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Rachel’s a very cute 22 year old model. The shoot with her almost didn’t go ahead though. On the morning that the shoot was booked for, the studio manager had forgotten to pick Rachel up from the station. Fortunately Rachel’s manager was on hand to smooth everything over, and there was an early morning drive across town to find the train station that Rachel was waiting at.

To begin with we had a really hard time getting Rachel to respond to the hypnosis. This was partly down to nerves, and partly down to the fact that the studio was absolutely *FREEZING*. We brought in a couple of heaters to deal with the cold, and my wonderful assistant Liz had a chat with Rach to reassure her concerns about going into trance. Rach had been worried that hypnosis wouldn’t work on her, and had been lying on the couch, waiting for a mental “Click” to let her know that she was hypnotized.

Although some people can enter trance suddenly in that fashion, for the most part, it’s a gradual process. I was trying different testers, but was growing worried that too much time spent trying to put Rach into a deeper trance with no visible success would mean she’d end up not going into trance at all. Hypnosis was a little out of her usual comfort zone, so I started with some very light suggestions. I told her that she’d wake and model like a girl for a teen magazine, cute and playful poses, not raunchy or too sexy… but that when I said “Switch” she’d become much more sexual, and her poses much more erotic.

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She responded to that suggestion *really* well, her manager was surprised by how shy she suddenly became, and before long I had her dropping back into a deep trance whenever I told her to “Sleep” We did a lot of freezing and posing scenes, made her into a kitten, and later on, had her forget that she’d been hypnotized, but believe that it had always been an interest of hers. “Erm… So I hear you do hypnosis” She asked a little bashfully, 2 hours into the shoot believing that we’d only just met. “Yes?” I enquired. “I’ve always been kind of interested in it… could you hypnotize me?” she asked.

At the end of the shoot, I had her believe she was applying for a job as a bar manager in a pole dancing club. Cool, Professional, but only interested in bar managing, (pole dancing just wasn’t for her) Obviously that all changed whenever I said “Switch”, and she’d suddenly find herself completely drawn to the poles, wanting to undress and dance around them. (When I said “Switch” again, she explained all this away as just examining the construction of the bar… of course ;o)

Video Contents
Introduction and chat
Sweet Model / Raunchy Model
Flashing on command
Posing on command
Thinks she’s a Kitten
Kitten falls out of her top
Catnip Shoes
Sexdoll poses
Bound tickling
Playboy modelling freezes
Poseable mannequin
Nude poses
Forgets the session
Always wanted to have her mind controlled
Entranced by the camera
Slavegirl Rachel
Dancing slavegirl
“Slave Will Obey”
Memory Loss
Doesn’t believe she’s under my control
Remembers what’s going on
Bar Manager / Pole Dancer Audition
Running Time: 98 Minutes
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  1. sleeperagent sleeperagent

    She’s gone on to be a presenter for Playboy TV and appear on Daybreak with her fiancé, Skeletor.

  2. drdipepperjr drdipepperjr

    Yeah, there were definietly pictures before you remodeled the site

  3. Sean Sean

    Are there any pictures for this shoot?

  4. jon jon

    could you add pictures?

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