.
  • Whilst cleaning, he has her fall in love with her own reflection then grow steadily more enchanted.
  • He has her posing and modelling like a fashion model one moment, playboy girl the next.
  • He has her thinking she’s a cat.
  • Catgirl Kayla makes her way to the bedroom where she finds herself becoming very horny.
  • He has her thinking and behaving like a sex robot being fucked.
  • He has her wakeup horny and disoriented before playing with herself further.
  • Finally he commands her to go and shower… failing to resist the urge to have her play once there.

    The full video is 47 minutes long.


    Please note: HypnoDolls videos are scripted fantasy vids and contain no real hypnosis.

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    Also Available: Kayla & The Robo-Disc

    Kayla is casually hanging out at home in her favourite bodystocking, when she discovers a mysterious disc on the floor of her lounge.

    Stepping onto it, she almost immediately finds herself becoming stuck to it. Uh oh!

    Kayla has inadvertantly stepped onto a ROBO-DISC (Patent Pending) a device that infuses it’s captive with a swarm of nanobots that overwrites all independant thought and turns it’s victims into remote control fembots!

    Initially Kayla does her best to struggle, but the robo-disc quickly overrides her ability to move, then her ability to think! Then Kayla is left as a mindless robot mannequin, completely thoughtless and operated by remote control.

    Then the testing begins…

    KayBot is run through her paces, placed in Model Mode / Girlfriend Mode / Striptease Mode and various performance and Slut modes.

    A great video. Hope you enjoy it. 😉

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    Please Note: Hypnodolls are our line of FANTASY hypnosis videos. That means they are scripted videos containing no genuine hypnosis. For Genuine hypnosis, see any of our Entrancement UK Videos. Thank you.

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      So… anyone like naked hypno-twerking? ;)

      Hope I’m not getting too niche…

      Look at that booty go! 

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      Lauren Off and On.

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    "DC" stands for Director's Choice All my videos are (of course!) wonderful, but any videos with “DC” beside them though are my personal favourites, either because the ladies were exceptionally cute, the trances were powerfully deep, or just because the chemistry and interplay made for an exceedingly entertaining shoot. If you don’t know where to begin, try a few of those!

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