Layla & Lacey

A great shoot with two close friends who had no problems getting a LOT more friendly with one another than they’re used to!

This was my second shoot with 19 year old Layla (and her first topless entrancement-shoot, she elected last time to keep her clothes on), and as before, she drops easily and quickly into some nice deep trances. (To the point where 18 year old Lacey was a little freaked out to see her friend in such a different state to normal.)

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• Public NSFW Preview

LOTS of nudity, brainwashing, call and response training and steamy g/g kissing in this one. Enjoy!

00:08 Introduction
04:55 Induction
12:20 Eyes stuck shut, dropping deeper
13:00 Forgetting who their friend is
13:30 Ragdoll Check
14:35 Awake… but limp below the neck
16:15 Mannequin Check
18:30 Sleep Trigger Testing
19:30 Layla doesn’t know who Lacey is
23:25 Bound Trigger
25:15 Stuck on the sofa
25:45 Stuck to one another
26:25 Progressive Body Binding (Feet upwards)
28:45 Binding their voices
29:05 Binding Layla’s Brain
29:40 Lacey Poses Layla-Doll
30:30 Lacey’s turn to be a doll
31:55 Lovestruck by my hat
34:30 Lacey Lovestruck by Layla’s Breasts
35:00 Bound to Layla’s Boobs
37:00 Layla Lovestruck by the Pirate (Parroting) Hat
37:55 Name Amnesia
39:30 “Yes Master”
40:00 What are you? “I’m a Good Girl. Good Girl’s Obey!”
40:30 Trying to remember… only makes them feel more submissive
42:30 Amnesia: Don’t believe that we’ve been shooting 40 minutes…
43:00 Why do we keep saying “Good Girls Obey?”
44:30 Disgusted by their clothes
46:30 Stripping to their undergarments
47:00 Memory Adjustment: Sister Slavegirls who love to obey
49:00 Posing on command for Master
49:35 Posing my new acquisitions
51:30 Neck up Released, Neck down, Frozen
52:30 Independant women don’t want to be dolls
54:00 Dollifying one, whilst the other resists!
56:20 “Master’s Mindless Plaything”
56:40 Mindless Dollies Dance for Master’s Amusement
57:20 Independent Heads… Dancing Doll Bodies
58:00 Compelled to Flash
58:50 Independent… but confused: Everyone should admire our breasts!
59:30 Stare at MY breasts, not hers!
1:00:30 HypnoBoobies
1:03:40 Flirty Girlfriends SWITCH Platonic friends
1:07:30 Lips BOUND whilst kissing
1:08:15 Layla wants to be more than friends…
1:08:45 Now Lacey’s the one who wants more…
1:09:15 Aaaand back again
1:09:45 Back to fancying each other!
1:10:20 “Kiss my neck” / “Yes Mistress”
1:11:00 Woah! WTF?
1:11:40 Lovestruck by Lex (but mainly his hat)
1:13:00 Aaaand he’s gross!
1:14:20 Mantra Parrot Hat
1:16:00 Lacey kisses Layla’s Legs
1:17:45 Mindless Mantra Repetition
1:19:30 Combing my Doll’s Hair
1:21:30 Frozen Mid Mantra
1:22:30 Mistresses Enchanting their Viewers
1:28:00 Slavegirls Stripping for Master
1:29:00 Posing on Command
1:30:00 Mindless Puppeteering
1:31:30 Expression Control (Barbie Smiles, Gasping, Blank)
1:32:00 Long Lost Girlfriends who can’t keep their hands off each other
1:34:15 Neural Net’s Alphabet of Brainwashing
1:35:40 Getting the giggles…
1:36:00 Using the giggles to my advantage…
1:36:20 Giggle Trigger / Blank Trigger
1:38:11 Distracting with kisses and amnesia for extra depth
1:39:00 Replacing thoughts with giggles
1:43:00 The last thing they recall was the start of the shoot…
1:44:05 “Callum & Jamie” find themselves in Girl’s Bodies
1:48:50 The “lads” don’t want to do anything sexy with their buddy…
1:49:00 Making Layla mindless and forgetting she has a guy’s brain
1:51:20 Mindless for the Pendant
1:52:30 Closing Induction
1:53:30 Closing Chat
1:56:10 BONUS 360s

Running Time: 118 Minutes
Purchase Price: $19.99

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  1. Lex Lex

    It’s up now! (Link below the YouTube preview)

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    Where is their NSFW general preview

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