Leo Entranced (DC)

Leo wants to be my pet… who am I to refuse her? 😉

Leo’s a chatty, vivacious and rather exotic 21 year old who on camera is mostly respectable. (Well… if not “respectable” than at least “clothed”… well… partially clothed… most of the time… except for that one wardrobe malfunction… Mwahaha.) Off camera it’s a whole other story. When planning the shoot, Leo found herself getting a little hot and bothered reading through the possible experiences that could come from being mind controlled and she had to ask if she should answer based on what she liked the idea of doing whilst hypnotized… or if she should restrict her responses to what she was willing to be seen doing on camera.

This time round (because I’m such a gentleman) we went with the latter. 😉

Technically this shoot contains no nudity… though as mentioned earlier, there is a (censored) wardrobe malfunction when she’s in her sexy school uniform (kind of unavoidable when you take into account how revealing it is compared to her lovely DD-cup breasts. :P) and when she wears her garterbelt as a bra, it really leaves verrrrrry little to the imagination… the same goes for her sultry slutty dancing.


IronFlower: “Ok, the Leo shoot is pure gold! Nudity is nice and all, but I know I’m in this for the hypnosis, and on that score it’s a brilliant shoot with a really excellent subject.”

Anthony:I usually only buy the vids with full nude, but this one far exceeded expectations. Well worth the purchase for anyone considering it.

H: “Well, the Leo shoot was fantastic! Loved her reactions to the pendant and the triggers when you touched her shoulders.”

Needless to say, Leo’s rather kinky in her social life, she’s a regular Mistress and Foot Dom, but also switches and subs from time to time. She’s also been hypnotized a number of times in the past for the purposes of performing past life regressions and she’s very much a believer in the power of the mind.

Good Girl Leo, put this uniform on, and let the pendant turn your mind off.

In essence, she’s an ideal hypnotic candidate. She’s open-minded, uninhibited, hugely intelligent (She speaks 3 languages fluently) and when I asked what she recalled of previous hypnotic sessions, she answered with “Almost nothing” (Which is usually a sign of dropping pretty deep.) She recalled sitting down for her sessions… counting down from 10… and then nothing beyond that. As a result this time round my induction’s shorter (it’s only as long as it needs to be), as Leo drops really quickly and spaces out vacantly as much as you could hope for.

She’s a great subject, very responsive, and there’s some cool scenes in this shoot where Leo’s so frozen and unblinking that her eyes tear up simply from being open for so long. (It’s always great to see a girl made into a statue oblivious to the solitary tear running down her cheek.)

Oh my. 😉

Blank Leo… Strip Leo… Attention!

Personal Highlights

  • She reacts POWERFULLY to a lot of the triggers, losing her balance, or snapping in and out of mindlessness very suddenly at times.
  • As mentioned, she freezes brilliantly, crying from lack of blinking. She also blanks and spaces fantastically as well.
  • Giving “Mistress” Leo bimbo gum, then watching her intelligence devolve till she’s giggling and calling her breasts “Funbags”.
  • Triggering her to dance when music plays is lots of fun… but triggering her BREASTS to dance when music plays is hilarious.
  • There’s some fun Brook Scott style personality switching between Leo’s Bimbo and Mistress selves.
  • Sometimes Leo interprets suggestions in surprising ways. (Like when I gave her bimbo self a spanking, told her she couldn’t move her hands then brought Mistress Leo back out).

    A great shoot. Hope you all enjoy it!

    0:00:10 Introduction and chat
    0:00:40 …on kink and d/s
    0:01:00 …on foot worship
    0:02:00 …on lingerie, corsets and fetishes
    0:04:15 …on past life regression, trance and (lack of) recall
    0:06:40 …on bondage
    0:07:40 …on trance flavours and environment
    0:09:20 The Induction
    0:12:00 Counting down to submission
    0:13:40 Picturing the perfect place to submit
    0:16:30 Limp Check (Feels nothing)
    0:17:10 Likes feeling controlled, wants to surrender
    0:18:15 Amnesia (Name, memories, everything)
    0:19:25 Left Shoulder Trigger: Rigid Poseable Doll
    0:21:10 Right Shoulder Trigger: Limp & Boneless
    0:21:45 Good Girl Pleasure Trigger
    0:22:10 Further Sleeping Posing
    0:23:00 Sleep Trigger
    0:23:30 Programmed to address me as “Sir” or “Master”
    0:24:30 Forgets being mesmerised. REALLY wants a foot massage.
    0:27:30 Wants her stockings stripped off
    0:27:55 Sleeping Flyaround
    0:29:10 Stripping the Sleeping Girls Stockings off
    0:30:40 Awake and insistent that I keep massaging her feet.
    0:33:00 Blank Trigger
    0:34:00 Can’t recall her name… tries making excuses.
    0:35:45 Mindless Panty Flashing and Smiling
    0:36:40 Denies she was flashing. Makes more excuses.
    0:37:22 Blanking, Releasing, Re-Blanking
    0:37:50 Frozen and poseable. (No blinking)
    0:38:45 Closeup / Crying(!) / Frozen Face Checks
    0:39:50 Limp Collapse onto the sofa
    0:40:30 Breath Control
    0:42:40 Needs to be called “Good Girl” as much as she needs oxygen.
    0:43:40 Getting pretty agitated…
    0:46:00 Wants to be a slave
    0:46:50 Flashing n wiggling her butt
    0:47:30 Mindless Dress Removal
    0:48:15 Posing when triggered
    0:48:50 Made to feel apologetic about the “mess” she’s made
    0:49:45 Body Control. Doesn’t know why she’s posing. Can’t stop.
    0:52:50 Realises her dress has come off
    0:53:10 Becomes Mindless when she sees the pendant
    0:53:40 Mindless / Mind Back / Mindless / Mind Back
    0:54:20 Feeling “Woozy” (*in a cool tingly with way.)
    0:54:50 Frozen whilst aware and able to talk
    0:55:30 Oblivious Numbness Trigger
    0:57:50 Totally mindless and unresponsive
    0:58:30 Mindless Flyaround and Eye Checks
    0:59:00 Bringing her brain back
    0:59:30 More fractionation and deepening
    1:00:10 INSISTS that I put her back to sleep
    1:01:00 Sends HERSELF back to sleep
    1:02:00 Sexy School Uniform after a break
    1:03:30 Music Makes her Dance (denies it when it stops.)
    1:05:15 Mindless mantras whilst posed for inspection
    1:06:00 Posing Brainless Doll
    1:06:40 Puppeteering
    1:09:00 Can’t resist the pendant
    1:09:45 Only able to say “My Mind is Going”
    1:11:00 Further frozen posing
    1:13:00 Dances when music plays, freezes when it stops
    1:14:55 Wardrobe Malfunction!!
    1:15:45 Mistress Leo thinks I tricked her into flashing
    1:16:45 Forcing the Mistress to dance. (Mwahaha!!)
    1:19:00 Bimbo Slavegirl Gum Trigger
    1:22:00 Switching between Slavegirl & Mistress
    1:22:30 Pissed off Mistress becomes a bum wiggling slavegirl
    1:23:00 Spanking the slavegirl… then bringing the Mistress back
    1:24:00 Mistress gets dumber as she chews her gum
    1:26:15 These? They’re my funbags!
    1:26:30 Music makes her breasts dance!
    1:31:00 Objectified and frozen to the disc.
    1:36:00 Closing Chat and induction
    1:39:57 Bonus 360 Underwear
    RUNNING TIME: 100 Minutes
    PURCHASE PRICE: $19.99 (Early Bird / Summer Sale Discount)
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    1. Carlos Carlos

      excuse me, no way to pay with paypal?

      Reply from Lex: Nope. Paypal banned me from using their service. I had checked their terms beforehand and emailed their acceptable use policy people to see if it’d be okay, but no-one ever got back to me. First I heard about it being a problem was when they banned me. 😛

      You can pay with Amazon credit or BitCoin if you like.

    2. Anthony Anthony

      I usually only buy the vids with full nude, but this one far exceeded expectations. Well worth the purchase for anyone considering it.

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    • photo from Tumblr

      More of the most recent minion to display herself.

      She’s seeing her boyfriend this weekend… Hopefully he’ll get to enjoy some of the compulsions I’ve given her.

    • photo from Tumblr

      Think my favourite bathroom pic is probably the last one as she’s clearly standing to attention whilst she waits obediently for commands. 

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      This little HypnoDoll becomes mindless any time she taps her forehead three times. 

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