Samantha 7 (DC)

Samantha returns for her seventh(!!) shoot!

Every time I work with Samantha, I’m reminded why I keep working with her. Yes she’s a couple of hours drive away… yes traffic’s usually a nightmare but dammit if she isn’t entertaining once she falls under your spell. She can be chatty, playful, affronted, embarrassed, silly, sexy and flirty. Sometimes she’ll be all those things within a 30 second span.

Hilariously wonderful depth in this one. Whilst under Samantha can do little more than mumble sleepily, despite my best efforts to make her feel more communicative, though that drops away and she’s lively and engaging when out of trance. Great moments especially when I have her waking believing that her clothes are horrendous (so stripping naturally) then finding nudity to be deeply embarrassing, at which point… well… you can see the sofa gif up there, right? 😉

Like to see the uncensored preview? Click Here!

Consistently funny, sexy throughout, and I really loved how “Bimbo” Samantha’s view of what constitutes as “Sexy” was so different from “Mistress” Samantha’s view of it that she’d been only 2 minutes earlier.. plus it’s always kinda cute watching a normally elegant girl becoming so giddy and exciteable that she keeps losing her balance.

This is why I never wear heels on shoots. 😉

Part 1: Introduction & Induction.
Chat about previous shoots and audience requests
Ragdoll and Mannequin Triggers
Part 1 Running Time: 20 minutes
Part 1 Purchase Price: $12.99

Part 2: Phenomena, Tickling, Bondage, Embarrassment and Body Control section.
Wakes believing it hasn’t worked… but she’s too floppy to move
And now too stiff!
Ragdoll Samantha flops off the sofa
Moving mannequin Samantha whilst she denies she’s under control
Sleepy Ragdoll drops to the sofa
Wakes up in love with my hat
Sky-High Floating Hands Trigger
Drop-Down Self Entrancement Trigger
Genuine Wardrobe Malfunction… not that she can do anything about it.
Self absorption programming: Sex focused conversation only!
Bound hugging her breasts
Bound flashing her panties
Bound numbers. 1,2,3,5
Bound name and memories…
Obedient and thoughtless
Bares her breasts whilst thoughtless
Comes to her senses with her breasts out
Her breasts are her treasures and MUST BE HIDDEN!
Compelled to flash when I say “Pleeeeeease”
Feet Bound HypnoTickling
Hates her clothing
Frozen and aware, poseable mannequin
Refuses to stay dressed
Sleeping Nude
Self Triggering into Trance
Horrified to be Nude, trying to hide
Naked Extrovert
Body Control: Forced to Pose (whilst she complains about it)
Body Control: Toying with her titties
Body Control: Mirror Mirror
Attitude alteration: Feeling enslaved and submissive
Self Erotic Touch
Submission Pose Training
Amnesia about everything… but being a slavegirl
Breast Stroking Mindless Mantra
Slavegirl wants to be collared
Kneeling Pendant Focused Mantra
Naked Catgirl crawling around
Affectionate Catgirl
Sleepy Catgirl
Part 2 Running Time: 56 Minutes
Part 2 Purchase Price: $15.99

Part 3: Robot, Mistress, Bimbo and alter-ego section.
Grumbles about breaking a nail whilst a catgirl
Nanobot laced tea makes her feel emotionless and robotic
ReConfiguring SammiBot’s movement
SammiBot: Pose Programming
SammiBot: Mistress Mode
Mistress Sammi doesn’t believe she’s a robot
SammiBot: Bimbo Camgirl Mode
“Ooh, my boobs have made your camera go all blurry!”
Bimbo: “What’s a Mistress?”
Bimbo tells us all about her boobies
SammiBot: Sex Robot SalesGirl
Sex Robot SalesGirl can’t stop baring her breasts
Fembot myself? Ridiculous idea!
Closing Induction
Closing Chat
Part 3 Running Time: 26 Minutes
Part 3 Purchase Price: $12.99

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Complete Edition Running Time: 103 Minutes
Complete Edition Purchase Price: $29.99


  1. Lex Lex

    If you want to purchase it from Clips4Sale, use this link:
    I’ve adjusted the price and it should update on the website in a couple of minutes.

    If you want to purchase it from and download through make a payment for £12 ($14.99) using this link: and I’ll email you the download link.

  2. J J

    Oh I’m absolutely going to buy the complete set! How should I go about purchasing it?

  3. Lex Lex

    Nope, prices are discounted on release and I hadn’t updated the page yet. Well spotted, sorry about the error. Let me know if you’d like to purchase the vid at the lower price and I’ll honour that.



  4. J J

    Is there a typo in the complete version price? It charges 29.99 when I go to the store

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