Setina (2) Dropping Deeper (DC)

Setina returns for a second shoot, and drops more deeply and easily than ever. Soon I have her playing, obeying, and her attitude yo-yoing from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other!

It hadn’t been too long since my first shoot with Setina before she found herself approaching me for a second shoot. I was a little surprised by this, as she’d left the last one with zero recall of events beyond a) Arriving to be hypnotized, and b) Waking up 3 hours later collared, kneeling and feeling as though her downstairs department had seen some action.

Maybe I’m just so charming, that even unconsciously she wanted to spend more time under my control. Maybe I left a sneaky compulsion in her mind compelling her to return to me… though maybe it’s the fact that her companion who attends her shoots with her wanted to watch her orgasming whilst mindless again. (Admittedly that never gets old. :P)

Gotta love watching that leg pop!

In personality, Setina is funny, uninhibited, and submissive, and found it *very* easy to drop into trance for me. This is one of my swifter inductions as Setina goes from being wide awake and chatty to having complete identity amnesia inside of 10 minutes. I tried checking just *how* submissive she was a few minutes later, and in trance she assured me it was 10 out of 10. Seeing how easily I was able to switch involuntary things like her ticklishness on, off, or make it feel deeply sexy, I’m inclined to agree…

Entertaining moments in this shoot abound, I had a lot of fun having Setina’s attitude yo-yo between eager enthusiasm one moment and annoyance and infuriation the next. There’s a great hypno bondage scene where her stockinged feet are up on a stool. “Tickle me!” she asks, playfully, over and over, wiggling her feet provocatively. The moment I do though, she starts shrieking and laughing and demanding I stop. The moment I do… “TICKLE ME!” comes her demand, more insistent than ever.

If she hits the C4S top spot, I might release a NSFW companion preview. 😉

Later on I repeat the whole thing with a dildo that she can’t keep herself from sucking. Any time it’s in her mouth she’s making grumbly noises… any time it leaves her mouth her face lights up and she plunges it eagerly between her lips.

I constantly wake her with amnesia believing we’ve not started yet. And before we begin she needs to convince me that hypnosis is actually bullshit… or locate her nipples (which have mysteriously gone missing) or draw new nipples on in lipstick… or save the world (because she’s a super hero. Obviously) or get fucked. (As that’s what Super-Teams *always* do before they leap into battle. Apparently nothing focuses the mind like having an orgasm or two first.)

One of the Skyrim fans… I know, I know. I have issues.

Speaking of orgasms there’s a bunch of those, though I can’t resist ruining, delaying, or relocating her arousal to ensure that I have full control over her.

There’s a fun little fakeout at the end where Setina wakes up once more with amnesia, but this time I *do* let her recall the day’s hypnotic events before she heads off home.

Great shoot. Definite Director’s Choice.

00:00:10 Introduction
00:03:00 Induction
00:10:30 Fantasies exposed: Wants to feel “Slutty and Submissive”
00:10:55 Amnesia about herself
00:11:30 Loves doing as she’s told
00:12:30 Trained to feel pleasure when she calls me “Sir”
00:13:15 Given a sleep trigger that both she and I can use
00:13:30 Wakes disbelieving that she’s been under yet
00:14:10 Self Sleep Triggering
00:15:15 Wants to feel like a submissive sex object
00:15:45 Wakes as a mindless obedient doll
00:17:10 Doll-Setina flashes her panties
00:19:30 Tactile “Stiff Mannequin” trigger
00:20:00 Posing Mannequin-Setina
00:20:35 Tactile “Ragdoll” trigger
00:21:00 Testing Mannequin and Ragdoll triggers
00:22:45 Blanking and posing Mannequin Setina
00:23:30 Aware but frozen whilst I pose and flash her
00:25:00 Aware but ragdolled and unable to move whilst I ragdoll her
00:26:00 Programmed with a Giggle Trigger (Forgets it when it stops)
00:28:20 Mindless “Pose” Fingersnap Trigger
00:29:10 Aware and forced to pose
00:30:00 Posed for inspection “Can I honk your breasts?”
00:31:00 Ticklishness turned on / off / heightened / turned to arousal
00:33:30 Dances and Stripteases, Freezes at a finger snap
00:39:50 Frozen on her knees, mouth / face checks
00:41:30 No idea where her dress went
00:44:30 Mental Bondage Foot Tickling
00:47:45 Stripping Mindless Setina’s Stockings
00:49:00 Erotic Foot Play
00:51:00 Orgasmic Foot Play
00:52:30 Wants to model… but her nipples are missing. SEE!?
00:56:00 Draws her nipples on in lipstick
00:58:00 Talking about her fave videogames… whilst meowing like a cat
00:59:50 Human Girl. Cat Mannerisms.
01:02:25 Chasing the laser
01:04:00 Can only meow
01:05:55 Laser makes her mindless
01:07:20 Blue Leotard
01:07:30 Thinks she’s Black Widow and has been captured by a villain
01:08:30 Compelled to Flash for me
01:09:50 Superheroine unable to move
01:10:45 Hypno Puppeteering
01:11:00 Tickled Heroine
01:12:00 Horny Heroine in Denial
01:12:45 Unable to lie
01:13:30 Compelled to arouse herself (Mind on / off)
01:16:20 Mindless SuperDoll
01:16:40 Posing the SuperDoll
01:17:25 Mindless eye / mouth checks
01:17:55 Stripping the SuperDoll
01:19:30 Realises she’s topless and under control
01:22:00 Demands to be fucked before she saves the world
01:23:30 Mindless SexDolled Masturbation
01:24:20 SuperDoll programmed to automatically suck
01:25:30 POV Cock Dildo Sucking
01:26:00 Sucking as an uber-slut
01:26:15 Sucking whilst mindless
01:26:35 Sucking whilst fighting and unable to stop
01:27:10 Dildo Out = WANTS IT! / Dildo In = Get it OUT!
01:27:55 POV Face Play. Frozen O mouth
01:28:30 Mindless SexDoll Masturbation
01:30:00 Thinks she’s dressed… till she sees the pendant
01:30:50 Sees the Pendant and plays mindlessly
01:32:55 Switching off the Slut’s pussy
01:33:10 Clit Relocation to my fingers, nose,
01:34:10 Clit Relocation to her earlobes
01:35:40 Orgasm Denial. Obedience is *much* more important
01:37:00 Finally allowed to orgasm
01:38:15 Wide Eyed Tongue Out Orgasmic
01:38:55 Sucking her Fingers Clean
01:39:00 Sex Robot Flyarounds
01:41:45 Submissive Bowing
01:42:00 Fake Closing Chat (Amnesia of the whole session)
01:44:45 Closing Induction
01:45:55 Actual Closing Chat
01:48:55 Bonus 360: Red Dress
01:49:09 Bonus 360: Lingerie
Running Time: 110 Minutes
Early Bird Purchase Price: $19.99

Regular Price: $29.99

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  1. John John

    Dude please post the uncensored trailer. She can’t compete with honour may 3

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