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Honour 6 (Private)

Layla (DC)


Honour 5 (DC)

Honour 6 (Public)

Ambrosia (DC)


Samantha 7 (DC)


Sophia & Natalia

Honour & Luci (DC)

Ellie (DC)

Luci 2

Emma D (DC)

Cher (DC)






Leo (DC)

Honour 3(DC)

Setina 2 (DC)

Alexa (Hypnodolls)

Honour 2 (DC)

Kayla Louise


Setina (DC)

Nymph & Rascal

Honour (DC)

Keira (DC)

Natalia 4 (DC)

Ivy (DC)


Jennifer G

Krystal 2

Natalia 3 (DC)

Nicky 2 (DC)

Ariel 2 (DC)

Michelle & Charn (DC)


Neena & April (DC)

Sophia Smith 2 (DC)

Brook Scott 3 (DC)


Nicky (DC)


April (DC)

Krystal (DC)


Mel & ToniLou (DC)





Sam & Sapphire

Kim 2

Luna, Brook, Sophia (DC)

Crystal Sparx (DC)

Simone 2

Sophia Smith (DC)

Jacqueline Velvets
& Sinn Sage (DC)

Kacie James (DC)

Brook Scott & Raven (DC)

Brook & Natalia

Italian Isabel

Ziva (DC)

Natalia 2

Natalia (DC)

Charlotte & Samantha

Roswell Ivory (DC)



Portia & Rachelle


Ariel Anderssen (DC)

Natalia Forrest

Amy 2 (Vintage)

Adeline (DC)

Star (Hypnodolls)

Toni Louise

Samantha IV (DC)

Charlie & Alice

Faye & Ashleigh

Super Katy (DC)

Natalie & Bex


ToniLou & Faye (DC)

Kim (DC)


Brook (DC)


Ami-Hannah (DC)

Porsha II

Honey & Jay

Michelle & ToniLou (DC)

Lianna Starr

Porsha & Hannah (DC)


GlitterBunny (Retired) 

Amber Vickie & Nicola

Angel (DC)

Louise H


J (DC)

Michelle 2 (DC)

Lexi & Jess (DC)

Janine & Louise


Isabel (DC)


Carla & Shelby

Samantha & Jojo II (DC)



Samantha & Jojo


Steph and Michelle (DC)

Jess and Lola (DC)

Emily Cartwright

Lulu and Bex


Becky 2 (DC)

Cate and Honey

Fran and Demi


Sarah Jane



Becky 1



Louise Skye (DC)


New Entrancement (Genuine) Video

Introducing Layla (Director's Choice)
18 year old Layla proved bubbly, beautiful, playful and *really* responsive to all manner of mind-control. :D CLICK HERE for more info.
CLICK HERE for her trailer.

New HypnoDolls (Fantasy) release:

The Hidden Hypnotist 3 Lucinda's hypnotist friend helped her quit biting her nails... Unbeknownst to her, that's not all he did! Soon he has her stripping, posing, twerking, playing, showering and obeying in all kinds of fun ways.

CLICK HERE for more info.
CLICK HERE for her preview.

Welcome to Entrancement!

A site devoted to Erotic Hypnosis, Beautiful Ladies, Kink, Bondage, and the Fun & Games that arise from mixing them all together! 😀

All the hypnosis featured here is 100% genuine unless specified otherwise. You'll see the girls forgetting their own names (not to mention how they got here.) believing themselves to be badly behaved guys, as well as Dolls, Dancers, Nudists, Librarians, Puppets, Pets, Fembots, Fucktoys, Bimbos, Cam-Girls, Zombies, Librarians and More!

For lovers of storylines and fantasy (acted) hypnosis, (and for those times when the ladies didn't want to genuinely go under hypnosis) we have a line of fantasy videos under the heading “HypnoDolls”

Hopefully something for everyone!

Thanks for your visit.

Have a great time!


  • photo from Tumblr


    Just a nice little morning picture 😉

    What do we say to the Goddess of Morning Hypno Boobies?


  • photo from Tumblr

    Looks like the warmer weather has @hypnodoll-kitty exercising that extrovert side of hers a little more.

    Good Girl Kitty. ;)

  • hypnolord567:



    A raw video from before we went out. There’s no induction. Just a post freeze trigger video!

    Such a happy dolly 😍 I love seeing myself frozen ❄️

    Love it

    I always appreciate an eyeball so frozen that it tears up! 

  • mind-fucked-megan:


    🤤❤️😈***A great short clip of some hypno-fun from Saturday night. ***
    Thanks to everyone who reblogs and has such amazing compliments. We love sharing our fun dynamic with you all. It’s great to see everyone loving hypnosis the way we do!
    Of course, having the gorgeous @mind-fucked-megan to stare at is an amazing treat!

    🤤🤤🤤 I love seeing myself like this 😵😵😵

  • photo from Tumblr


    Ok, time for a new commission list. All previous sign-up lists have been purged and we are starting fresh.

    The prices listed in the guide above are for basic, single character, medium-shot pin-up, but I am also offering multiple character and full body pin-ups. (click on the image or this link for more details about what I will and won’t draw)

    Below is the basic pricing list (in US dollars) and extra costs made be added depending on the complexity of poses, character details and/or props.*

    For a medium-shot pinup:

    • $35 USD for a sketch (add $20 USD per extra character)
    • $45 USD for lineart (add $25 USD per extra character)
    • $60 USD for color (add $35 USD per extra character)

    For a full-body pinup:

    • $45 USD for a sketch (add $20 USD per extra character)
    • $60 USD for lineart (add $30 USD per extra character)
    • $75 USD for color (add $55 USD per extra character)

    * There will be an additional $5 USD charge for sexually-oriented NSFW images (i.e. depictions of overt sexual acts or activities otherwise referred to as “extra naughty” or “lewds”).

    Click here to add your name to the sign-up list.

    I will contact you once I review your request and tell you if:

    • I require more details or clarification
    • I am accepting your request and how much it will cost
    • I am declining it.

    ** Remember, pre-payment is mandatory for work to even start. If your commission request is accepted but if there is a question/issue/delay in payment, please tell me immediately to get it addressed or you may lose your spot on the commission list.

    Reblogging as a note to myself / other kinky art fans who might want something sexy / smutty drawing by a talented artist sometime. 

Latest HypnoDolls Release

"iDroid Test Subject" starring the very lovely Lucinda!

A fantasy video in which anti-social Lucinda's housemate uses a mind control app to make her into his puppet, his ornament, his fembot and his maid!

View The Trailer

“D.C.” (Director’s Choice)

"DC" stands for Director's Choice All my videos are (of course!) wonderful, but any videos with “DC” beside them though are my personal favourites, either because the ladies were exceptionally cute, the trances were powerfully deep, or just because the chemistry and interplay made for an exceedingly entertaining shoot. If you don’t know where to begin, try a few of those!

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