Suggestions List

This list of hypnotic suggestions includes things I’ve done with subjects myself, things I’ve seen other people do with their subjects, and ideas I’ve heard about. Some of these work well in video shoots, others are more for the enjoyment of a hypnotist and their partner in a private context. Bear in mind that you can’t hypnotize a person to do anything they really don’t want to do, so if you’re a subject or potential subject, and a suggestion sounds a bit too weird, odds are, you won’t be pressed to carry it out.

Read, enjoy, and please post any extra ideas that come to mind. Thanks!

ACCENT – UNAWARE: The subject wakes up with a different accent. They have no idea that anything is amiss though. Irish / Cornish / Northern / Cockney / American South / New York / Australian / Welsh / French

ACCENT – AWARE BUT CAN’T STOP: The subject finds herself speaking with an accent, but can’t stop herself from doing so.

ACCENT – EVERYONE ELSE: On waking, everyone else appears to be speaking with a particular accent.

ACCENT – LOVE: The subject finds that they *really* enjoy listening to the hypnotist when he uses a particular accent. Whenever he stops using that accent, she gets annoyed at him and bugs him to continue.

AMNESIA – HYPNOSIS: The subject wakes and doesn’t recall being hypnotized.

AMNESIA – TOTAL: On waking, the subject doesn’t recall anything at all, they don’t know who they are, why they’re here, or recall fact that they’ve been hypnotized. All they know is how to speak.

AMNESIA – DISBELIEVER: The subject wakes, and doesn’t believe they’ve been hypnotized, nothing can be said that will convince them that it’s happened. The more the hypnotist tries to convince them, the more dismissive of the whole idea they’ll become.

AMNESIA – AROUSAL: Get aroused and orgasm, then forget what just happened and carry on as normal. Rinse and repeat.

ALTERED PERSONALITY – BIMBO: On waking, the subject feels giggly, girly and shallow. All she wants to discuss are drinking, parties, sex, clothes, cars, things she thinks are pretty, cute animals, and accessories for cute animals.

ALTERED PERSONALITY – DOLLY: On waking, the subjects face will be in a fixed smile, her eyes wide, her fingers spread wide and fixed in place, she’ll speak in a girly “dolly” voice.

ALTERED PERSONALITY – FEMBOT: Movements are artificial and robotic, face is blank, voice is monotone. Says “I. Hear. And. Obey” / “Affirmative” / “At. Once. Master” / “I. Must. Obey” [See ROBOT]

ALTERED PERSONALITY – SEDUCTRESS: On waking, the subject feels very *very* flirty. Anyone that she talks to, she’ll try to seduce. Basically all she’s interested in is getting everyone into bed.

ALTERED PERSONALITY – SLAVEGIRL: Become completely submissive, eager to obey, happy to show yourself off in any way. Eyes downcast, kneeling, meek and respectful.

ALTERED PERSONALITY – MAID: On waking, the subject is a French Maid, she wants to totter around in high heels cleaning, posing, moving coquettishly (wiggling her hips, gasping, squeaking “Ooh la la!” “Zut allors!” etc) and speaking with a french accent.

ALTERED PERSONALITY – MISTRESS: On waking, the subject feels that everyone around her is inferior to her, they should be addressing her properly, showing the correct level of respect. She won’t take any backchat, and will dominate everyone.

ALTERED PERSONALITY – NYMPHOMANIAC: On waking, the subject feels *deeply* turned on by herself, her body, her curves. She loves showing herself off. All she can think of is sex, it’s all she can talk about.

ALTERED PERSONALITY – SEX-SLAVE KITTEN: Moving round seductively on all fours, wanting to show herself off, feeling totally hot and turned on. Her movements are slow, cat-like, elegant, she almost feels like purring.

ATTITUDE ALTERATION – MODEL: On waking, the subject switches between modeling in one style (shy and naïve) and another (raunchy and sexy)

ATTITUDE ALTERATION CAR ACCIDENT: On waking, the subject believes that you’ve just reversed over her prize vegetable patch and she’s bloody furious. When she hears a trigger, she switches to being apologetic as she suddenly believes that *she’s* the one who reversed over the vegetables.

BELIEVES SHE’S CLOTHED: Wakes up naked but believes she’s clothed.

BELIEVES SHE’S NUDE: Wakes up believing that she’s naked when she’s not.

BLANK: On hearing the word “Blank” the subject becomes blank, expressionless, emotionless, and thoughtless. Gazing straight ahead of themselves. They still follow commands, but don’t do anything for themselves without instruction.

BODYLOCK: On hearing the word “Bodylock” the subject finds herself locked in place, unable to move a muscle, she’s still aware of what’s going on, and able to speak, but can’t move a thing below the neck.

BODYSLAVE: On hearing the word “Bodyslave” the subject is no longer able to physically control herself. She’ll find that she can speak just fine, but she can’t move unless she’s told to. When she’s given an instruction, her mouth (to her surprise) will say “Yes Sir” and she’ll obey the instruction immediately.

BODYSLAVE – HANDS: On waking, the subject will find that her hands are no longer under her own control. They’ll obey the hypnotist, whether he tells them to tickle her, caress her, tease her, or do “other” interesting things to her.

BUZZ: On waking up, whenever the subject hears the word “Buzz” she’ll feel a sexual buzzing in a certain part of her body.

HYPNO-BONDAGE: On hearing the word “Bound” whichever part of her body is mentioned becomes bound in place. Arms above head / Legs wide / Wrists out in front of her / Ball Gag / Wrists beside her.

CATNIP: On waking up, the subject finds herself reacting to an innocuous object (clothing, cushions, etc) as if she were a cat, and the object was coated in catnip. She’ll rub herself into it happily, possibly realising this, possibly acting as though it’s totally normal.

COMMON AS MUCK: On waking, the way that the subject speaks has been altered, she now speaks like a common chav, swearing randomly, using bad english, and generally not being very ladylike.

COPYCAT (2 Girl Suggestion): Both girls wake up feeling great, one finds herself compelled to copy anything said by the first girl though. This could be a deliberate and precise copy, or a sarcastic mocking copy.

DANCER: Whenever the subject hears music / a trigger she gets up and performs a sexy dance. (Belly dance / podium dance / etc)

DRUGGED DRINK 1: On taking a sip of a drink, the subjects eyes will roll back and she’ll swoon, almost fainting, as a strong sensation of being drugged washes through her.

DRUGGED DRINK 2: The subject will believe she’s just drunk a drugged drink and she’s slowly falling into unconsciousness, she’ll do her best to fight to keep herself awake, but the longer she fights tiredness for, the more powerful the waves of tiredness will become.

DRUNK: On waking, whenever the subject sees a particular trigger, it’s like they’ve taken another shot of spirits. Over time, the subject becomes more and more drunk and silly.

EROGENOUS ZONE: On waking up, the subject will now be very turned on by an unusual body part being stroked (elbows, nose, chin, etc)

EXPERIENCE – SHOWER: On waking up, the subject believes that she’s alone in the bathroom. She’ll get herself undressed, turn on a nice hot shower and step into it. She won’t realise anyone else is there, any suggestions given (turn around, washing your hair, you’ve dropped the soap) she’ll follow without realising it.

EXHIBITIONIST: The subject believes that she’s just having a normal conversation, but throughout the chat, she’ll keep exposing herself when she thinks you’re not looking.

EYE ROLLING: On being given a trigger, the subject will find her eyes won’t stop rolling back in her head for the next 30 seconds. After that time she’ll wake / sleep.

FIXATION: On waking up, the subject will find herself totally fixated on a particular object. (Candle / Pendant / Spiral / Camera) The longer she looks at it, the more enchanted / sleepy / sexy she’ll begin to feel.

FLASHING ON COMMAND: Whenever she hears the word “Flash” the subject finds she has to flash her breasts. (She can be aware or unaware that she’s doing this)

FLASH O’CLOCK: Whenever you say a time, the subject flashes that many times. [Suggested by Jot]

FREEZE: Whenever the subject hears a trigger (stopwatch, the word “freeze”, etc) she locks totally in place, unaware of anything till the word “Move” is said.

SLOW-FREEZE: The subject freezes from the ground up over the course of a minute: feet, ankles, knees, hips, chest, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, fingers, neck, mouth, eyes. At the end of a minute, they’re a frozen statue.

SLOW-MELT: The subject finds the strength leaving the muscles in her feet, and she’s forced to sit / lie down. As time passes, the melting sensation travels up her body, melting the rest of her muscles until it reaches her eyes, at which point they roll back and shut.

FORCE FIELD: She wants to touch something / eat something / stroke herself / but there’s an invisible shield pushing her hands away.

FREEZE-TAG (2 Girl Suggestion): Every 45 seconds, one girl will freeze, while the other will be able to move freely. Take turns toying with the other.

GAME LOSER: On waking up, the subject will believe that she loses any game that is played. (Higher / Lower with cards for example.) Every time she “loses” she has to do a forfeit.

GENDER SWITCH: On waking up, the subject will believe herself to be a macho stereotypical guy. Belching, scratching, sexist and horny. She’ll think everyone else in the room is a *very* cute girl.

GENIE IN A BOTTLE: She’s a genie living in a bottle. When you rub it, she appears, willing to do everything you want. When you rub it again, she vanishes into the bottle, and sees only the inside of the bottle. She begs to be released, and feels it when you move and tip the bottle around. [Suggested by FCP]

GIGGLES: On waking up, the subject finds herself starting to giggle, the more she tries to control it, the funnier it will seem, and the less control she’ll find she has. She’ll end up giggling and laughing uncontrollably.

GOLDDIGGER Make her think she is a golddigger, and that you are the richest person on the world. (Suggested by Daan)

HYPNOTIC CIGARETTE: This suggestion would only be given to a model who was a smoker. With every drag the model takes of her cigarette, she’ll drop deeper and deeper into trance.

HYPNOTIC DRINK: With every sip of a drink she has, the model drops deeper and deeper into trance.

ITCHY CLOTHES: On waking up, the subject finds her clothes become progressively more and more uncomfortable till she apologises but has to strip nude. It doesn’t seem strange to her to be naked.

JEDI MIND TRICK: When the hypnotist passes his hand in front of the subjects face and gives a command. “You want to give me a back massage” the subject goes blank, repeats the command she’s just been given, and then leaves the blank state, believing that the command was her own idea.

JOYRIDER MALE: On waking up, the subject believes that she’s now a horny 17 year old guy… “he’s” delighted to find himself in the body of this absolute hottie, and immediately begins doing what any horny guy would do if he found himself suddenly possessing breasts and a smokin’ hot body.

JOYRIDER WITCH: On waking up, the subject believes that she’s a powerful 100 year old hypnotic sorceress who’s tricked a young girl into drinking a potion laced with her essence. The witch laughs about the naive young girl’s foolishness, basks in her sexy new body, and tries to hypnotize you to be her slave and servant. [Suggested by FCP]

LASER-CHASE: On waking up, the subject finds herself reacting to a laser pointer as a cat would, chasing and trying to catch the light, finding the whole thing completely absorbing.

LIAR LIAR: On waking up, the subject will find herself compelled to lie whenever she’s asked a question. Her lies will grow more and more outrageous over time.

LOOPS NOTE: She finds a note in her pocket / tucked into her clothes, takes it out, unfolds it, reads it, and puts it back, she then realises it’s there again, takes it out, reads it, and puts it back. (The note says “After reading this, put it back and forget you read it. Realise it’s there in 5 seconds time.”)

LOVESTRUCK: On waking up, the subject will find herself falling head over heels in love with everyone else / the hypnotist / the camerman / the other girl. All she’ll want to do is chat and flirt, and arrange a date.

LOVESTRUCK – UNREQUITED (2 Girl): On waking up, subject A will find herself deeply attracted to Subject B, she’ll find her beautiful, sexy, and will be totally drawn to her. Subject B will have no interest at all in these advances. On a trigger, the pair of them switch around.

MANNEQUIN: On hearing the word “Freeze” the subject freezes in place like a mannquin. They are fully poseable, but don’t realise anything is happening while they’re frozen. When they’re told “Move” they carry on, realising what’s happened.

MANNEQUIN – AUTOPOSE: Whilst in mannequin mode, if the subject is given a direction, they’ll pose in that style when they hear the word “Pose” Surprise / Anger / Attraction / Aloof / Confused / Fear / Dominant / Attitude / Brazen / Slutty / Flirt / Arousal / Orgasmic / Luxurious

MANTRA – MINDLESS: Remaining in trance, the subject will repeat a mantra out loud. “My Mind is Empty, I Must Obey” / “I Must Obey My Master” / “I Am A Slavegirl, I Love to Obey” etc. As she repeats her mantra, she will program herself deeper and deeper.

MIND READING: Whenever you give the subject a trigger, she speaks her thoughts outloud, without being aware of doing so. This could be used for winning at guessing games, inadvertently getting her to tell the truth, or better anticipating her reaction to things.

MIRROR GAME Whenever the hypnotist says “Mirror Game” the subject will go to the nearest mirror, and gaze deeply into her own eyes as she counts down from 5 to zero. With each number her eyes grow wider, and she grows more and more uncontrollably horny and aroused. When she reaches Zero she will orgasm very hard, watching her eyes the whole time. She will not touch herself in any way while she’s doing this. (Thanks Virtual Visitor for the suggestion)

MIRROR MIRROR (2 Girl Suggestion): One girl remains blank and entranced, the other girl wakes up feeling sexy elegant and playful. The girl who’s hypnotized becomes a mirror of the girl who’s awake, blankly mirroring and copying her every action.

MISBEHAVING HANDS: On waking, the subject’s hands rove over her body, playing and toying with her in naughty ways, she realises this is going on, but can’t stop this from happening.

MISBEHAVING HANDS – CASUAL / UNAWARE / BLANK: As above, but the subject is fully in control of herself and believes it to be perfectly normal that she’d do this in front of a camera / Doesn’t even realise she’s doing it. / Is enchanted the whole time.

MODELING – INNOCENT FIRST TIMER: On waking up, the subject believes this is her first ever photoshoot, she’s nervous, but excited. Her poses will be shy, fun, silly, and girly as she loosens up. She’s not at all interested in doing anything sexual.

MODELING – RAUNCHY FIRST TIMER: On waking up, the subject believes she’s been modeling for a while, and wants to start doing poses that are a little more raunchy. She’ll ask if it’s alright to start taking her clothes off and doing sexy poses. She’ll feel very excited about the idea of getting naked on camera.

MODELING – XXX TV PRESENTER: On waking up, the subject believes that she’s auditioning for a role on a late night TV show on a XXX adult channel. The role requires her to flirt, tease, and strip. She’ll happily caress herself, get out her breasts and play with them seductively. She’ll hint to those that “subscribe” to the channel that she’ll be doing *much* more on the late night show itself.

MUTE: Whenever the word “Mute” is said, the subject finds herself unable to produce any noise from her mouth, she has to mime instead.

NEWSREADER – SEDUCTIVE: On waking up, the subject reads a news report to the camera, as she reads it though, she grows progressively more flirtatious and seductive. Her language starts to fill with innuendo.

NEWSREADER / XXX TV PRESENTER SWITCH:On waking, the subject will be auditioning for the part of newsreader for a well known news corporation. On hearing the word “Switch” she’ll instead find herself auditioning for the role of XXX Television presenter, and will start making very suggestive conversation as she caresses herself.

NUDIST: On waking up, the subject will believe that she’s a nudist. Clothing will seem very unnatural to her and she’ll ask if it’s alright for her to strip. She’ll try to convince everyone else that they should be naked too.

OBLIVIOUS COUNTDOWN: Over a five minute period the subject counts down from 10 to 0, she doesn’t realise that she’s doing it. On reaching 0 the subject drops into trance. [Suggested by Parkey, and Doctor Who]

ONE TRACK MIND: On waking up, the subject can only understand you when you discuss her body or sex, nothing else is understood, it’s like a strange language. [Suggested by FCP]

ORGASM ON COMMAND: Whenever the hypnotist gives a particular trigger, the subject experiences a powerful orgasm.

OUTBURSTS: Whenever the subject hears a particular trigger, she’ll jump up and shout. “The Monkeys Have Stolen My Purse” “That Badger’s Got a Gun” “Arrest That Weasel” “Dancing Donkeys are Everywhere”

PLEASURE LINK: An innocent and innocuous body part (little finger, earlobe) becomes linked with a much more sexy and intimate body part. Everything that innocuous body part feels, the intimate area will also feel.

PROGRESSIVELY DUMB: The more time passes, the more dumb the subject becomes. Every sentence spoken makes her lose 10 IQ points, by the time she’s said 5 things, she’s noticeably less intelligent. By the time she’s said 10, she’s having trouble stringing more than a couple of words together.

HYPNO-PUPPY / HYPNO-KITTEN: On waking up the subject will think herself a playful puppy or a cute kitten. As a puppy she’ll chase her tail, fetch, speak / beg / play dead / shake hands on command. As a kitten she’ll be slinky and pounce on things, if anything has catnip on it, she’ll rub herself all over it happily.

PUPPET: On waking up, the subject finds she’s not in control of her body any more. Strings appear to come from her wrists, ankles and head, extending into the ceiling, making her a human puppet. The hypnotist can indicate which of these strings he’s pulling, and as he pulls them, the puppet will feel her hands, feet, or head turning in the indicated directions. She could even find that she has her own set of puppet controls in her hand, leaving her still able to control herself, but in an unfamiliar way. (Suggested by K-8, Conscious_Object)

PUPPET – STRINGS CUT: When the subject hears the words “Strings Cut” she’ll feel like a puppet who’s had all her strings cut, she’ll find herself sagging, slumping, or otherwise melting to the ground, still aware of everything but unable to control her body.

PUPPET MIRRORING: When the subject wakes, she’ll feel like a puppet, incapable of movement unless the person she’s mirroring is moved. The person being mirrored could be the hypnotist themself, or a second person that the hypnotist moves and manipulates as though they were a life-sized doll. The subject moves in time with their mirror.

PSYCHIC VAMPIRE: Girl 1 is a psychic vampire who feeds off of mental energy. Girl 2 is her victim. Girl 1 “feeds” by giving Girl 2 kisses on various parts of her body and slowly stealing her mind. The kisses give Girl 2 orgasmic pleasure, making her helpless to resist more kisses. After 3 or 4 kisses, Girl 2 becomes very spacy and finds it hard to concentrate. After 5 or 6, she is noticeably dumber. At 9 or 10, she can barely speak, or remember anything. At 12 kisses, she is totally mindless, but has become the zombie slave of Girl 1 and can follow (very simple) commands. [Suggested by Brian]

QUEEN OF EVIL 2 girls. Girl 1 is made to believe that she is a dominant supervillain, called the Queen of Evil. She has hypnotic powers and can turn people into zombie slaves. She plans to take over the world, but before she does, she is going to play with Girl 2 for a bit. Girl 2 is herself, but recognizes Girl 1 as the Queen of Evil, famous supervillain. Girl 1 toys with Girl 2 for a while, while Girl 2 begs for mercy. Then Girl 1 enslaves Girl 2 and has fun making her do things. Finish up by having Girl 1 gloat to the camera, showing off her new slave to the world, and telling the world that they will soon be serving her as well. (Awesome idea, suggested by Brian / BillionSix)

REMOTE SENSATION (2 Girl or Doll Suggestion): On waking up, anything a girl does to herself, the other girl experiences it 3 times as powerfully. Tickling, caressing, teasing, etc.

ROBOT – ADJUSTABLE LEVEL: On waking up, how robotic the subject is can be adjusted on a 0 to 10 scale. If 0 is said, the subject will be her normal self. If 10 is said, the subject will become completely robotic.

ROBOT – MALFUNCTION / REBOOT: On waking as a robot, the subject will periodically malfunction. She’ll repeat herself, her movements will become jerky, she may announce “ERROR” messages, and her software may crash. When this happens she’ll freeze for a moment, before folding up, and then rebooting and reintroducing herself.

ROBOT – POWER LOSS: On waking as a Robot, the subject will begin to announce that her power level is low. (5% and falling) As her power levels drop, she’ll slow down, her movements will periodically lock in place, and her speech will slur and slow. At 0% she’ll shut down, freezing in place, then folding up.

HYPNOTIC-SCENT: On waking, the subject will find herself absolutely loving the perfume / aftershave of someone else in the room. She’ll want to hug (and even sniff) the person wearing it. She might try to hide that she’s sniffing, she might not.

SELF TRIGGER – BLANK:On speaking a specific word, the subject triggers herself to become blank and thoughtless.

SELF TRIGGER – FREEZE:On speaking a specific word, the subject triggers herself to freeze in place. This could be for 5-10 seconds, or until the hypnotist says the word “Move”

SEX DOLL: On hearing the words “Sex Doll” the subject will become a lifelike rubber sexdoll. Her eyes will widen, her back will arch, her arms and legs will spread wide, and her mouth will open in a large O.

SEX TOYS ARE NORMAL:Have her believe that having a sex toy in her pussy or a butt plug in her ass is the normal default thing, not having one in is the equivalent of being naked in public. When she is under you put the toy on the table in front of her, then when she wakes up she’ll feel embarrased at not having it in her, and she’ll try and discretely insert it without you noticing. (Suggested by Dave)

STRIPPER: On waking up, the subject believes that she’s a sexy seductive stripper.

STRIPPER – UNAWARE: On waking up, whenever the hypnotist issues a command (wave, finger snap, clap) the subject will stand up, becoming a stripper for a moment, swaying her hips, dancing her way out of an item of clothing, and then sit back down, unaware that she just removed anything.

STRIPPER – BLANK: Remaining blank and mindless, the subject dances her way out of her clothes, she moves and behaves like a stripper, but her face remains impassive emotionless and blank.

STRIPPER – SLOW MOTION: Subject feels the urge to strip, but moves in slow motion as she does it.

SYNCHRONISED SLAVEGIRLS (2 Girl Suggestion): Both girls while blank and mindless carry out the same poses on command.

TICKLE TICKLE: Whenever she hears the word “Tickle” the subject feels herself being tickled.

TOURETTES: On waking up, the subject will find that they feel the desire to come out with sexual words and phrases. The more they hold back from saying anything, the bigger the desire will grow, if they hold back too long, they’ll end up yelling the sexual phrase.

TOURETTES VARIATIONS: Unaware that they’re doing it / Aware but deny it / Aware and apologetic / Subject keeps making perverted sexual requests.

TRANSFORMATION TO RUBBERDOLL: After drinking a glass of water she slowly transforms to a rubber doll, she finds her breasts growing, toes pointing, legs spreading, arms spreading, mouth becoming O shaped, at first she’s horrified, but as the transformation advances she feels more and more like a rubber fuckdoll, wanting to be penetrated and inviting you for a ride. [Suggested by FCP]

TRAPPED IN A BOX: Like a mime artist, she wakes to find herself unable to cross the room before she hits an invisble wall. She tries to go back the other way, but there’s a wall behind her too!

UNWILLING BUT UNABLE TO LOOK AWAY: On waking up, the subject will be resolved *not* to get hypnotized. They’ll find that they absolutely can’t look away from a pendant or candle placed in front of them though, they’ll do their best to look away, but to no avail. The longer they look, the more helpless and enthralled they become.

VOCABULARIC CONFUSION: On waking up, the subject will feel great, but many words in her vocabulary will have become jumbled. 90% of what she says will be fine, but random words will be replaced with similar words that make no sense. (Vocabulary > Constabulary / Hypnosis > Thrombosis / Homework / Doomsmurf)

VOLUME CONTROL: On waking up, the subject believes that the hypnotist can control the volume of their (the subject’s) voice by twisting an imaginary knob one way for quieter, and another for louder.
(suggested by Togro1990)

WIND UP BOOBIES: She’s a wind up doll that recharges herself by running and squeezing her breasts and nipples to recharge. [Suggested by FCP]

WORLD’S GREATEST SALESGIRL: On waking up, the subject believes she can sell absolutely *anything* in the world. She’ll try to flog the hypnotist various random things lying around the room.

X-RAY VISION: The subject wakes believing she can see through people’s clothing whenever she makes the shape of goggles with her fingers. She can see peoples underwear / see people totally nude.

ZOMBIE: The subject walks around with a blank expression on her face, her arms out in front of her, the only phrases she says are “Yes Master” and “Must obey”


  1. Kyle Kyle

    I have a suggestion

    How about like having someone wear a one strap dress and make a girl completely robotic and making her think that showing one of her leg is part of her programming? Like completely robotic?

  2. Anthony Anthony

    Another fun suggestion might be to pretend to wrap up a session only to have the subject drop back into trance when they go to leave and have them repeat this look 2 or 3 times.

  3. AB AB

    Big fan of yours from Japan ! Great acting, filming techniques etc!
    I’d love to see girls wearing tight black latex catsuit under your spell!

  4. Chaos Chaos

    How about you give the girl a alternate personality that starts off controlling something small like a foot or a hand but it works like the slow freeze and eventually has full control over the original personality and is able to move freely

  5. Ian Ian

    How about a switch one for a girl wearing tights (or stockings).

    First “mode” she’s cute and sweet and comments on how pretty her legs look in nylon and loves to rub her hands over her legs and show them off (but not in a foot fetish way).

    Second “mode” she likes to rip holes in her tights and every time she rips a new hole she feels a burst of “pleasure”

    In first mode she isn’t aware of any holes in her tights, they’re perfectly normal to her. A usual random sound or word to switch between the 2.

  6. KenZee KenZee

    I have an idea/suggestion. Why dont you try like hypnotized to be a sexy military girl whos high trained soldier?

  7. PenDragon 24601 PenDragon 24601

    An idea for a shoot with multiple girls; game show. The girls are asked complex questions and with each wrong answer they are given a “penalty” that ranges from reduction in IQ, change of wardrobe, personality etc. Definitely going to result in a wonderful shoot.

    Also, if you haven’t already, I recommend you check out the erotica series, “Who wants to Be a Bimbo?” to see where I’m coming from

  8. Jim Jim

    Hello. I feel full nude submissions training and poses galleries should be standard for all models. Very entertaining site.
    Thank you

    Reply from Lex: Y’know… I’m inclined to agree with you. ;D

    I’m also thinking about producing posters. 😛

  9. quiter quiter

    I love your videos where was gender change or body swaps. Honour was best.

    Is there any possibilities that you have man and woman and make them body switch and thinking that they are each other bodies. Mayby a couple?

  10. BillionSix BillionSix

    Here’s one I call “Hot Body, Cold Heart” The girl gets to have an altered personality which is like a dominant nymphomaniac. She is only looking for people to get her off, and sees the whole of humanity as nothing more than potential cock or pussy. She does not hide this in the least, and is absolutely up front that she wants to just use you once and discard you. If you have good stamina and technique she might use you more than once, but she is still very clear that you are nothing more than meat to her, and the only thing she is looking for is pleasure.

  11. BillionSix BillionSix

    A short, quick one. You give the girl a suggestion that the only word she can say is “Yes.” You then ask her a lot of funny, embarrassing questions that she has to answer yes.

  12. pjw7326 pjw7326

    i have seen alot of stage hypnotists do the shake hands orgasm , this needs 2 or more girls for this , so as the hypnotist you do this to the girls ( handshake right hand ) give them orgasms , then you tell them that you have given them the same power that you do , to give others erotic pleasure but not orgasms that is still only your power , also unfortunately if they touch themselves with their hand nothing happens to them , so you tell the girls to face one another and take hold of the others left hands as soon as they hold hands they give themselves erotic pleasure , after awhile then you tell them the power is in both hands and now it has mutated and they only have to touch the other girl and not hold hands anymore and where the girl touches the other girl it is like touching herself ( eg if girl 1 touches girl 2s right breast it feels special to girl 1s right breasts not girl 2s but girl 2 can still feel where girl 1 hands if thus giving them the feeling of 4 hands on them . then you tell them if their breasts touch it feels 100 times better and if they rub their crotches together if feels 1000 times better there ( also giving them orgasms throught the enter time when you want ) then as they are rolling around hold and grinding against each other they climax with multiple squirting orgasms

  13. BillionSix BillionSix

    A girl is shown a pendant. The pendant is magical. If she holds it, it will corrupt her, and slowly turn her into an evil dominant nymphomaniac. She will be able to use the pendant to dominate and enslave others, and will love to talk about how much she loves her new self and what evil, sexy things she plans to do. If it’s a two girl shoot, she can use her magic pendant to dominate her.

  14. FCP FCP

    Give her something to read. When she’s finished with this, just some lines, she becomes the subject of the text.

    Two girls. One girl becomes a dildo or vibrator for the other girl.

  15. FCP FCP

    The girl only can understand you when you talk about her body and sex. She doesn’t understand anything else. It’s like talking in a strange language to her.

    Age countdown: you slowly count down from her age to zero. With every number she becomes one year younger. At zero she’s back in her mother.

  16. Jot Jot

    i want to add something to the watch thing, maybe every time you say “full hour” she flashes as often as the number on the watch sais. so if you say 4 o clock she flashes 4 times

  17. FCP FCP

    The next time a girls mind is sucked into the watch she becomes the watch. Her body turns into cogwheels, her arms become the indicators. The centerwheel turns in her vag, windup key is in her back between her shoulder blades.

  18. FCP FCP

    She’s a “well educated” girl whose mother told her sex is a sin. She’s as innocent as innocent can be. She never heard dirty words. But as you say sex or penis or masturbation or or or, totally new thoughts come to her mind – thoughts her mother isn’t amused about …

  19. FCP FCP

    She’s a battery powered doll. Before running out of power she has to rub and squeeze her boobs and nipples to recharge. When malfunctioning she does this too long. To prevent batteries from damage her power managment discharges all energy into her crotch. All peripheral sonsors go offline (eyes, ears) and her mind is only connected to her crotch for some 10 seconds.

  20. FCP FCP

    A glas of water transforms her to a rubber doll. First she feels much lighter as the water becomes a gas when in hear stomage. Then she watches herself transforming: big breasts, pointed toes, legs spread, arms spread. In the end her mouth becomes O-shaped and she looks straight ahead. First she’s horrified but while transformation advances she feels more and more like a rubber/fuck doll, inviting you for a ride. Finaly, when unable to speak, she “is” a doll only waiting to be penetrated and nothing more.

  21. FCP FCP

    She’s the niece of a witch who got cremated after her death. She (the girl) finds a book with spells in her aunt’s heritage, some directives and a box with a mysterious powder: her aunts ash – but she doesn’t know about it. She naively mixes all together as tought as she thinks its some sort of a beauty potion. Quickly after she drinks it the witch posesses her body, wipes out her nice mind. She laughs about her gone naive niece. She loves her new body, feels sexy and raunchy, and tries to hypotize you to be her slave and servant.

  22. FCP FCP

    She wants to touch herself but there’s an invisible shield surrounding her.

  23. FCP FCP

    She’s a genie, living in a bottle. You rub the flask and she appears, willing to do everything you want. You rub it again an she vanishes into the bottle. Now she sees only the in inner of the bottle. She begs to be released. When you move the bottle she feels ist.

  24. FCP FCP

    She’s an alien sent to earth, her mind sent into a human body. Her “real” body is a octopus and they don’t have genders. So its hard for her to live in this body, havin 2 legs and 2 arms instead of 8 arm (she does miss them), just 2 eyes instead of 8 (turning her head for looking around is new to her) and to be a woman.
    When she touches her nipples or clit she feels “strange”.
    When you show her pictures of attractive men and women she becomes aroused.
    You give her a pill to “stimulate her sexuality” (Tic Tac or similar). So the “alien” has the first orgasm in its life.

  25. FCP FCP

    Her hand as “a will of its own”, tries to touch and please her. At first she doesn’t like it but after a while she learns to only express her wishes and she’ll be touched like by a invisible lover.

  26. FCP FCP

    ADS hypnosis. She can’t concentrate on a subject very long, 5 s or so. Her focus rather quickly switches to sexual fantasies and she wants to play with herself. After you catch her focus by asking her questions she feels guilty for not beeing alert but soon she “drifts away” again.

  27. FCP FCP

    Everything she says is opposite to what she wants to say. She recognizes this but can’t help it. Except for when she wonders how it comes.

  28. FCP FCP

    Sorry, my post was a bit confusing 🙁
    She becomes a plastic surgeon. In a large mirror she sees her image. Her real “she” wants to become a living barbie: eyes, lips, boops, clit, vag shall be change as she’s your girlfriend or toy and wants to suit you.

  29. FCP FCP

    She becomes a plastic surgeon. In a large mirror she sees her image. Her real “she” wants to become a living barbie: eyes, lips, boops, clit, vag shall be change, as she wants to suit you as her girlfriend. She explains very exactly what and how much she will change, how she (her image) and you (her girlfriend) will enjoy it, how you will feel when having sex with her.

  30. FCP FCP

    She becomes a canary. You place here in a birds cage you brought with you.
    Or she’s reduced to 6 inch heigth. You place here in a soundproof glasbowl. She wants to be released and normalized, but as the bowl is soundproof no word leaves her lips while she moves her mouth.

  31. FCP FCP

    Make her lips and tounge, her mouth at all, the most sensitive part of her body. First she licks her lips and her fingers.
    Then you tell her to drink some water and eat some marshmallows – and finaly honey …

  32. FCP FCP

    A split personality hypnosis. Each knows about the other. Each hates the other, as a witch had sent two sisters mind into one body. When 1st personality is in control the 2nd watches eagerly to get in control. The only chance for both of them to keep control is by staying in action like dancing, body exercises and excessive talking. When she stops, breathless due to exercises or confused by questions, 2nd person quickly takes over the command of the body as the 2nd person watches and by any chance she “beats” her away. Both person hate what the other likes: color of shirt, shoes, hairstyle, chewing gum …
    When the other person appears, she rants about her sister, starts combing, moving, changes cloths, …
    She knows what happens as soon as she gets careless and that she has to “step back in second row” while the other person waits for her chance.

  33. BillionSix BillionSix

    I liked Queen of Evil, but here’s an interesting idea. The Queen of Evil’s super-power is that she has a magic hypnotic voice. Every command she gives must be obeyed. Everything she says is accepted as absolute truth. She is naturally completely used to being worshiped. So she tells the other girl things like “I am perfect,” and “You will devote your life to serving me.”

  34. admin admin

    Ah yeah. Now there’s a suggestion that needs a revisit. 😉

  35. BillionSix BillionSix

    Thanks. Just so you know, I am the dude who suggested “Queen of Evil.” We seem to have a similar sensibility with this sort of thing.

  36. admin admin

    Billion, that is a *devious* idea… and one I hope I can film for you sometime. 😉

  37. BillionSix BillionSix

    Do the thing where you turn two women into uptight feminist types. Place a glass of water near them, and suggest they are rather thirsty. The first one to drink discovers it is a magic potion that turns her into a brainless, giggly bimbo who only wants to talk about boys and sex. The other will be horrified. The new bimbo will try to get her friend to drink and join her in bimbodom.

  38. stl stl

    Love this one that was mentioned above: “Show the girl a photo of any other woman. Tell her that’s she. When looking into a mirror she thinks it is “broken” bec. that’s “not her” in the mirror image.”

    Alternatively, have 2 girls think they’ve swapped appearances—may work better or worse than a photo/mirror, depending. Great fun to see them comment on their “new” bodies.

    Also, “joyrider” is the best suggestion ever, would love to see it used each and every time. Bodyslave is good, too—aware but unable to do anything about it, just has to watch her body do things without her control.

  39. Graham Graham

    Make her think she’s a lamp, then place her in a corner of the room and make her wear a lampshade all day.

  40. Jot Jot

    Maybe you make her believe that an objekt a necklace or something slowly drains her youth so that her body becomes older and older until you give her the necklace. and because of the knowledge what the necklace do she trys everything to get it

  41. FCP FCP

    Her mind leaves her body, levitating some feet above or besides her. She sees herself from the outside. Being just a ghost she only can “think”, means: every thought is expressed. She’s connected to her body’s mouth, so she speaks out every thought right as it comes into her mind.
    She sees the body she’s connected with. She doesn’t remember that she was in this person once. She starts to explore her body, touching her. She can feel touching herself but doesn’t become aroused.

  42. FCP FCP

    Touch her forehead with a “magic object” and take it away. It takes 1 or 2 minutes to absorb her mind into this object. After this she’s just a mindless robot or doll. She knows what this object does to her and she doesn’t want to end like this. So she tries to get it back to reload her brain by begging or making offers. First she tries to convince you and argues logicaly, but as time goes by it changes to pure sexual offers.

  43. FCP FCP

    Girl uses a sex “voodoo” doll:
    every place at the doll she touches, she feels it at the very same place at her body

  44. Brian Brian

    Girl 1 is a psychic vampire who feeds off of mental energy. Girl 2 is her victim. Girl 1 “feeds” by giving Girl 2 kisses on various parts of her body and slowly stealing her mind. The kisses give Girl 2 orgasmic pleasure, making her helpless to resist more kisses. After 3 or 4 kisses, Girl 2 becomes very spacy and finds it hard to concentrate. After 5 or 6, she is noticeably dumber. At 9 or 10, she can barely speak, or remember anything. At 12 kisses, she is totally mindless, but has become the zombie slave of Girl 1 and can follow (very simple) commands.

  45. Jot Jot

    Are you able to do a session with 3 Grils in which you do every thing you wrote above
    Im looking forward to see your full skills

  46. FCP FCP

    She’s Cool Worlds “Holly Would”, a comic woman that wants to be transformed into a real woman by you, the creator of her.

  47. FCP FCP

    Transform her into a rude person that hates “all these bimbos” or to be a sexy or attractive woman. At the same time she has to follow your commands with sexy and hot moves. She thinks you put a spell on her to change her from a working class girl to a dumb person and hates you for this.

  48. Jot Jot

    Maybe you can do it with realising her so that shes scared about getting bigger and bigger

  49. Jot Jot

    Maybe you can think about a suggestion which gives the conrole about her body weight to your voice. So if you say tall she will felle sexy and if you say fat she will feel like a very overweight person

  50. dave dave

    How about waking her up and making her believe that its time to go home, but make her legs obey the hypnotists commands, which she can’t hear. She’ll feel normal, and not understand why her legs suddenly have a mind of their own

  51. Josh Josh

    Spontaneous orgasm!! triggered by her saying a normal word like ‘it’ or ‘and’

  52. Togro Togro

    Do a “I have your nose”.

    Say a part of her body. She no longer has it. Make her aware that you have it, or make her not aware the body part is gone, until you say it’s gone. And then she freaks out.

  53. FCP FCP

    Two girls. First girl that touches the other transforms it into a perfect copy of her: body, mind, moves, behaviour. She “becomes” her creator slowly with a wonderful sensation – her old personality vanishes slowly, replaced by the other girls personality. Girl#1 watches #2 morphing. Finaly both fall in love of their ‘twins’.

  54. FCP FCP

    Let her become a snowman, and in springtime she’s going to melt.
    Or she’s a plant that gets wonderful smelling blossoms all over.
    Let her be happy to be that and let her expressions during her transformation talk about it.

    She’s a lady from 12th century. During a crusade she had a lover. A witch, by order of her jelous husband, told a witch to give her a potion to sleep for thousand years in a tomb. Right now she awakes.
    A little modification: she was turned into a statue of marble, aware of everything around her for a thousand years.

    Loops: either saying smthng again and again. Or she gets an order to bring smthng to you. A short distance before she grabs it she forgets about it, walks back to her seat, remembers it, goes for it, forgets … both with noticing it or not.

  55. anonymous anonymous

    do you actually have the scripts for some of these on websites like youtube?

  56. FCP FCP

    @Czab: yes, she should be aware what she is doing but can’t resist. You say “wipe the table” and she does it. Her body disconnected from her mind.

  57. Czab Czab

    I would LOVE to see you do the “Bodyslave” or the “Bodyslave – Hands” triggers more! I don’t like the whole “Blank Mind” stuff so much. The subject should be aware of what is happening to her and possibly trying to resist, but unable to stop it from happening 😉

  58. FCP FCP

    idea from the louise h. trailer:
    girls mind is beamed into hand puppet. girls is blanked, just moves puppet.

  59. FCP FCP

    Infinite replay: she repeats everything between two triggers: words, touching smthng, …

  60. FCP FCP

    She’s at the court. She’s accused for driving her car naked.

  61. FCP FCP

    Have a talk with her. She talks very intelligent, but in her mind she gives dumb, silly or bimboish questions or answers. She affrightens about this.

  62. FCP FCP

    She’s in a crowd of people staring at her, watching her. She loves to be watched. She moves with swinging hips, showing her legs, hair. She’s perky, twinkles to some guys

  63. FCP FCP

    Make her believe she has veeery long hair like rapunzel. Not as long but very long. She has to be aware not to step on it.

  64. FCP FCP

    Ask her about a actress she doesn’t like. Now “transform” her to this person. Give her a mirror to prove it. Tell her she’s interviewed and she only has a chance to get her real body back by behaving and talking like this person.

  65. Josh Josh

    Have two ideas for scenes where either 1 or 2 girls are involved;
    1 girl; same asa slavegirl however when she is ordered to do something she is unable to control her emotions, so for example whem=n she for example touches her face she feels happy, breasts aroused etc

    2 girls; you give them a tigger so that they each feel compelled to make eachother feel as much of the emotion as possible, so for happy they both make eachother feel happy in some way etc. possibly in a mistress/slave situation?

  66. Jordan Jordan

    Okay everyone here has been cOming up with some pretty pervy ideas… Remember the catgirl hypnosis you made? I would really like that to be seen on one of your videos with the hypnotized girl under that spell while in some really sexy catgirl clothing (something that looks like a french maids clothing Perhaps?)

  67. Tunder Tunder

    Mantra suggestion –
    I am getting sleepy, so sleepy, so sleepy, so sleepy (Continuing Mantra she has a hypnotic suggestion being every minute she gets more and more tired, the more tired she gets the lower her eyes droop and the harder it is to say the mantra [not the words, she just drags them out the volume has to stay audible!] she also has to shed an article of clothing and when she gets to her panties, she does a 45 second eye roll and she collapses still muttering her mantra)

  68. Darth Fugue Darth Fugue

    P.S.: The Story — “Tentacles” — was Written by: DarkMind; and can be found, at his Website:

  69. Darth Fugue Darth Fugue

    I was reading an Erotic Hypnosis Story, a couple of weeks ago, about an “On-Again/Off-Again Couple”…
    The guy discovers that his girl has a “Tentacle Fetish”, and he decides to help her live out her fantasy — via, Hypnosis!
    At first, things go smoothly, until he ‘instructs’ the girl that her Orgasm is SO intense, that it “blows her mind, so there is no room in it for anything but sexual service to the tentacles, and the being who controls them.”
    Of course, once he brings her out of her trance, the person that she was, before, is now GONE — her SOLE EXISTENCE, from that point on was to serve her Master… in EVERYWAY possible! (She doesn’t even remember her own name!)

    Now, I can understand the allure that most of you are experiencing, from reading this (I’d be a fool, to say that I haven’t!)

    HOWEVER… It is the RESPONSIBILITY of the Hypnotist, to “Remain Objective”, and ENSURE that “NO HARM comes to his ‘Subjects’!” Otherwise, his MORAL OBLIGATIONS would be SEVERELY Questioned, to those that they answer to!

    So, if you’re wondering why they haven’t “utilized” one of your ‘suggestions’, then read this posting — AGAIN — until it sinks into your mind…!

  70. FCP FCP

    Show the girl a photo of any other woman. Tell her that’s she. When looking into a mirror she thinks it is “broken” bec. that’s “not her” in the mirror image.

  71. FCP FCP

    Let the girl move and behave like a bomb shell, classy moves with arms and legs and moving her head.

  72. FCP FCP

    Place the girl in front of a mirror where she’s trapped. Tell her its a magic mirror. She will be transformed to a super heroine with big breasts, beautiful skin and hair, slim waist, hands and fingers. With every word she sees herself changing in shape, size, colour, … and also emotional to a stuck-up ruler. First she can’t believe what’s happening with her body and mind. She feels an inner and outer sensation – mind and body. But more and more she enjoys it, feels to be attracted and converted to this new personality. You ask her if she ever wants to be this new heroine or goddess. As soon as she says yes she freezes in place and she feels her mind floating away to leave her body as a statue. Her mind tries to stay in its body but can’t make it. So her mind vanishes.

  73. FCP FCP

    Let the girl feel a thread reaching from the top of her head fastened at the ceiling.

  74. Graham Graham

    Just thought of a new one: Negative Age.

    Before he uses his induction, the hypnotist will ask the girl her age. Whatever age she says, the hypnotist will make her forget an even longer number of years (i.e. if the girl is 26, the hypnotist will make her forget 30 years).

  75. Graham Graham

    Clone Experiment (2 girls needed) – When the girls wake up, they’ll think the other girl is an experimental clone of herself. Hilarity ensues when they attempt to prove themselves as the original.

  76. FCP FCP

    Trap her mind in something like a photo camera. Seeing the flash or hearing the camera noise she feels her mind stretching and moving to the camera – like melase or sirupe flowing out of a glas. After the transformation, some 10 to 30 seconds, she can only “see” through the camera lens. The “speaker” of her mind is her body. You show her her body from all directions and she “sees” everything. Finaly you decide whether to tranform her back or delete her mind in the camera.
    You can modify this by catching her mind in a broom, candle, bell, tissue, or or or …

  77. Masenko Masenko

    I have two ideas.

    1) Rewind – Comes in four special flavors!

    Speech Rewind (Present) – Every time the girl responds to a question by the hypnotist, her response will be in reverse English.

    Speech Rewind (Past) – The girl will repeat everything she previously said in backward order and in reverse English.

    Action Rewind (Unaware) – The girl will do and say everything she previously did in backward order and in reverse English.

    Action Rewind (Aware) – The girl will do everything she previously did in backward order, but she’ll realize that she’s doing this and make comments about it.

    2) Calculator – The girl will be like a fembot: blank, emotionless, unaware of anything. She will not speak; she will only calculate mathematical equations input by the hypnotist. (Be sure to say “Equals” for the final result.) Hard and easy equations will be no problem for her.

  78. Graham Graham

    I just thought of an extension of the magnet command (see my previous comment).

    The girl is pulled toward a neodymium magnet (the strongest magnet in the world) which is placed on a hard, metallic surface. (The girl will be aware of what’s going on.) The more the girl struggles against it, the stronger the magnet will pull its force. She will not be able to escape as the magnet pulls her body on the magnetic surface.

  79. Dave Dave

    How about making her believe that having a sex toy in her pussy or a butt plug in her ass is the normal default thing, not having one in is the equivalent of being naked in public.

    When she is under you put the toy on the table in front of her, then when she wakes up she’ll feel embarrased at not having it in her, and she’ll try and discretely insert it without you noticing.

  80. Graham Graham

    MAGNET – A girl will be pulled toward the force of a magnet as played with by the hypnotist. If the north polarity faces her, her front side will be pulled toward it. If the south polarity faces her, her back side will be pulled toward it.

  81. Brian Brian

    Here’s a fun idea. You turn her into a robot, but only physically. She will speak in a halting monotone, and move in a stiff, robotic fashion. But her mind will be totally untouched. Then you interview her and have a chat with her about normal things. She will know she is acting robotic, but be unable to act in a normal manner, and might complain about it.

  82. David David

    How about a trigger to make a girl blind and/or deaf, though she can still hear the trigger? Also, she could think she’s been blind/deaf since birth. Or, you could give her amnesia to that trance, so for her, all of a sudden she couldn’t see/hear.

  83. FCP FCP

    Concerns my previos post:
    unexperienced girl *by hypnotic induction*

  84. FCP FCP

    Place to glasses in front of her. One is filled with the essence of sexual domination, the other with with the essence of sexual submission. She can have a sip from each and shall say which tastes better. Then she only is allowed to drink that potion.
    (Maybe she could be a sexualy unexperienced girl to exclude any sexual orientation)
    Now with every sip the potion tastes even more better, influences her more and more, reducing any rationality and awareness bit by bit to turn her in a woman driven by her hormones.

  85. FCP FCP

    When you say “chicken” she feels like a chicken, starts to gaggle and lays an egg. After she gave the egg to you she turns to normal and notices what impossible she had done.

  86. FCP FCP

    Let her have a look in a mirror. It’s a magnetic mirror that pulls her on “the other side” where everything is inverted: her rooms, texts, doorknobs, … even she’s inverted an becomes left handed if she’s right handed or vice versa. When you say turn left, she turns right. She finds it strange – you say it’s all normal in this world.

  87. FCP FCP

    Let her think she’s with her boyfriend at the psychologist for relationship problems. He no longer wants sex, but she wants more sex. So she’s talking to you (the doc) and to her invisible boyfriend because of his answers on your questions like “so you don’t any longer want sex?” or “do you find her sexual attractive?”

  88. FCP FCP

    Let her think she’s a windup doll with lots of cogwheels inside her for moving and also for her brain. When she moves she feels and hears them turning, and also when she’s doing some math or thinking at all.
    When she asks how it came that she’s no longer flesh and blood, tell her she’s the prototype of women to doll transformation and all women will be transformed from now on, and she finds it cool and she’s proud to be the first mechanic woman in history.

  89. FCP FCP

    Let her act normal. Everytime you give her commands it’s her greatest joy and pleasure to fulfill your wishes and it makes her happy more than anything on earth.

  90. Hypnofan Hypnofan

    I have an idea for you to try,
    try getting a tv remote and have buttons like breast growth/shrink(up, down)
    arousel (more/ less)
    pause (freeze)
    fast forward, re wind (taking clothes on and off)
    age (older, younger – virgin/ first time)
    some things like that I would think would be kinda cool
    or make her believe her breast keep growing and doesn’t know how to stop it
    breasts suddenly dissapear
    thanks for reading

  91. 2011/01/20    

    I like hypnosis, it’s really cool when you covertly hypnotize them without getting caught.

  92. Darth Fugue Darth Fugue

    I have an idea: I call it the “Self-Triggered (Unaware) Mindless Orgasms” • Upon SAYING the (UNAWARE) TRIGGER — HERSELF, the “victim” will initiate a LOOP, of MIND-NUMBING ORGASMS — COMPLETELY UNAWARE of what’s happening — with each orgasm 100 TIMES STRONGER than the last — rendering her mind 10 TIMES MORE Blank — until the FINAL MINDLESS ORGASM leaves her a DROOLING, VACANT, ORGASMIC DOLL…!

  93. Brian Brian

    How about this? A girl is hypnotized to find someone else (other girl,hypnotist) deeply attractive, and she desperately wants to get that person to like her. But, sadly, she has lots all her social skills and has become extremely shy and insecure. She will try to get her crush to like her back, but will say and do very awkward and embarrassing things, all the while terrified of messing up.

  94. Brian Brian

    How about this? Girl 1 is made into a habitual liar, who makes up lots of ridiculous lies about herself. Girl 2 is made to be extremely gullible, and believes everything Girl 1 says about herself, no matter how outrageous. When Girl 1 sees that Girl 2 is believing her, this encourages her to make up even more outlandish lies about herself.

  95. idea idea

    smart to bimbo to extreme bimbo-uppon waking the subject acts like themself but slowly gets more and more bimbo like twards the hypnotist until they start to go into bed with the hypnotist

  96. Zero Zero

    i say that you should hypnotize her so that when she is awake, when you count from 1 to 10, she starts to lose her personality and become the hypnotists sexy seductive (i say that a lot, dont i?) right hand girl. It’s kind of when you count to ten to get them into a trance better. So until you get to 5, she is shouting “whats happening?” and stuff like that but after six and higher she becomes happier and sexier and showing off her curves and stuff liek that (or orgasms- your choice) and then at ten she becomes your b**ch

  97. Jordan Jordan

    Okay how about this, you make her think she is the sexiest most seductive person that has ever existed, thinking she can compel any naughty man to do her bidding by having the occasional flashing of shirt, only to cover it again. However, upon a trigger, she falls madly in love with you/cameraman/assistant, thinking that person is just way out of her league. She will be obsessed with doing anything that person asks and trying to extremely seduce them with all of her sexiness 😀

  98. 2010/11/23    

    wow wow wow! thanks!

  99. Jan Jan

    Why don’t you lock specific body parts in place instead of the whole body. I think the reactions to this suggestions can be hilarious, linke “fingers bound” and try to pick something up or hips bound and let them walk somewhere

  100. Brian Brian

    Samantha was a pretty cool Queen of Evil. If you ever get Becky Speed to come back, have her do it too! 😀

  101. Kidulthood Kidulthood

    Let two girls act as is the are having a shower, not knowing that the hypnotist is there. While they are in conversation, the hypnotist says a trigger and all of a sudden, one of the girls acts as though she has become possessed by a creature of some sort which gives her the ability to control the mind of other females as a result of advanced pheromones surrounding her.the creature takes control of the girls mind however, to survive, she needs to possess other girls and the only way to do that is through a powerful kiss during which she inserts an invisible substance into the mouth of the other girl causing her to orgasm before becoming possessed and under the hypnotic control of the original creature. The original girl attempts to kiss the other girl but the other girl declines. Slowly, she corners the girl and moves close to the girl, caressing her and slowly attracting the other girl until the other girl finds the possessed one irresistible and begins making out with her. The possessed girl begins inserting the substance into the other girl who begins to react to the substance, acting as though she is choking on it and falls to the floor and so begins the orgasm. When she stops, the original girl moves towards her and uses her abilities to lift the newly possessed girl into a standing position where she begins to inspect her, making sure of her sexual prowess, after which she begins to use her hands to control the other girl, bringing her towards her in a seductive manner. She then begins to kiss the other girl in an extremely hardcore manner while the other girl complies in a mindless manner.
    If you do go through with this, please make it available on your dailymotion channel as I have had problems buying your vids. Your site is awesome by the way. Keep on going

  102. angus sanders angus sanders

    what about you talk and she really wants to kiss you but cant until you stop talking and you can talk just before she kisses you so she wants to kiss you but she almost gets to and tries to be fast 🙂

  103. FCP FCP

    She only can talk about sex or her body (ass, boobs, etc.). On every other subject, she’s muted or says some horny words.

  104. FCP FCP

    Take her sex away, so she feels nothing when touches herself. Place her sex at a glass. When you (or she) fills the glass with water, it starts an orgasm.
    Bind her sex to her mouth. Let her eat or drink, let her smoke or lick her finger, to start even more intense orgasms.

  105. FCP FCP

    Let her think she’s a goddess collecting the sexual energy of women fucked by their lovers all over the world and the whole universe.

  106. FCP FCP

    By looking at a candle she can feel the warmth of the flame in her body, she even feels the flickering of the flame wandering throgh every part of her body.
    Trigger (like “wamer” or “warmer”) intensify this feeling, but she never thinks the flame burns her.
    Or maybe first it fills only her belly or belly button. She can decide (by speaking out loud “warmer”) to spread this feeling throughout her full body step by step, finally from toe to hair. While this, she can’t move or lay down, just sitting and giving commands.

  107. FCP FCP

    Let her slowly exchange rationlity by sexuality. In the beginning adding 3 plus 3 or filling a glass with water is easy for her. After some time every word or instruction said is erotic to her.

  108. FCP FCP

    Show her a picture of other women than her and she’s the women on the pic, looking exact like her. Let her look into a mirror and let her tell what she sees (hair, skin, eyes, nose from the pic). With a fingersnip she sees her real mirror image, thinking mirror is defect because of the “stranger” in the mirror. Or it’s a sort of magic mirror showing passed away person or distand persons.

    You could also let her tell about a person from her fantasy. How she’d love to look like … In the mirror she sees the woman she told you.

  109. Jeff Jeff

    Addendum to my previous suggestion: Would also for sober to drunk and (after seeing Candice as a monkey) from normal human to devolved neanderthal

  110. Jeff Jeff

    I love when you turn somebody into a bimbo or a slut or make them dumber, etc. I would really like to see a variation on this though. I’d love it if you did a long, drawn out transformation instead of an instantaneous one.You could use some sort of clicker or chime to enact the transformation. Say you are making her dumber as an example. After conditioning her, you wake her up in her normal personality. You ask her a few common knowledge questions that she should have no problem answering. Then comes the first chime or click. You ask her a few more things she should know, but throw in a harder one that normally she could answer but now gives her a hard time. After a minute, minute and a half maybe throw in a second chime. This makes her just a smidge dumber. Repeat the process on and on until she’s no smarter than a pre-schooler — can’t read, write, or answer simple math problems, and certainly doesn’t know her phone number or how to spell her own name. Make the whole process take about 10-15 minutes, and with each chime ask her something or make her do something more to show how dumb she’s gotten — perhaps every so often ask her to do something you’ve already asked her, to illustrate how dumb she’s getting. This type of slow, gradual transformation could work in a number of different scenarios, not just intelligence: Normal intelligence to bimbo, prude to slut, human to animal (each chime in her minds eye morphs her a bit more into the animal), woman to man (each chime slowly depletes her estrogen and boosts her testosterone, and slowly, in her minds eye, changes her physical characteristics), and adult to infant (each chime takes away one year of her life; you could condition her to act now how she thinks someone of that age acts but to act how she herself acted at that age) I’d love to see any of those long, drawn out personality changes, and of course it will be great if she’s not aware of the changes.

  111. Brian Brian

    I have an idea for a funny suggestion, but it would require a clever and creative girl. I call it the “Cliff Claven” suggestion. The girl will become like Cliff Claven from the TV show Cheers. This means, she will want to seem like an expert on any subject you mention, and will talk about the subject and give lots of “little known facts” which are obviously bullshit. She will become angry at the idea that she is anything less than an authority on every subject.

  112. FCP FCP

    Give her words to repeat always. Everytime she repeats them, they become more and more dominant in her mind, like arousal, licking, etc.

  113. FCP FCP

    Let her think she’s a little balerina on a musical box with a porcelaine skin. Whe she hears such sort of music she closes her legs, spreads arms like a balerina and turns round and round, smiling, mindless, feeling like a balerina. When music stops she turns to normal, remembring what she did before.

  114. FCP FCP

    Make a womans skin so sensible to send shivers all over her body by her cloths while she moves, sending her to a growing arousal. As well by her shoes while walking.

    Or make her act like a robot: throw a ball and she walks to ball, grabs the ball (with erotic poses) and brings the ball to you, so you can throw it again. While she goes for the ball, she acts like a robot but still aware. As soon as she hands the ball to you, she’s normal – until you throw the ball ball again.

  115. Mr. Gency Mr. Gency

    Okay, Okay…

    To be fair, I did find two dirty Bioshock pics. But they aren’t pleasant to look at, and don’t take advantage of “Would you kindly.”

  116. Mr. Gency Mr. Gency


    Make it so that when you tell a girl to do something, she will only do it if you say “would you kindly.” Also, she will think shes doing it because you asked nicely. For added fun reveal it to her like in this video.
    “A man chooses! A slave obeys!”
    Rule 34 states that if one can imagine it, there must be porn of it, and I can’t find any.
    Rule 35 states that if an exception is found you must make it, and this is above my ability. So, it’s up to you!

  117. 4Hypno 4Hypno

    KG!!! what a great list of ideas!

    C’mon Mr Entrancement!!! you gotta do some of these!! they would totally rock!!!

    What do you think!?!

  118. KaiserNEEDU KaiserNEEDU

    KG xDDD
    sounds cool^^
    Could you do this Mr. Entrancement?^^

  119. KG KG

    I have it! a girl feels her boobs getting heavier and heavier, weighing her down, having to arch her back more and more until she’s stuck on the floor!!

  120. KG KG

    I’d like to see a girl having a spontaneous orgasm and not knowing why. Imagine her reaction! Or alternatively, she’s having a conversation in say what she believe is an interview, and her orgasm builds and builds, she has to keep apologsing for her moans, could be hilarious and sexy!

  121. lyrissa lyrissa

    I see other people’s suggestion for mp3’s or vid’s, so i would like to make one too. Can you do one for the hypnotic bondage and maybe mixing it with “mute””?

  122. tweeter6 tweeter6

    hi, i would love to see this. it has to be at least two girls, one girl is totally awake and fine and the other girl is programed to freeze the only part of her that the other girl touches.

  123. KaiserNEEDU KaiserNEEDU

    Hypnotize them to repeat anything you are saying (Un/Aware). would be funny watching them confused while saying what you already said.

  124. FCP FCP

    Yes, mirror role reversal, that would be a thrill.

  125. FCP FCP


    I’d love to see the women only able to move when they are touched or led by another persons hand, following every direction and move they are forced by their master.
    When contact is interrupted they are frozen in place like a mannequin, no thoughts, nothing. A special comand to dress them while they are frozen is needed.

    When under command again, they talk like normal, not noticing any change at them or around them.

  126. Brian Brian

    Instead of a “mindless” command, give her a “nearly mindless” command. She will become unable to focus on any thoughts, remember anything about herself, or remember anything for more than 5 or 10 seconds. Her mind will be in a happy, blissful haze, and she will dreamily follow simple commands. She can speak, but won’t have anything really intelligent to say.

  127. admin admin


    Jedi Mind Trick’s an awesome suggestion, I’ve done it myself and it’s a lot of fun. Added it to the list. Cheers.

  128. Will Will

    How about Jedi Mind Trick?
    You wave your hand in front of their face, they freeze and go blank, you give them a command, they repeat that command, then they snap out of trance, and then carry out that command but don’t know why.

  129. Eric Eric

    Queen of Evil sounds fascinating! I’d love to see more of it! 😀

  130. Kevin Kevin

    can you make a mp3 or vid about freeze slow freeze, name amnesia, diferrent to freeze or making our hands out of control plz

  131. TheHypnoticNapkin TheHypnoticNapkin

    I have a suggestion.
    It is kind of like a Misbehaving Hands one.

    1 or 2 girls. Their hands (knowingly or unknowingly) start to touch different parts of the subject’s body, starting from legs up. As the hands touch different parts of the body, these parts start to act naughty. When the hands eventually touch the subject’s head, they will turn totally naughty and want to strip and flirt.

  132. Cathbo Cathbo

    These suggestions are very good, imaginative and very sexy. Perhaps I should of mentioned some of these in filling out the Questionaire. LOL Yes, Yes Yes! hmmmmm (big smiles)

  133. happyhallo1 happyhallo1

    i would like to see a subject given a trigger word to take off shoes and socks but not knowing they did it. then give the triger to put on and off and so on.

  134. TrueZero TrueZero

    I’ve got one, this is kind of a motion scrambler, where the person tries to move a part of their body, but another part moves instead, so trying to raise their arm results in them raising their leg, or trying to turn their head results in them standing up if they’re sat down, or giving a little jump when stood up.

  135. TrueZero TrueZero

    To FCP, so sort of a Mirror Role Reversal?

    Also, what about a trigger that makes her think that everyone else is simply dressed as the other gender, so she believes any man she sees to be wearing women’s clothes, while she sees women wearing men’s clothes? This can even extend to things such as makeup and jewellery, and she’ll even think it’s normal.

  136. Adam Adam

    and a series telling us how to

  137. Adam Adam

    Can you do a series of self hypnotism videos on you tube when you get us to do some of this stuff

  138. dr hypno dr hypno

    I would like to see more foot fetish elements. Stillettos / stockings being removed, bare soles being stroked / touched and maybe in girl / girl shoots some true foot worship – licking and sucking of soles and toes whilst awake or asleep

  139. FCP FCP

    can you make them believe that the mirrorimage is the real person and the girl is the mirrorimage? So she sees herself as a reflection and she talks and thinks about her as not real, would love to “get out of the mirror and become real too”. But she can’t, as she just reflects the moves of the real girl, doing make up or something else. When you put a blanket or a shade on the mirror she doesn’t exist anymore, her mind gets blank and she becomes immobilized.

  140. Bill Bill

    Here’s one-
    The girl can only speak when aroused (can speak another work only after further arousal), and knows it.
    She has something very important to say, and therefore…
    Right before saying it, she cums, so she needs to get all aroused again to manage to say it…

  141. greg greg

    yo… i have an idea for something

    what you do is if the girl says a word with any random 2 lettters she will remove one piece of clothes
    then if she says another word with one or two different trigger letters then she will orgasm
    then the same as the first 2 but with different letters and they put their hands on their boobs and cant move them.

  142. Daan Daan

    What about:
    Make her think she is a golddigger, and that u are the richest person on the world.

  143. Brian Brian

    This is an oddly specific idea for a hypnotic game, but I would love to see it, if it’s possible. 2 girls. Girl 1 is made to believe that she is a dominant supervillain, called the Queen of Evil or something. She has hypnotic powers and can turn people into zombie slaves. She plans to take over the world, but before she does, she is going to play with Girl 2 for a bit. Girl 2 is herself, but recognizes Girl 1 as the Queen of Evil, famous villain. Girl 1 toys with Girl 2 for a while, while Girl 1 begs for mercy. Then Girl 1 enslaves Girl 2 and has fun making her do things. Finish up by having Girl 1 gloat to the camera, showing off her new slave to the world, and telling the world that they will soon be serving her as well.

  144. Gernot Gernot

    Great site, great vids, i love them!
    Is it possible to make the girls believe they are an antique statue made of cool marble? When they look at themselves, maybe in a mirror or at their arms, they see an love it?
    Greetings from Germany

  145. admin admin

    Cheers for the comment Netzwanze2, that’s actually an idea I already use from time to time. I’ve added it as “Bodylock”

  146. Netzwanze2 Netzwanze2

    I like your videos and your suggestions.

    What do you think about the variation of the Freeze Trigger, where the subject is aware what’s happening around them and even is able
    to speak, but no other movement is possible

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