I don’t know where my eyes should be looking!

Victoria’s certainly one of the curviest ladies that I’ve worked with! She’d been hypnotized previously by a relative to help her get over a fear of her driving test and had had a lot of success with that, so I was expecting her to be a good subject.

As it turns out she *was* a pretty good subject, within about 5 minutes of the induction she was giving her depth at a definite “10” out of 10 in terms of helplessness, obedience and submission. She also admitted whilst under to an attraction for feeling submissive controlled and obedient, and was very quick to start addressing me as “Master” which is always nice. 😉

On waking her, she seemed to display signs of amnesia and hypnotic obedience immediately. (All good signs) Unlike most other subjects though, Victoria didn’t seem particularly curious or interested in the mental transformations taking place. She definitely reacted well whilst being directed, though a little more personality would have been welcome!

One for fans of BBWs and thoughtless slavegirls who follow commands unquestioningly. 😛

Stills Gallery

Can’t remember the day
Can’t recall her name
“I want to be a slave. My name is slavegirl”
“Sleep” Trigger
“Bound” Trigger (Hands / Feet / Stuck)
Mental Bondage
Can’t fight the sleep trigger
Foot Bondage & Tickling
Laser Pen Tickle Trigger
Blank Obedience
Blank Stripping
Flashing on command
Compulsive Liar
Breast Obsessed Tourettes
Independant Lady vs Slavegirl
Slavegirls love to strip!
Independant Lady finds herself nekkid
Slavegirls *love* to pose!
Independant Lady *has* to pose
“I am a slavegirl, I love to obey” Mantra
“Vince” joyriding in Vikki’s body
“Vince” enjoys his newfound funbags
Music Makes her Dance
Dancing Denial
Stripping to the music
Can only speak in sexual euphemisms
Sleeping Potion
Drunk Potion
Mindless Puppeteering
Camera Flash Makes her Pose
Can’t resist the Pendant’s Pull
Mind Sucking Lens
Slavegirl ready to be owned
Closing induction
Closing chat
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    HypnoDoll Collector’s Notes

    It was almost imperceptible from a distance… but the moment she received her blank trigger, the engagement drained from her face completely.

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    HypnoDoll Collector’s Notes

    Leaving your clothes strewn all over the place after your striptease? 
    That’s a paddlin’.

    Though some subjects respond rather nicely to the tactile sensations of a good spanking.

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