Luna Brook & Sophia

***Director’s Choice***

Brook likes being in charge.

I’d worked with Sophia once before (See Sophia’s Slave Training) and Brook a few times previously. (See Secret Slavegirl 2) This was my first hypno shoot with Luna though who I’d worked with in a none MC capacity once before. The topic of Mind Control had come up though and she’d been more than a little intrigued at seeing my girlfriend frozen, posed, and made mindless. When the opportunity to work with all three ladies came up, I wasn’t going to let it slip by!

This was a tricky but rewarding shoot. Luna and Sophia are both submissive to a goodly degree and were happy to be commanded, controlled and made to dance to my devious whims. Brook however submissive that she is, remains quite a brat, and requires special methods to first get her under, then reveal her inner submissive (Who’s so different to normal Brook that she actually goes by a different name: “Raven”.)

Go under she did though, and I found that there was a natural rhythm to playing with these three, generally Brook or Raven would receive one command, whilst Luna and Sophia got to play, Brook would inevitably strop at being made into a plaything at which point we’d turn the tables for a while and allow Brook to take the reins and mess with the minds of the other two. This led to a host of sexy and silly scenes as Brook made the other ladies into her dancing girls and slavegirls in turn. Who’d then get their revenge.

Round and round we go. 😉

If there’s not *quite* enough nudity in the first video to get you excited, here’s a slightly spicier one. 😉 Enjoy!

Luna-Brook-Sophia-NSFW by entrancement

A great shoot with three gorgeous ladies who share great chemistry.

[00:00:10] Introductions (Outfit 1: Girls Next Door)
[00:02:00] Sophia & Brook discuss past shoots
[00:03:00] Deciding on trance flavours
[00:04:00] This isn’t Mind Control… or IS it!?
[00:06:30] Induction
[00:24:18] Re-Enter Raven
[00:39:45] Raven has no idea who the others are
[00:40:25] Think of a cute name for a pet… that’s your name
[00:45:00] Switching one another’s names off
[00:46:00] Introducing Raven to the other ladies
[00:47:15] Brook returns (and refuses to co-operate)
[00:48:50] Switching between Brook & Raven
[00:50:45] Raven is only too happy to flash for us
[00:51:30] Sophia and Luna’s turn to go under
[00:52:20] Brook’s Revenge (Bra Amnesia)
[00:55:10] Remembering what bras are. (But not how to wear them)
[00:58:00] You mean bras *aren’t* hats!?
[00:58:20] Luna and Sophia plot revenge
[01:01:10] Raven doesn’t take much encouraging
[01:03:15] Brooks boobs bared and body locked
[01:05:45] Magnetic bodyparts
[01:12:00] Brook and the nudists
[01:13:00] Brook has her own fashion sense
[01:13:30] The Naked Persuaders (Luna & Sophia)
[01:18:45] Putting Brook on a pedestal
[01:20:15] Brook refuses to co-operate
[01:20:30] Raven is ever agreeable
[01:21:40] Happily naked ladies! (Outfit 2: Birthday Suits? :P)
[01:23:30] Posing Mindless Brook
[01:23:45] Sophia joins Brook in mindlessness
[01:24:00] Luna gets to pose Brook and Sophia
[01:26:40] Discussion of how things are going (Outfit 3: Kinky Ladies)
[01:30:00] Lovestruck by Brook
[01:30:55] Jumping to please Brook
[01:31:37] Kisses for Brook
[01:31:50] Lovestruck by Goddess Luna
[01:32:10] Brook & Sophia can’t keep their hands off Goddess Luna
[01:32:55] A massage for Goddess Luna! (Luna (mouthing): This is amazing!)
[01:33:45] Lovestruck by Sophia
[01:34:45] Lovestruck by Lex
[01:35:15] Baring their bodies for Lex
[01:35:35] Lex is a dork!
[01:35:53] Lovestruck by wineglasses!
[01:36:55] Lovestruck by their own breasts
[01:37:25] Lovestruck by Sophia’s Breasts
[01:38:40] Lovestruck by Mistress Raven
[01:39:05] Bouncing their butts for Mistress Raven
[01:40:00] Kitten Luna & Puppy Sophia for Mistress Raven
[01:40:35] Laser pointer shenanigans
[01:42:00] Everyone compelled to behave like kitties
[01:43:35] Mistress Brook’s eager pet-girls
[01:45:00] Stripping for Mistress Brook
[01:46:30] Dancing, Stripping & Freezing for Mistress Brook
[01:48:10] Brook poses her frozen playmates
[01:51:35] Delayed reaction tickle pleasure
[01:53:45] More lady love for Mistress Brook
[01:55:30] Closing chat & Deprogramming
Running Time: 118 Minutes
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    I love the look on your face, tease toy. So desperate… so needy… and it’s only going to get worse for you. Kneel, pet. Give your Master ten edges and then we’ll see if you’ve earned any rewards…

    Pretty sure this is one of @hypnodolls - I would recognise that couch anywhere..

    It’s not a *bad* couch, is it? 

    Yep, that’s Alexa Red from this HypnoDolls shoot:

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    Blank, empty and submissive from chatting at #CovertHypnotism!

    @hypnodolls I believe this is one of yours?

    Yep, the coverthypnotism folk aren’t very good at crediting other hypnotic creators. Apparently everything and anything hypnotic produced online came from #CovertHypnotism. 

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